Sophia-Rescue-Mission…Pleiadians Return… 5-Dimensional Sky Fight…Release Combat against Prison-Planetary-Archontic-NWO-Forces.

Conspiracy Revelation: 6.8.2019: Sophia-Rescue-Mission…Pleiadians Return… 5-Dimensional Sky Fight…Release Combat against Prison-Planetary-Archontic-NWO-Forces.
I got a spiritual resonance…very strong…the Pleiadians return…. GOOSE BUMPS….
Sophia Kundalini gets highly emotional about this topic.. It is the essential link to Eternity…
“The Pleiades are the “Seven Candles before the Throne.” They were also known by the Gnostics as the “Pillars of Sophia,” the Lady of the Seven Rays. The “Throne” above the Seven Candles is the Pleroma, a higher frequency universe that the Pleiades serve as a portal in and out of. Many of us moved from the Pleroma and into the 3-D universe through the Pleiadian portal, and we then spent time adjusting to the new denser frequency while residing in the Seven Sisters.
This is why many of us feel so intimately connected to that asterism; we once lived there. The Gnostics used the Pleiadian portal to return home to the Pleroma,…” [31840]”
“View from New jersey bay…..the mainstream media downplay this event as just a transformer exploration causing the midnight sky into an electric blue , but the news didn’t show the fleet of massive ufo hovering in uptown manhattan.
It’s not fake, it happened last year, December at N.Y. Manhattan, it´s a Pleiadian Delta Forces Jupiter Command Operation Earth Liberation, dismantling the astral matrix project andara blue beam, energy 5d bombarding the 3D archon matrix gripping the city right after the arrest of the dark cabal world leaders politicians by Q annon in the george senior burial.”
Amazing!! Lights in Sky. What is this? / Dec 2018
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“Joyce Myers: vor 7 Monaten: Not sure. There has never been a good explanation for the strange lights over Phoenix, Az several years ago.”
“Chante Moody: vor 7 Monaten: What??! I see people saying those are Chinese lanterns; but, I’ve never seen Chinese lanterns all clustered together and stuck in motion like that before.
A Team: vor 7 Monaten: I am going to guess this is from a Asian country, therefore its simply Chinese lanterns but yes I hear English, could be tourist, have no clue what city that is.
Chante Moody:; vor 7 Monaten: I’ve seen people release Chinese lanterns, and I’ve seen how they move in the sky. They MOVE; they don’t just get stuck in one spot like that. Or maybe they do on occasion, but I’ve just never seen it.”

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