Gerhard Ulrich on Terror by the Judicial System

“Gerhard Ulrich on Terror by the Judicial System”
“Michael Entress: vor 4 Stunden: Tortured on American soil; Good luck!”
“Peasants Revolt: vor 2 Stunden (bearbeitet): Trump serves the jesuit/catholic church just like everyone else surly you must know this . Much respect to Gerhard ❤”
“chewing mouse: vor 3 Stunden (bearbeitet): Sorry Katherine, trumpy is not so. He is a viper. They all work together for our demise. It took me a few years to find out he is a Luciferian.”
“Strawberrie Sunday: vor 2 Stunden (bearbeitet): Peasants Revolt The Vatican has been shut down. The jesuits,without dealing drugs what would they be? Waiters and garbage collectors.”
“David Gregory: vor 2 Stunden: Looking nice and healthy for someone constantly DEW attacked.. as usual.”
“Switzerland is deeply tied in with what I call the
vatican crime cartel and is also giving the the swiss guards
are the the bodyguards of the pope and are the guardians of the vatican so just all these historical little circumstantial evidence is hinting at the fact that switzerland is incredibly powerful and incredibly important that this in this hidden architecture of the world, but when you are in switzerland it is extremely oppressive. I have found it to be absolutely impossible to deal with the police
services and report any crime, I found it impossible to work
with the attorney generals and I found it also impossible to
work with parliament which I have notified many times of the crimes against humanity happening there and they literally don’t care, so I would say they are all part of it.”
“So in Switzerland it’s a crime if you deprive.. organized criminals of their business revenue.”
“and for those people every person counts because there are no others to replace them and as I said everybody in the world has to fight for gerhart because gerhart is fighting basically the heart of the beast, so switzerland is the heart of this global beast and what happens in the swiss courts
determines what will happen in the global, on the global scene as it is extremely important.”
“Switzerland is pretty much the spider at the heart of the web.”
“It is a spiritual and economic war and the the aim of the elite is to enslave the population, the world population, possibly to reduce us, to sterilize us and to shift all the wealth to the up to the top, they will yield all the incomes of this world…and we must make a big effort that that does not happen.”
“Again Switzerland is also very important and at the heart of it because it is the home of the WHO again right so you guys realize…many roads lead to Rome but all roads lead to Switzerland sooner or later.”

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