OUT of the CULT: Federico Shares His Experiences of Black Magic and Forced Labour with Nithyananda

“OUT of the CULT: Federico Shares His Experiences of Black Magic and Forced Labour with Nithyananda”

“He told all of us that as long as we were in that Mandala no
harm will come to us but the moment we take it off it’s like all hell is going to break loose he makes you seem as if
all the accidents that you avoided while wearing his Mandala will suddenly strike you down if you ever dare to take it off
but it’s interesting because this kind of proves that he’s a fraud because for example all the people in his
organization who are falsely accusing others of rape in order to silence them from speaking out against the cult they were all wearing in their Mandala and privately alleged accusation.. and so he creates these illogical accusations..
it’s like okay even if it had been true why didn’t become the Mandala didn´t protect them from thi.. if your third eye is open and you know you’re you’re an all compassionate
incarnation…then why would you allow somebody who in the future is about to become a whistleblower in a position where they have access to insider information and you know if
you’re a human and compassionate why do you yell at people and and reduce them to you know to believe in themselves to
be worthless just because they don’t raise more money for you if you’re really a sannyasi you know if you really
practice aparigraha living with a minimum of possessions why do you need so many properties why are you telling them to buy a town why are you telling them to buy Rolls Royces.”
“If you listen to one of us or somebody telling something different than what he preaches your whole spirituality
will get screwed up, so it’s another fear tactic to to get a hold of you…you’ll fill it by yourself
and you you’ll get depressed there and and you see how your freewill is taken away.”
“and yet if you start nodding off there are people there ready to yell at you, to poke you, to wake you up, to call you incomplete … going beyond sleep and this is one night
like a lot of my viewers have called me open for the peak…you say it’s not a comb and you used to say
you’re not sleep deprived why and it’s because we are given all kinds of illogical, irrational, but highly
believable, if you trust the person telling you, your justifications for why we don’t sleep and what we were told
is that the need for sleep is a myth and that in actuality we’re manifesting the ability to become super humans and super humans don’t function on the same things
that drive human beings, we don’t need slee, we don’t need food, we don’t need compassion, we don’t need
the luxury of sanitation, we don’t need, so we can just go beyond all of these luxury things and so what results bunch
of people who fell asleep like zombies who are getting sick all the time, because they’re breathing in because dust
from unfinished construction sites, they’re eating off of plates that haven’t been sanitized, there’s no soap
to wash, their hands it’s a set full of germ..a lot of people when they left the aadheenam and went back to
their home countries or even people within India when they went back to their family homes, for about a month,
they had terrible coughs and runny noses and colds and it took them a while to heal, in my case my voice was scratchy for at least three months after I came back again
because the constant coughing, I even..pulled a muscle in my ribs coughing, because I had a constant nagging hack as
long as I was in that place, so I mean thank you for touching on all these topics, it’s important that.. we
get so diverted by the fact that he’s a fugitive absconded from the law running away with other legal passport, escaping
a rape trial that he was a lascivious predator, going after males and females and that he’s a racketeer, constantly
making money, there is another angle that people need to really understand this that is abuse to bring people in under
the false assumption that they’re going to become virtually awakened and then just exploit them through forced labor
in …conditions that wouldn’t meet any of the World Health Organization’s criteria for safety … a lot of people who are still being victimized by that cult will justify, justify ,justify and if if they do feel
bad about their lack of sleep about their low protein and diets about the fact that they’re being driven to
work like slaves when this .. was first introduced now it is trying to tighten his hold on his each from the world so he introduced this new order … which is the form of sannyas the form of spiritual renunciation of person takes under an emergency situation before their death so that they are granted liberation…t’s a complete ridicule of the traditional Vedic system he’s the anti Hindu..”

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