Dorian Survivor “The Stench of Dead Bodies is Unbelievable”

“Dorian Survivor “The Stench of Dead Bodies is Unbelievable”
“WaynesWorkVlog: vor 17 Stunden: The elite’s new tool for “cleansing” an area and claiming it was an act of god…”
“beautiful disaster. vor 17 Stunden;: Brought tears to my eyes. Oh Lord help the Bahamian people.”
“Rafael Lastra com: vor 17 Stunden: War is just around the corner, coming to a neighborhood near you.”
“fulltimegeek: vor 17 Stunden: The less that people count on the government the better off we’ll all be.”
“DrivenByRage: vor 16 Stunden: The meek shall inherit the earth. That’s because the rich have no idea how to survive on their own. Keep strong and carry on.”
“Shelley Grabow: vor 17 Stunden: The Bahamian government is fraudulent and can not be trusted.”
“wakeup: vor 16 Stunden: If the time wasn’t shortened THERE WOULD be no FLESH LEFT alive…”
“holly berry vor 17 Stunden: Lord bless the people there. My HEARTBREAKS for these people.”
“Ekaw Pu!: vor 17 Stunden: their government is controlled by the same people that control this country.”
“K Nine: vor 17 Stunden (bearbeitet): Christ’s Judgment on these evil systems will be Swift and hard ! Pray for the children. These are modern day weapons of war & deception coming hard on the people. ( great job).”
BornA HawkEye: vor 13 Stunden: This brings tears to my eyes. Similar to Puerto Rico when they would hold food n the water from residents to slam and blame Trump.
DrivenByRage: vor 17 Stunden: Empathic instinct is dead. A humanity divided among itself cannot stand.
Timothy 7VentisiKX: vor 5 Stunden: Maybe its dead in you but not us real men. But thanks for the comment you insensitive self righteous scumbag.
alex hammer: vor 17 Stunden: Weather warfare with only genocide intended .. the herd needs to wake up as this is only the start.
Linda Bergman: vor 16 Stunden: Along with the UN war criminal dictatorship!! Should be shutdown and dozed imo.
alex hammer: vor 16 Stunden: @Linda Bergman- Everything’s going off the charts Linda .. I don’t know what it’s going to take to make the herd realise that this just isn’t weather.
The UN are working in behalf of the minority elites who are working in behalf of Satan and Soros and his ilk are demonically possessed as no normal mind would devise such actions..
SMH and pray basically.. ????
Seekers Journey: vor 17 Stunden:_ MAD SCIENTIST, MAD POLITICIAN’S! Seems there’s no end to the amount of suckers there are in this world who believe that Scientist are non-corruptible and Politicians serve “We the People”!
RainsWorld VegasSlots: vor 16 Stunden: Deny deny deny and now it’s public knowledge they are manipulating weather. Textbook.
revoqution: vor 17 Stunden: It was weaponized weather, Mike Morales caught microwaves or something being shot into the storm. It looks like a long wavy blue ribbon. Unf. believable!
Brian Stevenson: vor 15 Stunden: this is going to happen one way or another all over the planet so love your Loved ones the GREAT CULLING is here and going strong.
Premium Auto Sales: vor 12 Stunden: Why would you say God bless you? He didn’t help you. The creator made things. Period.
jerszak: vor 15 Stunden: Save your money, and your tears. They’ll soon be shipping over a few million Bahama negroes to a small town near you.
Ejoema Brown: vor 15 Stunden: May The Most High God Be With The People Of Bahamas!
Peyote Pete: vor 11 Stunden: Just like Puerto Rico, the local government halted all aid to the people for politics.
Linda Demott: vor 13 Stunden: If weather , particularly storms of that size could be manipulated so accuretly ,certain parts of Hawaii would have been taken out long ago.
Tucker1Nonly: vor 14 Stunden: 2019 and ppl still think that governments are here to help!!!
Ron0963: vor 16 Stunden: Govs are Sofa King Useless …Kudos to Western Air for getting People out of there.
David arruda: vor 14 Stunden: Everything is a conspiracy according to this mindset. I feel for the ones who are troubled thinking this way, Focus on the recovery will ya ?)
Cipher Crypto: vor 4 Stunden: People need to flood Western Air with positive reviews on their social media platforms.
Kurt Hubbard-Beale: vor 13 Stunden: Satanic ritual of the ‘elites’.
Scrappy: vor 17 Stunden: Of course those global climate actors won’t do shit with their yachts and other resources.
Issac Forbes: vor 15 Stunden: 911 comments. Yes Government is out of control. And they’ve been out of control. Narcissism is running rapid. / greed.
Deplorable Dave: vor 4 Stunden: Bahamas is most corrupt place in world. Well, close to that.
L. G.: vor 16 Stunden: Artificial hurricanes are gonna be more common in the future.
Jim Schuman: vor 9 Stunden: AGENDA 21. Wake up people. Coming soon to your neighborhood.
5150 Logan: vor 14 Stunden: This is what happens when your government is not apart of their New World Order.
Conspiracy Revelation: 9.9.2019: Speechless…There is a terrible sadness and tragedy vibe going out from this…but Holy Spirit is definitely informed about this now…and there is a spirit reaction… overhwelming, not for the faint-hearted.
Dusty: vor 14 Stunden: Energy companies are going to come in as a savior but then try to monopolize things.
DizzyDish: vor 15 Stunden: I hope they enjoyed the view while it lasted.
Kel-al: vor 17 Stunden: horrible tragedy but I don’t know what’s worse lack of preparation or the aftermath.
2 Tears In A Bucket: vor 5 Stunden: Be careful accepting American aid!! Comes with huge debt..
MrSwitchblade327: vor 17 Stunden: Look at the damage people!! That was a tsunami.
Ade2Bee: vor 16 Stunden: If this isn’t part of agenda 21 then I don’t know what is.
Jeff Doran: vor 13 Stunden: Governments have never been the answer but in fact they are the problem, sure they’ll gladly take your tax dollars but when you’re in need are nowhere to be seen. It is always best to be self-reliant so prepare yourself.
Douglas Brannon: vor 13 Stunden: Freeport. Royal marines and USA marines being sent in to deal with Haitian pirates.
Rosco P. Coltrane: vor 11 Stunden: Bahamas has a high murder rate. Hurricane may have done some good.
Darryl Leedy Sr.: vor 15 Stunden: I think the people of the WORLD need to ABOLISH ALL THESE FAKE GOVERNMENTS!!!!!
Jac War: vor 14 Stunden: Too bad it’s been Weaponized against the people of the world..
Halel Eliyah: vor 13 Stunden: proof that Jesus is not God or at least not a good God that protects.
Papa Smurf: vor 8 Stunden: I guess they have learn how to survive, just like others have done in the past.
Christopher Mcnair: vor 5 Stunden: Something very satanic and sinister going on in abaco…god protect the children. Clintons stay away…vultures!!
BbNolga Perez: vor 15 Stunden: You shouldn’t mess Mother Nature She will not like it!!
trashiest potato: vor 10 Stunden: Ssshit. How can I help I’m Canadian.
American Hostage: vor 16 Stunden: The church is not goin to help, neither will goo.
Jeannie Miller: vor 14 Stunden: The Queen owns this property! She’s responsible for cleaning up this disaster.
Charlie Farson: vor 1 Stunde: Well…I’m pretty sure the english own the bahamas or somebody in Europe…so…get mad at them as well.
troy5007: vor 17 Stunden: Geo engineering, created by man.
Chris Ruthford: vor 9 Stunden: Those islands have been pounded by hurricanes for thousands of years, long before there were people there. It will continue for thousands of years after we’re gone.
148.g fORliFE!!: vor 17 Stunden: Just like the Egypt story. They had the best scientists and philosophers. Anytime God did something in the old testament unbelievers would try to copy to gain trust in the king not the Creator. Very interesting God loves us and the World hates us.
El Capitan: vor 6 Stunden: If I hear the term ” game changer ” one more time I’m gonna scream.
David Bazaldua: vor 17 Stunden: The bahamas a perfect environment for testing.
L chavez: vor 16 Stunden: Haitian pirates have taken over most of the island. Go to Gloom tube channel for the satelite radio for more info.
Noble Hill: vor 7 Stunden: Crooked greedy governments! Criminals!
iamchillydogg: vor 16 Stunden: My question is why weren’t they evacuated?
Eriq-the Great: vor 12 Stunden: And you thought Satan was just a made up fictional character. Not! This video more than proves his existence…
1980Baldeagle: vor 15 Stunden: Watch who comes in and buys up the Bahamas now.
Delta: vor 15 Stunden: Scientists nowadays prefer to be called evil than useless, they are killing us all. Those idiots…
Sean Dupuis: vor 12 Stunden: I feel bad for all of the pets. I hope they survived.
hello hun: vor 8 Stunden: Your government wants you dead, at least most of you.
Citizen Buck: vor 10 Stunden: NWO gonna depopulate All lil islands ! The Globalist want the property as havens for when they dismantle Modern Society Everywhere! Georgia Guide Stones In Play now!
Superman: vor 17 Stunden: They’ll rebuild a smart city with 5g.
Tyrone James: vor 15 Stunden: Its looking like it sat over the Bahamas to destroy the “secret Chinese submarine base” in the Bahamas.
Miker #Clintonbodycount: vor 17 Stunden: Agenda 21 full steam ahead.
zz z: vor 12 Stunden (bearbeitet): United Nations, Red Cross and other organizations are involved in human trafficking. Fema kills people. The main stream media are owned by the people who want to depopulate and have been doing so for years…. KATRINA, SANDY AND MANY MORE WERE MANUFACTURED TOO. Be careful.
Grims Geckos: vor 16 Stunden: Government is not meant to save you, the most dangerous phrase in the english language is “I’m with the government an I’m here to help”.
Ernesto Rizo: vor 15 Stunden: Yup.. scary stuff…????????????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️
Ronbo Nick: vor 16 Stunden: Theres a good sale on boats there.
DEXTER: vor 10 Stunden: It has been engineered for a new infrastructure. It’s sad because now you can get a job doing weather modification to support this societal nightmare.
Louis Montagne: vor 7 Stunden: Agenda 21 displaying.
Amy C: vor 15 Stunden: I am crying. Venice Florida is trying to get supplies to the Bahamas.
Richard Gonzalez: vor 16 Stunden: HAARP IT’S AIN’T PLAYED BY NO ANGELS!!!~
Douglas Brannon: vor 13 Stunden: Haitian pirates are on there killing and stealing from the residents of the Bahamas. Abaco island , chinese submarine base at freeport.
Jade McLove: vor 10 Stunden: Sorry life is cruel, but some of us are greater in Gods eyes than all of us and some have saved generations of people through Gods works and words.
Watchman: vor 16 Stunden: The world elites did this to people. If you think for one second that they are concerned for your safety regarding gun control you are a fool. They want guns out of peoples hands to give them more control of the masses.
Kristin j.r.:; vor 11 Stunden: This guy’s stories don’t line up.
LuvleeWa: vor 15 Stunden: I will NEVER donate to the Red Cross !!!!!!!
∵§ain†♣∀₦₲ξℜ∴: vor 16 Stunden: Geez they really got slammed hard.
Debby Zabriskie: vor 15 Stunden: Omg this sickens me.
Nashville Tennessee: vor 12 Stunden: Prayers for your country.
idonthaveacoolname1: vor 15 Stunden: We live in a Nightmare World.
CR1545: vor 13 Stunden: corporate oligarkks shenanigans.
Kim Scovern: vor 12 Stunden: The governments are all connected at Masonic 33 degrees. All governments. Are Masonic and work together. Depopulation. I found out post Katrina. 911 was a sign of these murderers: They are putting it in our faces. War. They target the mentally ill, poor, and the dead in Bahamas is huge.
joe corpus: vor 10 Stunden: I found the crazy people on youtube.
ambidextrousfapper: vor 15 Stunden: Fake news at 7:07. That is not the same coastline.
D- train: vor 17 Stunden: This is an OUTRAG are pretend GOVERNMENT needs to be SHUT DOWN and the POLITICIANS THROWN OUT ON THEIR ASSES and real people need to fill their seats and take care of what thay aren’t and haven’t been taking care of.
3STAR MUR: vor 17 Stunden: Queen Elizabeth ii owns the deeds to the Bahamas, she is having dry French wine !
Naan Sophi: vor 17 Stunden: Perhaps “The Queen” was hoping that the hurricane would steer closer to Epsteins island, so that it could potentially destroy all evidence of her youngest son’s activities there…
Colossal BigShot: vor 13 Stunden: We can’t help!! We have ordered 379 military aircraft for 2020! Budgeted 750 Billion for DoD! Who’s got cash to help civilians? We have wars we must fight. P.s. please file your taxes.
Glenda Terry: vor 16 Stunden: God is in everything. We have forgotten that.
Todd Zuby: vor 12 Stunden: Where’s the UK support?
Im Crazy: vor 18 Stunden: I bet the relief agencies are getting millions but these people that need help get 0.
A Before V: vor 18 Stunden: So much for the United Nations helping out.
SugarCityGyal: vor 10 Stunden: I will V.I.
sojourner1511: vor 18 Stunden: This was a manipulation.
John John: vor 6 Stunden: The scumbag elites did this on purpose so they can take over the island for themselves, let’s watch and see what happens to the island and who takes over it.

“Something Screwy is Happening to the Aid Sent to the Bahamas…?”

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