In 1945 we learned how to defeat gravity magnetically. After the war, Germany brought over more knowledge and hardware to do it! Gordon Duff has seen the antigravity craft that is quite large and weight hundreds of tons made weightless through this technology and this craft was made shortly after World War II.
We have weapon systems and space systems that use antigravity technology to reduce or negate weight. Examples are the B2 bomber, artillery shells, 155mm shells weight reduced for long range. The lunar lander used antigravity technology to land on the moon in 69!
In 1945 we had the technology to build a battery powered car that never ran out of power! In today’s dollars it would only cost $200 to make this battery and VT has published information on how to make it! This battery would last 100 years so you could basically drive forever. You could power semi trucks, trains and aircraft with this technology. All of this information was suppressed to keep using oil! You can see people experimenting with antigravity on youtube now – it’s real!
You car doesn’t have to weigh anything using this antigravity technology. You could make it weight an ounce and run it with a 9V battery. If you crashed since the car would have very little mass, you would not get hurt by strong forces of impact. Tires would never wear out because they don’t even have to touch the ground. This technology was brought to the US by General Walter Dornberger.
Gordon Duff belonged to a group that dealt with alien issues. He has handled antigravity craft built not long after World War II which were big, cumberson, 500 tons but weighed nothing. He has seen the more modern type saucer craft also. Gordon has been told that aliens do exist and was invited to meet one but turned it down. He has seen documents and treaties relating to aliens.
Gordon talked a little about the Holocaust – he has seen the pictures, videos, documents and visited many of the camps. It was real – many bad things happened there but he also has information that the Jews put hitler in power.
Everything we learned in school was a lie. An unseen hand has been behind all our history.


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