Pentagon withdrawing support from CIA-..-terrorism efforts…

“Pentagon withdrawing support from CIA-…-terrorism efforts…”
“President Trump ‘s political appointees at the Pentagon are reviewing the Defense Department’s (DOD) aid to the CIA and could withdraw support from counterterrorism efforts in place of missions related to Russia and China, according to a report. The Pentagon ordered the review to determine whether DOD personnel should be repurposed for more calculated missions aimed at “near-peer competitors”..”
“Biden” “CIA Covert Operations” “Politics”
“The Department of Defense routinely provides logistical and other support to U.S. Government departments and agencies around the world. This support is provided in accordance with the Economy Act, and other applicable law. As a responsible actor, the Department has taken a look to better align its allocation of resources with the 2018 National Defense Strategy’s shift to great power competition,” Defense Department spokesperson Lt. Col. Uriah L. Orland said in a statement later Thursday.
“Much has changed in the first two decades of this century, and DoD simply is working with CIA to ensure that both DoD and CIA are able to jointly confront the national security challenges facing the United States” consistent with the National Defense Strategy, he added.
CIA spokesperson Nicole de Haay also told CNN that “there is no stronger relationship nor better partnership than that between CIA and DoD.”

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