“John Lear Mind Blowing Interview: The Moon Architect, Moon Bases, Cities, and Civilizations”
“Beyond the Forbidden TV
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In this Mind Blowing interview with John Lear, he goes in depth with the Moon and the many mysteries involved. He explains how the Moon was created in Jupiter and was fabricated 40 million Years ago and towed by a Electro-Magnetic tow truck. He said it was towed into Earths orbit right around the last Ice Age 15,000 years ago. He also explains how the moon has Huge Cities, Civilizations, and Bases. He states that the Moon has a population of a Quarter of a Billion people with a breathable atmosphere. He also talks about how the people on the Moon are actually Aliens that look similar to us. The Greys are on the moon also but mainly remain underground within huge laboratories.
He also talks about how our planet is a prison planet and stated there are a billion Earths that are prison planets also. He said that we never went to the moon during the Apollo Mission Days and Stanley Kubrick faked the Moon landings and recorded it in London. During those days we didn’t have the technology to penetrate the van allen belt safely. He states how Isaac Newton was wrong about the gravitational law. He also explained how the signers of the US Constitution and major world leaders are all influenced by extraterrestrials when it comes to major decisions being made.”
“Other Talking Points……
-Alien Abductions
-Artificial Moon
-Domed Cities on the Moon
-Moons Atmosphere
-Large Spaceships orbiting Saturn
-NASA lies
-Howard Menger and his1959 Book FROM OUTER SPACE TO YOU
-Good and Bad ET’s
-Different Alien Races

“CIA officer John Lear gave part of his life to serve as a US Air Force pilot and then worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In a recent interview, John made a sensational announcement that Earth is a space prison and unlocked several moon mysteries. He also noted that in the universe, there are still a lot of inhabited planets of different levels of development.
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Given that flights into space are carried out only within the same galaxy in which planet Earth is located, and even then at very short distances, therefore, it is not worth completely rejecting the information provided by John, because the government always has something to hide.
Moon Mysteries
Planet Earth in space is considered as a prison for the inhabitants of various galaxies, and billions of creatures are referred to it as re-education. The man also said that on Earth, a person is serving his sentence from birth, and only with death is sent to a better world; a similar model of the world can be found in various religious systems, which in some cases confirms the information.
This statement by the CIA officer is worth noting: “The moon is an artificial body that was dragged to our planet, as a result of which an ice age broke out on Earth that killed all living things.” In fact, the circumstances of the appearance of the moon in outer space are not exactly known, and no one has seen the back of the moon. John also explained in his interview how Moon had been created in Jupiter and brought to Earth’s orbit about 15,000 years ago which was nearly around the last ice age.
According to him, Moon has a breathable atmosphere where around 250 million people are living in huge cities and bases.
Moon base
Artificially created Moon base/Moon mysteries/YouTube
And if you recall the flight of the Americans to the moon, then a lot of questions also arise, the answers to which only say that the Americans weren’t on moon, and if they were, then they definitely have something to hide. The officer claimed that in those days, NASA had no technology that could cross that Van Allen belt safely.
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The artificiality of the moon is also confirmed by the fact that if you look at it in the night sky, then it really looks like plastic.
It is impossible to find material evidence in the words of John Lear, as he himself says that if he managed to get them, he would be immediately destroyed.”
“Did they get there through the secret space program?”
“No, they’re not from Earth they’re from someplace else and like I said there’s 40 planets in our solar system, they could have come from those or from somewhere else but they’re much
much more advanced than we are, so they definitely didn’t come from Earth.”
“The greys, now the greys are androids, they come from Zeta Reticuli too and their job is …they work for Good ETs and Bad ETs…now they have huge laboratories inside the moon
and that’s where they do all their work…we used to think that but the abductions on earth were only one in ten human beings but the fact is every single one of us are abducted almost
every year of our lives and the reason they abduct us is to be sure we have the latest upgrades in technology , they want to be sure that everything is okay they, you know, the ETs,
I don’t know who made us, but they’re the ones that employ the greys to check on us and those… if we had a switch that would show how many flying saucers
when the air were in the air at any time during the day at night people would be shocked if you could turn a switch and show it, the sky would be black that there’s so many saucers because
these saucers come down and they abduct people they take them to the moon and usually the trip from the time they take him they’ll always take him at night from the time they take him out of their bed put him in a saucer go to the moon go through the check that they need to go through and come back is only about 45 minutes my grandson was taken when he was 11 years old and he came running into my den in the afternoon about four or five o’clock said grandpa grandpa just went to the moon I said cool what happened he says well I was up in my tree house… with my friends, the air started turning green him, out all of a sudden I’m laying on a I I’m in a hospital laying on a kind of a silver chrome light bed and there’s a surgeon working on me and there’s tools that surgeon was using that’s flying all around and he’s using these tools I don’t don’t know what he did so I said well what did the surgeon looked like and he said I’ll draw it for you and I
have a picture the exact drawing that he put on it was a praying mantis.”
“In 1993 a gal named Perry spelled … wrote a book called the gravity gravitational force of the Sun and she proved scientifically and mathematically and she is mathematical genius, she proved scientifically and mathematically that Newton was wrong, that gravity has nothing to do with mass, has nothing to do with size and that Eisenhower or Einstein was an idiot, his theory of relativity both general and special, it’s just pure nonsense, mainly because it’s based on Newton’s law of gravitation, law of gravity and so everything that Newton said about gravity is wrong, everything that Einstein ever published about anything is wrong, he was just an idiot and Einstein´s friend Simon Newcomb was the head of the Naval Observatory in Washington DC.”
“Well, yeah, I don’t know put out that story it is bullshit because Armstrong never went to the moon and there’s so much evidence there’s three or four books out, three or four
videotapes the one guy here that made a videotape on Stanley Kubrick and trying to think of this guy’s name..but a very knowledgeable guy and did a couple videos on how Stanley Kubrick faked the moon walking and then just recently I saw a video on the web that has Stanley Kubrick saying exactly who asked him to fake the moon walk, he said President Nixon asked me to come to the White House, he said that there was no way we could go to the moon and we couldn’t disappoint the public and would I be able to fake the moon walks and the
reason they pick Stanley Kubrick is because of the work he had done on the 2001 movie Space Odyssey and how great it looked and so he went to London they used a Studio in London and they did all the fake moon walks there and both Stanley now the intent was after Stanley Kubrick had done the fake moon walks they were going to kill him
because they didn’t want anybody left alive who knew about the fake moon rocks but Stanley essentially hid out in his house for the rest of his life and they couldn’t get to him, so he managed to make a couple of videos exactly I don’t happen the President Nixon was the one that asked him to do it and that’s why he did it and there’s some photographic clips of the set that he did in London and really a great guy, I’m not sure how long ago he passed away, I think it’s several years, but there are a couple of good videos out there that would show exactl how they faked the moon walks.”
“Fascinating crawling up those chambers and seeing how closely fit those blocks of stone..that to wait many many hundreds tons and how close they were fit you couldn’t even
put a razor blade in there where were fit together and the stories we hear about the ancient Egyptians rolling about rocks and stuff like that is just you’re not you know there was a
technology that built those pyramids you know within about 15 or 20 minutes with the technology they had and but it wasn’t Egyptians… rolling rocks up there and it certainly fed like a lot
a lot of BS, it’s just unfortunate man and you know the military has control of all the the information and you know they use it for their own purpose but Mike, the reason we’re on earth and yes it is a prison planet we have all lived hundreds of lifetimes before you have I have everybody you know has life is eternal we don’t have to get dunked in water and we don’t have to eat crackers to get eternal life we don’t have to beg eternal life it’s automatic we all live through eternity and once we’re done with this life we get another one but the reason we’re on earth is all of us and also let me say that there’s a billion Earths, a billion prison planets, the reason we’re here is, because we made a mistake in our last life, we did something we shouldn’t have done and we’re here on earth to learn how to live with integrity, without Envy, without hate, without greed and to express our love to our family members each and every day, that’s all we got to do we don’t have to make money, we don’t have to invent stuff, we don’t have to round up all the girls that we can, all we have to do is what I just told you and that’s living
in integrity without NBA degrees and to express our love to our family each and every day and that’s what we’re here on earth to do…What´s really going on in the inverse, now we’re told this BS from NASA that the universe is only something like 16 billion years old, it’s ancient, there was no beginning, there was no end, there was no Big Bang, that’s all nonsense,you know there’s no gas giants there, Jupiter, Uranus.. all those planets out there, no gas giants, the only gas giant in our solar system is spelled NASA, that’s the only gas giant…you really be informed on what life is really about and how fantastic it is out there, you know, for one thing when you get out there, to go from one side of the universe to the other takes a split second, there’s none of this you ..using rockets or spaceships or anything like that you all do it by with your mind and you travel to all these wonderful different places there are and yes, there’s bad ETS out there, but the wars you hear about on earth, they’re always between good and bad et’s and they’re going on
constantly, but sometimes the good ETs win and sometimes the bad ETs win…we are here to learn how to live with integrity and wihtout envy, hate or greed.”
“soul transmissions or something like that”
“okay when you die when you pass away your soul which is held in your body by blood when you pass away your so depending on whether you’ve been good or bad is directed to another place now if you when you die for instance when Steve Jobs passed away here a couple years ago his family is around his bed and just about ten seconds before the doctor declared him dead he said oh wow oh wow oh wow and what he was seeing was the lobby of where you go when you die and you’re met by whoever you believe in now if you believe in God, if you believe in Jesus
if you believe in Buddha if you believe in Rama or in my case I believe in the Great Pumpkin .. and take you and introduce you to all these people that you have met in your
previous lives not all of them because there’s too many but some of your great friends that you have seen and after about 30 or 40 minutes of mixing with the old people that you’ve known in
previous lives you’re taken into a room and you’re given a what they call life review and you’re shown every single wonderful things that you’ve ever done
and then you’re shown every teeny nasty things that you’ve ever done and people are so shocked because they think a lot of the things they did were totally secret that only they knew but eat he knows every single millisecond what you thought what you did and they know the whole story so when you go into life review you’re shown all this and if
you’ve been particularly bad boy you have to come back to another planet earth and try it again try to learn how to live with integrity without and the a degrade or if you’ve been a good boy
you’ve learned your lesson you get to stay there and what it’s called the fourth dimension and what people call heaven but if you have a concept of heaven being in the fourth dimension is a thousand times better with any heaven that you could imagine and the people would get there go so thankful that they can good individuals and learned their lesson because it’s so fantastic
about that now a few years ago I was reading John with Marvel’s book he was in the remote viewing I even took a remote viewing class myself with Angela Smith.”
“Because it was directly in the center of the moon and Lubell said no it’s not but I think it is now when you die there is a hundred different places that redirect where your soul goes, there’s not just one place, there’s hundreds of different soul transfer places and I thought that the moon the square and the cube on the moon might be one of them I don’t know but there’s so much interesting stuff on the moon the the crater Aristarchus I posted on Facebook that was the first thing I posted there and people could not believe it we were attacked by NASA disinformation agents they just saying oh you’re just saying what you’re seeing is overcontrasting, I’m telling you the picture of Aristarchus we got I got personally from a guy in this drama in England who made a picture of the moon with his telescope out of a hundred ninety two separate photographs put them all together and as toughly isn’t found you know I was posting on above dark secret at the time and I sent a DVD with him so that they could post it with I think it was 10 or 15 megabytes each photo and there is so much going on it they’re the ones I posted on …was the North Face of Copernicus and you can get those identical pictures.. and has done fantastic work on showing all the stuff that’s going on up there on the moon.”

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