STRANGER THAN FICTION NEWS: Turkish troops caught executing civilians…

Von STRANGER THAN FICTION NEWS angepinnt: vor 1 Stunde: ​trump has admitted to being complicit in war crimes, this changes the dynamics.
STRANGER THAN FICTION NEWS: vor 1 Stunde: ​take matters into your own hands, stop the genocide in your town… protest the death towers, sign up for time at your city council meetings….
Voeding 2.0: vor 45 Minuten: And more migrants will go to Europe, as planned.
hank fontaine: vor 27 Minuten: From the SS to the SSS.
Speddy Taghetti: vor 1 Stunde: our own US govmt IS, and has been, the N@z1 party ruling elite, ever since WW2…read some real history people….it will explain A LOT.
“STRANGER THAN FICTION NEWS: 1160 Abonnenten: Turkish troops caught executing civilians and children for the first time… horrible scènes. You’ve been warned.”
“Well, let’s just say this it’s easier to bring the gas chamber to the people than it is to bring people to
the gas chamber and with these death towers they’re silent gas chambers ladies and gentlemen the world surely is
going to hell lately if you’ve been watching the news it seems like it’s uprising riot after riot
fire death and destruction looking like hell on earth we wanted to add that the day after Trump arrived in Dallas it got hit by a fucking tornado something that people just don’t see in the big city very
often but getting back to the big breaking news we’re getting new footage of the genocide of like you know really
here people getting hit with chemical weapons white phosphorus you name it and obviously this footage is new and this looks more like a gas attack this looks more like a chemical weapons attack than has ever been published before ladies has ever been published before ladies and gentlemen if we get what they did to Assange we’re talking about whistleblowers don’t forget about Julian Assange ladies and gentlemen exposing the war crimes is the crime, free speech is the crime in the new u.s.and everybody that supported this lifelong Democrat is now an enemy of this deep state it’s part of the operation ladies and gentlemen they want to turn everybody out there into some sort of
extremists so that you’ll back this Nazi phony baloney, this new Hitler of the 21st century, ladies and gentlemen you can’t say anything different about what you’re seeing here you can call it whatever you want.”
“it was completely outsourced and it was completely fought by …the Kurds and the Russians for the most part and
this president just .. seems to want to take credit for everything the ego on this person is enormous it should
be one of the things that everybody looks at: the pride of this person as he rolls out the 5g, the eugenics programs, in America, he’s on the record saying he wants a death tower in every neighborhood on every street on every farm that’s what you’re voting for is the massive deployment of 5g the massive deployment of the genocide the massive deployment of the Geo engineering the pesticides they’re spraying you like bugs and that’s what you’re voting for they are deregulating everything so that they can dump more poison more soft kill into the water supply into the food supply into the air supply we don’t breathe carbon dioxide bitches, we don’t breathe this shit that they keep pumping out into the air, we breathe the oxygen, that’s what we want, we don’t want death powers, we want oxygen bitches and as far as you know them justifying their deal with genocide, it tells you exactly what kind of person you’re up against, now we just want to remind everybody don’t be a mark out there, get smart get yourself a meter even if it’s not the EMF 390, get yourself a meter the el cheapo from Home Depot won’t do it, the $20 meter won’t do it won’t pick up these death towers, minimum is a hundred bucks to buy in to find out what you’re
getting dosed with you can spend more with the Giga Hertz solution, the other Trifield meters, we’ve compared them this is the best we got the best price for direct from the manufacturer, the affiliate price 109 on our website STF, get one of these things before you’re a victim of this program – ladies and gentlemen these people have
no humanity they’re not on your fucking side….They’re not stopping the geoengineering bitches, they’re not looking into 9/11 they don’t
have any plans of making you know America free again who out there remembers the 90s, if you did, you’re a
lucky person out there, the pre 9/11 world…mass genocide, mass execution of women children ladies and gentlemen
has been discovered out there in Syria everybody knew it was going to happen and this president is coming out in
the press conferences bragging about it like it’s it’s wonderful like it’s wonderful now he can make a deal now you
can broker the deal of a lifetime after the mass genocide and it’s only going to get worse …but it looks
like this president has gone full-blown Hitler and our recommendation right now is to burn these Nazi mega hats… I don’t want to be associated with any one that will genocide other people so that he can make a deal so that he can steal the oil so that he can broker some kind of shit plan with a fucking monster like Erdogan…and these
Turks have a history of genocide check out the Ottoman Empire and the like they were associated with this Isis
situation …it’s just bad news these people shouldn’t be in NATO they were bombing
you know they were bombing our positions killing journalists so that they could
have free reign and actually you know implement their mass executions as well as you know dumping chemical weapons on innocent civilians they pushed everybody out they created themselves a little safe little safe space and they and they went full Hitler on these people and Trump was there basically cheerleading the whole fucking thing from th Situation Room , this is fucking bullshit, the whole Ukrainian thing is bullshit as well the rollout of 5g is bullshit you know the the rollback of just about everything that protects you from the genocide by this administration in the name of jobs is bullshit and while their job numbers may look good on paper how
real are these numbers is another question, ladies and gentlemen everybody can see this Titanic is sinking.
.,..silence is consent that’s why they’re trying to censor everyone and of course you know it won’t be a big
surprise if they try and censor this video as well feel free to mirror check our website
for the latest news but you know anybody that’s trying to cover up these war crimes in the name of some kind of
politically correct bullshit is you know the same shit that the Nazis were pulling you know back in the 1930s and
1940s…and it makes them just as bad as the Goebbles and the Nazis that they’re you know labeling you as they’re just as fucking bad all these people on TV all these people from Silicon Valley from the big cities and shit they’re just as bad as the fucking Nazis have you seen you know the big cities these days the drive-bys you know they’re executing whoever they can whenever they can, we’ve lost our humanity in this country thanks
to the television thanks to the mass indoctrination thanks to the 24/7 product placement for anti-christian
ideology and it just goes on and on for there they’re trying to ban the Bible.
they’re guilty as hell guilty as hell you look at all the news all the red flags guilty as hell
ladies and gentle you’ve been fucking warned out there these people are agents of the devil, agents of the dark side check out triple six Fifth Avenue ladies and gentlemen…he’s a scam artist.”

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