Russia Breeds Anunnaki-Hunting Dogs

“Russia Breeds Anunnaki-Hunting Dogs”
“He added that Putin will mass breed the hybrids and supply
them to any leader wishing to purge his government of
potential Anunnaki spies, Turkish President Recep Erdogan has requested the next available hybrid, the new sniffer dogs of Massa which said will not directly engage Anunnaki they will
detect and Russian special services will dispatch moreover he revealed a recent discovery that ought to aid Putin’s war
on the meddlesome extraterrestrials.”
“Acoustic weapons not only stun Anunnaki but also force them to revert to their natural form a two to four metre tall
beast with hooks for hands and glistening razor-sharp teeth using tandem with the hybrid canines Putin has high hopes the Annunaki will be purged from seeds of power across the globe.”
“A Russian study reported that many dog species are losing their naturally sharp sense of smell through over domestication the Husky was chosen because it has a superior sense of smell compared to other breeds this is because
they are adapted to severe conditions of arctic cold where many substance has become non-volatile and exists only in a
highly diluted form an unconfirmed Ministry of Defense report suggests that geneticists introduced Anunnaki DNA into
the offspring to further improve its odds of ferreting out elusive Anunnaki.”
“Russia Breeds Anunnaki-Hunting Dogs
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Russian president Vladimir Putin on Friday announced to the Federal Cabinet of Ministers that scientists at the Metzgoya Extraterrestrial Research Outpost and geneticists from the DS Likhachev Scientific Research Institute had successfully bred a new kind of highly efficient sniffer dog able to detect Anunnaki scent even when the villainous creatures are shapeshifted into human form.

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