Depopulation and Genetics

“Depopulation and Genetics”

“Operating Strategies and Principles of the Depopulation Lobby”
“Overpopulation and Depopulation: A Confrontational Interview

“A portion of the population is driven by ideology and refuses to accept the fact that the world is grossly overpopulated and we are destroying it. Belonging to this camp is Sean McGuire of Peoples Internet Radio, the interviewer, whose agenda is to confuse the facts to sustain an unsustainable position.
I gave this interview during my hunger strike in Rome in 2014. Since then those who maintain that we have no overpopulation problem have lost the argument and have almost disappeared from public discourse. They stood in the way of change.
By their irrational stuborness they prevented a reorientation of the system away from covert depopulation methods employed by secretive and genocidal governments to overt population control conducted by us, the people.
In the final analysis there are but two ways to stabilize the human population, either it is imposed on us by governments and the international system by blunt methods that do more harm than good and threaten our very existence or is self-imposed and carried out by our faithful use of safe contraceptives.”

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