Jeff and Mr Nano – Mind Boggling Revelations About Nanotech & ETs Among Us

Jeff and Mr Nano – Mind Boggling Revelations About Nanotech & ETs Among Us
“This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 05-31-19 with Guest Mr. Nano. Over 15,000 hours of programs with over 20,000 guests are available 24/7 in our Archives! Go here for easy, quick sign-up instructions”
“Mr. Nano: When I was more of an engineer starting out … do your job and and make product and then as I kind of grew in my positions and climb the ladder, so to speak, now I control one of these companies I have much more access to information, I do sign a lot of my MDA’s I can’t really talk in much detail on some of the things yet I see I think that would be changing in the next probably a few years really with the disclosure I’m seeing now coming forth with the military and whatnot just on
the local news and the mainstream media, it seems like it’s gonna be much more open talking about really anything.”
“JR: Things are changing and when you have, as you have seen, the Pentagon and the Navy, essentially admitting that the cover-up is over, it’s all been a lie, there are UFOs ..they see them all the time they’ve even instituted and announced a new protocol to report them which will not be made available to us, but they’ve admitted that essentially it’s over now,e the deceiot, the lie, the stonewalling, they’ve really made that announcement and as I said and others have said the public ho-hum, no
big deal, they are even responding much.”
“Mr.Nano: Right… that’s the kicker…Tall White…and Cancer Researchers…I was dumbfounded…
I mean you can just kind of talk almost in the middle of a public place and not care…now everything’s recorded there is not a secret place on this planet, you
could be in the middle of the ocean under the water and you know you’re still recorded, there is no privacy…a billion-dollar Research Corporation that sells instruments basically and they may also work with the DoD and all the different military levels, there’s certainly a collaboration and different agendas going.”
“Mr.Nano: As far as privacy and security these quantum computers can be like unbreakable.”
“JR: On June First, which is tonight, at midnight, the year 2019, can we say, can you say, without equivocation, for all of our listeners out there, who are honest skeptics, it’s game over, it’s time to stop the cover-up, we are not only aware of other intelligent life forms, as you alluded to earlier, some are here, the tall whites and they are working with our scientists in the
bio-nano-field, at least, in other words human beings and Extraterrestrials are working side by side routinely, is that a fair statement?”
“Mr. Nano: I would say a hundred percent, yes.”
“SLEEPING BEAUTY: vor 3 Monaten: The chemtrails have put the particles into our bodies without consent to turn us into antenna for the government to use mind control. So many lives and families have been destroyed with this sick and inhumane mind control.”
“midnightchannel: vor 2 Monaten: “We” are not containers, our BODIES are containers.”
“Paul nmn: vor 3 Monaten: Jeff’s obsession with time is never-ending.”
“Geoff Griffiths. vor 1 Woche: The 1970s was the decade of meditation and emotional healing and spiritual disciplines and human consciousness was at its peak.
This was deliberately targeted and undermined and destroyed through returning to 1920s style corporatism called Reaganomics that continues today. This reorientated the US towards AI.”
“War Profit: vor 3 Monaten: Wernher von Braun said before he died, after the military industrial complex had played the communist card, then the terrorist card, they would deploy space based weapons, (POTUS just announced the newly formed space force) , then the last false flag would be an alien invasion.
To deny humanity is the only life form, denies the entire creation story of the bible. The fallen angels are here, have been here since before God created mankind. They have manipulated humanity into wars and division. Lucifer’s goal is to wipe out mankind. But before he accomplishes this, he must create his ONE WORLD ORDER. The fake alien invasion will be the last card he plays, destroying mankinds numbers to which is written on the GEORGIA GUIDE STONES.”
“rose castanza: vor 3 Monaten: 2 Peter 3:5 That they are willfully ignorant to this ONE FACT This is my second letter to you in case you didn’t UNDERSTAND the first ONE DAY WITH THE LORD Is a THOUSANDS yrs to man and a thousand years. is like a single day the HEAVEN and earth THAT WAS, THIS ONE( FLESH) AND THE ONE TO COME 3rd FINAL Eternity.”
“Paul Deland: vor 1 Monat: To Mr. Nano, I get an impression that the insect creatures you saw is something Max Ernst the artist depicted in some of his bizarre paintings done around the 1940’s time period.”

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