Jeff Rense & Dana Durnford – CATASTROPHE – Fukushima Can End Most Life On Earth In Next 9 Years

Jeff Rense & Dana Durnford – CATASTROPHE – Fukushima Can End Most Life On Earth In Next 9 Years
What´s really interesting about this story is…iodine was detected in Finland, Poland, the Republic Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain really and it didn´t show up anywhere else really, that´s really strange, it didn´t show everywhere else, the jet streams just says like oh we´re not going to go anywhere else we ´re kind of happy now… those French people…framing the story that way.. that is journalism, it doesn´t give you a chance for your brain to start thinking on its own. (YT-NSA-Transcript: stir kinetic zone)
(Dana Durnford)(2017(21.2.)
Come on… the sad thing is this government and other governments but especially this one knows exactly what´s going on, they know what the measurements are, they are measuring the air, the water all the time, the topsoil, they know what is coming across the Pacific Ocean, but they will not talk about it, they know, it shut down their plants that detect radiation for the public, but they´ve got their own
entire private network of things, they know what´s going on. (Jeff Rense)(2017)(21.2.)
So it´s the stupidest most threatening thing imaginable and they knew all this, they have studied this more than they have all the natural elements in the solar system, they studied nuclear, they killed every animal in every study, in every country for certain years, every animal died, nobody has ever been cured, no animal was ever cured with radiation and so it´s not like they didn´t know..not like they didn´t have research.
(Dana Durnford)(2017(21.2.)
Splitting the atom was the beginning of the current extinction event which is now beginning to ramp up to levels that you can´t ignore anymore, numbers of animal species, the die offs are gigantic, especially in the Pacific Ocean which Dana has ascertained proven, epeatedly have been annihilated, all down the nine or ten years we can all be gone? (Jeff Rense)(2017)(21.2.)”
“That´s my take, yeah. (Dana Durnford)(2017(21.2.)”
I can´t tell you if it´s going to happen or not. I can´t tell you, but all the indicators that something that catastrophic are on the table, they are on the table, they´re here, this is not what if, it´s they´re on the table.
Will we do anything between now and then , will somebody whispering our ear as a species how to transmute some of this massive radiation, like somebody from off-planet. (Jeff Rense)(2017)(21.2.)”
“You gotta get busy.
These little scrawny little chicken necks, these little freaks of nature, these little pinheads, these little snowflakes and whatever you want to call them, just little degenerate despicable inbreds that got the job because they got to cover up their parents mistakes and the crimes. are still in charge, see and so we´re doomed, because we got all these pathetic public relations firms that´re running our Universities, our Media, our Institutions, our Government has been completely captured, completely captured by these lobbiest and public relations firms and they won´t give an inch, they eat the planet, they have consumed their own children..they are semi-humans. (Dana Durnford)(2017)(21.2.)”
and also like water filters people should any can filter already water no but you get some you and your filters we can get a air you shouldget some of it and so getting that´s better than nothing, you are getting some out of the body out and how isthat a bad thing andthat is the way you have to approach this.. what´s really interesting about this story is…iodine was detected in Finland, Poland, the Republic Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain really and it didn´t show up anywhere else really, that´s really strange, it didn´t show everywhere else, the jet streams just says like oh we´re not going to go anywhere else we´re kind of happy now… those French people…framing the story that way.. that is journalism, it doesn´t give you a chance for your brain to start thinking on its own. (Dana Durnford)(2017(21.2.) (YT-NSA-Transcript: stir kinetic zone)
It´s pretty shocking, we kill the pacific ocean and we are next in the food chain.. birds to mammals…starvation or just completely disappear …and the insects you know long the coastline gone…it´s coming down to the point where everybody´s a freak out and want revenge nobody´s going to care anymore and all going to worry about to get revenge hopefully instead of the others just chaos, but I don´t even want to see that. (Dana Durnford)(2017(21.2.)
We need divine intervention, off-planet intervention, we´re not going to make it if we don´t get it. I really don´t want to sound melodramatic, but I really believe that it´s too late. (Jeff Rense)(2017)(21.2.)
It´s only a handful of people speaking to try to do anything they´re all over us 24 hours a day 7 days a week from many different countries and many different institutions attacking everything we do in order to try to minimize us, cause it is not many of us right, so we are highly targeted individuals and as you wake up..we´re the main sources. It´s like they will kill themselves to friends, to family, their loved ones, they won´t give up, because they couldn´t get a job anywhere else, they couldn´t survive anywhere else, just the only thing they can do, the only thing they covet is taking away everybody´s hopes and dreams, because that´s what we represent. We are the hopes and the dreams of everybody, because we´re in the know, we are busy, we are active, we´re making a difference in people´s lives. (Dana Durnford)(2017(21.2.)
People just don´t understand the amount, the length and breadth, the intensity of the control, that has been perfected over the species, through the media, electronics, cell phone towers, gwen tower´s, ground emergency Network, ground wave. Look it´s all done… they´ve got to targeted individuals now, they have mass mind control using the cellphone tower networks that we are electronic beings first, chemical second. (Jeff Rense)(2017)(21.2.)
Dino Veritas: Or maybe it’s simply a plausible cover story for intentional omnicide through the use of covert EMF weapons?
“Richard Du Plessisvor 1 Tag
I’ve told numerous people about Fukushima and provided some horrible stats, but people JUST DON’T WANT TO LISTEN. They smile at me as if I’m some sort of retard.
Martin Doylevor 1 Tag: dude. it´s because they are retarded. and dont want you to know it… everyone is to stupid to fucken think anymore. if they dont listen take their wallet and tell em they dont have the rights to it.
Brooklynboi Productionsvor 1 Tag: I get the same reaction. To them, ignorance is bliss
SlingSalsavor 1 Tag: Its not enough for the stupid to kill themselves, they gotta take all of us with them.
Juni Kimvor 1 Tag: Go tell Japanophiles, especially the ones who want to move to Japan to live there about Fukushima radiation. Many of them will tell you that you are a racist who hates Japanese & anything related to Japanese. I tried to tell some Canadian You Tubers (“Eat Your Kimchi” – now “Eat Your Sushi”) before they moved to Japan & their subscribers wrote me that I was a racist even the only thing about I wrote them was radiation & nothing else like Nanking Massacre, or other massacres, medical experiments on civilians & POWs from the Allied Nations, Asian girls who held as sex slaves by Japanese during WW2, etc.”
“ouivalerievor 1 Tag (bearbeitet)
yeah, but it’s said they are at least 7th dimensional dumbed down souls to get on the planet, each with something to offer, and nobody validated to contribute because they are not wanted by the rulers here on earth whom were/are annunaki and reptilians…for soul heartfelt gardening skills…It’s only valuable to vegans… TPTB do some pretty gross things to live a long time….they need dna…and slave labor to build spaceships and cities of people for loosh….the grey’s obviously want to populate on the planet and start up their life on earth….what was said to happen is soul families live in the ether up there and provide survival assistance, death assistance, communication which is called divine connections….we got blocked from divine….while the reptilians eat a percentage of us to stay alive longer…they also transfer energy from us to them via lot’s of machines they have that suck souls….so we sit in bodies to provide them loosh….and dna…..because they work hard to run the planet but humans want to take over since it’s not acceptable how they work the planet. For one big thing the money system creates liar after liar.
The richer one’s…Trump and anybody with a lot of money, scram for healing with their money….the new ager’s have lot’s of beautiful talk about ascension and how great the new world is going to be….the only thing that makes it seem fake is that they are not reaching the poor that are eating hamburgers because they are so stupid……
Why stupid? Because they don’t learn when they are making so many babies because learning takes time and money they no longer have…..they tend to try and win by working harder not smarter so…they make babies for energy, or use drugs…or lie for money like in the doctor’s and lawyer’s clubs, and get into it with the one’s that need to kidnap some of those babies….either to eat them or to make money as foster care….the entire thing is making them angry and angrier….pretty good for the loosh….it’s energy transfer and in the process some of those kidnapped kids get taken pretty good care of and allowed to live….other’s….they say have karma.
Pedophilia is energy vampires…..moving up…the dark side….it’s only dark because they use secrets and keep us in the dark or dark… meaning their secrets and darkening our doorstops….Insiders and outsiders…..
It’s how they run a planet…They do work but for their own agenda….their agenda is caste system stuff, pyramid structure, and bully mafia stuff… but if your not gross, might could get a job like spokesperson which would be president or queen or pope or pedophile priest, pedophile politician….nowadays these highest ups, queen and pope are appearing sometimes as reptilian themselves….to people that saw it straight up.”
“cindy garayvor 1 Tag (bearbeitet): I´m sure they created Nuclear Technology to DESTROY MANKIND! Fushishma WAS Done Deliberately to KILL Humans! It´s Not Greed, it´s Planned Extinction of the Homo -Sapiens! Why would Humans ever use a energy source that Destroys ALL life on Earth? They Wouldn´t! It´s coming from another being on this planet! Part of a Planned take-over of
Earth! AND the synthetic being´s that are underground, THRIVE on Radiation! They will be coming to the surface when we have been Exterminated!
Cyd Simonevor 1 Tag: Cindy Garay – these are the same “people” that torture, rape, kill, and eat our children, control finance, food supply, “science”, and warfare. This is why those in power practice Satanism, they have lost their
humanity. There is a documented species among us called “Homo Capensis”. Elongated skulls, Back to Sumeria. And the Nephilim. DEMONS. Fallen angels, why God warned us not to let them “in”. “

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