Alien Abductee Explains Why You Should NEVER Contact Extraterrestrials
“Alien Abductee Explains Why You Should NEVER Contact Extraterrestrials”
Am 26.06.2019 veröffentlicht
Expert discloses everything you need to know about aliens. Being the first to discover and share the concept of alien implants, he is best placed to give you all the advice you need should you ever encounter one of these creatures.
Derrel has spent the past three decades researching the world of alien beings. His area of focus has dealt primarily with medical and scientific evidence of human/alien contact. To that end, he has spent years studying and training in a broad range of areas that would provide him with a full array of skills necessary for his search to find evidence of these creatures.”
“Tamara Ballieux: I think he is spot on with a lot of things. Beside the classification part. You have different names for different beings or entities. Hybrids and clones are there too. He is right about the not making invites to aliens part, just don’t make invites. Humans are multidimensional beings in a multidimensional world so physical implants are not the only ones that exists. There are a lot of different entities outside the spectrum of visible light that can show up and attach (entrap you into their game) if you make invites, by word or thought, or ritual. so don’t.
Abductees have agreement(s) of entrapment that can be broken. So they are not abducted again.
James Baughan Jr.: I also think it´s soul-agreements. I had one, but it was from a soul connection, very positive experience, no implants or anything. But that´s rare it seems these days. And as human beings, we´re multidimensional, so we may have contact on various levels. Sometimes they´re attracted to us and or vice versa. I had a few threaten me if I didn´t join their gang, so it really depends.”
“the surgeon that I talked to in great detail here in New Delhi was stunned when he saw those of the two this is a ruse this is a red herring we’re looking at here it may be interesting and all kinds of stuff…the big thing that people need to take away from the alien implant phenomena is these objects are not transponders they’re not tracking devices … the objects appear to be able to modify your behavior, they’re parasitic
and origin they do so without your cooperation or your interest and sometimes alien will actually show up beside your bad touch you want it take you anywhere you’re not gonna be going
anywhere and you’ll simply have information uploaded or downloaded from you and you don’t get to know what it was all about oh you know as you were taken to the school of higher consciousness or somewhere like that..”
“in my abduction account when I was four years old the alien when he turned around and realized he hadn’t made a mistake that I’m awake it’s awake at that point he’s going to try to
change my and the way he did that he changed I was not afraid wouldn’t upset wouldn’t anything and I could I didn’t know what
it was in 1952 nobody knows anything about aliens especially little kids four years old know anything so I’m like why
is this guy so skinny, I noticed he didn’t have a genitalia
which means if you don’t have genitalia you don’t procreate. I didn’t know that at the time, but he didn’t have a navel
either, if you don’t have a navel, it means you weren’t born, you have to be clone, made or manufactured you got here some other way and for some of the purpose so he’s looking at man and finally his eyes made such a slight movement I could see that because it was light in the room a little bit of light and instantly I was struck with the most horrific fear you
got to understand, I’m four years old, I don’t know what fear is, I don’t get it and this is a fear beyond anything and it took me many years to figure out he’s transferring his fear to me, they live in a world we don’t know nothing about we think we do, we apply human stuff to them, we don’t have a clue, they live in a world of fear and hierarchy, that’s horrific, it makes a strict military outfit like a joke so the bottom line is simply that he I was paralyzed.. I mean I don’t know what to do I fell back in my little bed.”
“The little gray, the little, the one that usually picks you up and brings you, he’s got an IQ about eighty, it’s not hard to
miss him, he’s not very smart, he can’t even get your clothes on, right. I mean you pick it up, picked up with another kid you end up with each other’s closer you can’t even figure out why not put my socks on the inside and out and backwards what you didn’t he did it, that’s all he knows when the boss gets there that one it looks like him but he’s taller the doctor type it was gonna be a cutting when you he’s going to be doing
it you won’t mistake him he is very smart he knows what he’s doing.”
“I used to be an intelligence, Intelligencia, the Central Intelligence Agency, the alien functions like an Intelligence
Agency, when we needed a cover story for something, a lie, we just told it, we tell the best one that what you needed to
hear and it made us really look good and the fact is if that didn’t work we just tell another one and another one, look any time as a former police officer I see a body laying on the floor with a knife sticking out of it and there’s eye witnesses there and I ask you who did it what happened and all of you give me a different story…yeah you’ve got eight different stories told eight different nations we still got the body in the floor and now I’m getting 18 different stories why do I
think somebody’s lying to me.”
“it’s important it’s your brain what do you put in it it’s your business what you don’t put in it that’s it so I’m just I’m just telling you beware me it with me to anything I’ll tell you
examine it check it make verify that sort of thing what you believe means nothing what you can prove and know is different and that’s where you need to be well.”
“you have to understand this is the way they convert people like me to work for them, now that hallway is 25 years long, or you can work for us, ok, a gary mckinnon and other people like that hmm that’s what it’s all about..”would it take a high-profile abduction case some one of the famous sites I’m
sure he has happened but they don’t really come forward with it”
“I generally don’t like high-profile cases, I have some, I don’t like them, because everybody wants to focus on the hype and so on and the investigator usually out there for his name … it’s not about investigation, it is more.. about me. I’m the big shot, look at me” That to me is just stupid, you don’t see that in good police work when you do you see people you see cops making mistakes, you see detectives going hard after somebody that they don’t really have the evidence on and they’re gonna convict that guy, they’re gonna hurt him, we’re sure he’s guilty, that’s not what we do, we have to know he’s guilty, you can’t go what I don’t have any other people and I’m positive it’s him that’s not good police work, that’s rancid, it’s bad and that’s kind of stuff you don’t want somebody like that after you that has the power and the ability to get you and to make you guilty with you or not.. that’s not democracy, that’s not right, it’s not right in any sense the word , it’s against everything I believe, so high-profile cases to me are generally a mistake, because it’s about the hype, it’s about the show, it’s about this, it’s not the money it’s am I gonna be can you gonna have three camera shoot or just one, it´s all about me, I don´t like that.”

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