Archaeologists Found an Egyptian Coin with an Alien Head Inscribed

“Archaeologists Found an Egyptian Coin with an Alien Head Inscribed”

“The Coin Reads “We will return in 2050”
I’m not making this up – it appears that one side of the coin has an actual text inscribed (obviously, in a different language to ours), that researchers believe says We will return in 2050.” Now that is some spooky stuff.”
“On the other side of the coin, there is the following inscribed text: “Opportunus Adest,” which means “It is here, in due time.” I must say, even the other side of the coin is not much better than the previous “We will return in 2050” stuff.”

“Another Coin Looks Like a Spaceship
The second one, which was revealed a few days later, and you can see above, is said to potentially be depicting a “spaceship” hovering above the ground. I can definitely see this, but I do wonder what are those items beneath the spaceship?
The Coins Resemble the Classical Idea of an Alien
According to the site, most UFO hunters take the coins as realistic and confirm that they indeed describe a planned return of the alien race sometime in the future.”

“The Coins Were Discovered During a House Renovation in Southern Egypt
According to the website that first broke the news,, “A group of people who worked on the renovation of a house in southern Egypt found a number of very rare coins.” It appears that there may be more coins to be unveiled in the future.”

“This is one of the founding questions many people have, and today’s discovery of this mystic coin, could help take this mystery to another level. Just imagine the face of the archaeologists that found this coin – I bet they couldn’t sleep for days.”

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