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The most common reason people lose their senses of smell and taste is zinc deficiency. As a person’s zinc diminishes, so does their sense of smell and taste. Mercury binds to zinc rendering it useless thereby inducing an effective zinc deficiency which counteracts the increased sensitivity in smell and taste that would normally result from a mercury-induced reduction in GABA.
So, some people who become mercury toxic may experience an increase in their senses of smell and taste while others may experience a decrease.

The Swamp Water chemtrail type is often sprayed in combination with another chemtrail type that suppresses our immune systems. Of course, it’s well documented that barium, a substance widely evidenced to be in some chemtrail types, suppresses the immune system.
Several countries have a long history of “testing” biologics and chemicals on the population without their knowledge or consent. The United States even has a law making virtually any type of human testing legal, even if it causes permanent injury or death.
Besides suffering from these toxic spraying campaigns daily, I’m very concerned about the long-term affects it is having on all of us, and now that biologics are involved, the potential for damage is higher than ever.

In another great twist of fate, as more people become mercury toxic from chemtrails, more people are becoming able to smell and taste chemtrails as their GABA levels drop. I believe those spraying did not consider this consequence. If you smell or taste strange chemical, metallic, or sulfur odors in the air, please by aware that it’s not you. Even if chemtrails are not visible in the sky in your area, high-altitude spraying still continues to rain down heavy metals and toxins from altitudes too high to be seen from the ground. Furthermore, nano-particulates can be carried many miles from their original drop location.

Finally, I hope that people benefit from the fact that I have these sensitivities and have chosen to use them to help expose the largest crime against humanity in human history:

Being able to smell or taste particular viruses or bacteria is not rare or new. Sensitive people have been reported being able to detect types of illness by their odor for decades, even centuries.

GABA is an amino acid in the body that regulates the conductivity of nerves. Without this regulation, your thoughts would race uncontrollably and you would become extremely sensitive to sound, light, scents, and tastes. This vital substance essentially regulates your sensitivities so you can function without being overwhelmed by incoming sensory information.
Mercury is a heavy metal that interferes with thousands of chemical processes in the body. One of the things that mercury does is to prevent GABA from binding to their receptors in the body. This loss of essential active GABA results in:
Racing thoughts and looping songs or melodies in your mind—very common today as is mercury toxicity.
Quickly-changing thoughts resulting in the inability to stay focused or to concentrate or to finish projects. This may also contribute to a loss of short-term memory so you often forget why you went into the kitchen.
Sensitivities to sounds so that they interfere with thought processes. For example, a dog barking in the distance may irritate you or prevent you from getting to sleep.
Sensitivities to sensations so that clothes that touch your neck may be very irritating. You may find that a pillow touching your neck prevents you from getting to sleep.
Sensitivities to emotions that can result in depression, moodiness, irritability, rage, and sudden outbursts. This also results in general fear and negative thoughts which manifests as a fear of the dark, fear of car crashes, fear of confrontation, and many other various fears and phobias.
Sensitivities to light that make you squint in bright sunlight.
Sensitivities to scents and tastes leading to MCS-like symptoms.
The symptoms of low GABA explain why mercury causes hyperactivity, moodiness, depression, over-stimulation, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and numerous other diseases, both physical and emotional.
I believe that long-term exposure to mercury can permanently affect the way the body utilizes GABA and therefore result in permanent sensitivities in the senses of smell and taste.

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