The 300 Documents Confiscated After Tesla’s Death Are Declassified and Free Downloadable

Conspiracy Revelation: 25.7.2019: He sold out for fame…you do not cooperate with Warmongering Criminal Governments..He better should have applied some of Gandhis visions.
He also was infected with U.S. negative Nazi-Eugenic ideas…
“The 300 Documents Confiscated After Tesla’s Death Are Declassified and Free Downloadable”
“More than 300 documents have been confiscated after Nikola Tesla’s death. These documents have been kept as a very valuable secret for the American government.
Tesla came up with the idea of Alternating Current and CA motor that we still use nowadays. Now, more than 90% of Tesla’s inventions are being used in our contemporary society.
The documents reveal the interest of the Americans in a weapon called “Death-Ray” created by Tesla himself.
The documents also reveal how Tesla died on January 8th, 1943 and not in January 7th as everybody thought. All this information that is now available on the official site of the FBI has been kept in secret for more than 75 years.
Right after Tesla’s death, the American government rushed to take hold of the documents and inventions of Tesla, fearing that Tesla’s work would go to America’s enemies who could use those inventions against them.
Among those documents, the most interesting one is a letter addressed to J. Edgar Hoover, who was the first director of the FBI.
In that letter, Tesla discusses one of his creations, the death-ray weapon and its importance on the wars of the future, and how the nation who will be in possession of that weapon would take advantage of its enemies. The declassified documents are available for everyone to watch and free download…”

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