MindBlowing Okkulte Sanskrit Hebräisch Linguistic Symbolism: Vedic Ursprünge der Zivilisation

“MindBlowing Okkulte Sanskrit Hebräisch Linguistic Symbolism: Vedic Ursprünge der Zivilisation”

Am 09.06.2018 veröffentlicht
Erforschung der überzeugenden Beweise für etymologische linguistische und symbolische Parallelen und Übertragungen protoindo-europäischer Sprachen vom extremen antiken Indien in das spätere Judäa und weiter in das Christentum und wie der vedische Einfluss einer alten globalen fortgeschrittenen Zivilisation in allen Kulturen der antiken und modernen Welt gesättigt ist, Diese Geschichte zu beweisen, ist nicht so, wie wir glaubten.”
destinicoach: vor 1 Jahr: This is closer to the truth, but yet soooo far. 🙂
Penny miller: vor 10 Monaten: really enjoyed your research,alot of great, interesting info that enlightened!*(perhaps,Less anger”tards” undermines your beautiful work:)love&peace.
Derek Redgate: vor 1 Jahr: Take that Christians, lol.
BIG POPA PUM: vor 11 Monaten: A true religion is accepted by will not by forceful conversion nor by funding poor people for conversion .. Hitting two targest lol.
Empyreal Nirvana: vor 10 Monaten: I don’t think vedic gods should be reponsible for the failure of this civilization.
Ryan Tollmann: vor 10 Monaten: interesting work, + grain of salt.
Mir Rimon: vor 1 Jahr: Filled with your own ideology.. Lolo
Alex coleman: vor 3 Monaten: Some of this is over simplication.
Colt Magnus: vor 1 Jahr: Australia comes from the word Terra Australis. Meaning: Great southern land.
Foggy Mountain Dispatch: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet):
This guy ripped off everyone else’s research for the last 20 years and then interwove his own spin lie factory products into it, especially in the second half. This guy is CIA or something, pushing the NWO agenda. “There is no Aryan race”
I will shame you, I promise.

Son of Ode: vor 11 Monaten
Some are compelling, but some are far fetching. Not all that have the same (similar) sound reffers to the same thing.
My problem in the video is
“Its everything India”, here is a question…
“which comes first India or sanskreet?”
Brian Cottrell: vor 10 Monaten: I think the Ad forgot the Essenes and Gnostics.
The25Sister: vor 1 Jahr: Why the evil laugh at the end? Want to scare us or something? I know that we are in Kali Yuga. the key is to know thyself and mastery and you will know no fear. The truth is not “out” there, it is in us.
Apostolos Mavropoulos: vor 1 Jahr: well, i also didn’t like the evil laugh and the epithets like conspireturds….a man who shares his truth and knowledge should not try to steer the minds of his audience by manipulating their feelings.. LOGOS & LOGIC is the way/path .. i really liked the video though..
VibrationsfromMirror: vor 1 Jahr: You saw the heading , right? Something like I will warn you before I hate you! What? ) Don’t forgot to show Love.
Asit Banerjee: vor 1 Jahr: you have sure offended a lot of people bro.
Son of Yahawadah: vor 7 Monaten: This is so pseudo.
Neo 360: vor 5 Monaten: Egypt is the oldest….
Kabil Sadiq: vor 1 Jahr: Load of bullockS.
Huddle: vor 10 Monaten (bearbeitet): Hinduism is said to be the world’s oldest religion and its origins cannot be traced. However the chakra/reincarnation doctrine is a soul recycling trap designed to enslave you. (imo).
dee zenutski: vor 1 Jahr: this guy either has no knowledge of civilizations predating antiquity or he is lying.
Warahoon Apache: vor 9 Monaten: So where is the magic dragon??
BR BHARDWAJ: vor 11 Monaten: There’s a lot difference between deity , god and rama is not a deity its human incarnation of lord vishnu who governs the world created by Brahma.
Deities are immortal and control fewer things like air,water .. apart of other supernatural powers.
Thales Din Milet: vor 1 Monat: Keep dreaming.
Asokan Ponnusamy: vor 9 Monaten: Cali = Kali??? What about fornia = fornication?
Warrior for Jesus Christ: vor 11 Monaten: Useless research not true facts.
BlackPanther X: vor 1 Jahr: Check your source bro.
justin plasschaert: vor 4 Monaten: Nope. Canada is a native word for village.
Shandy Purwanto: vor 6 Monaten: i’m sorry. this is the science of relating as you pleases. confusing and no basis.
REAL TALK: vor 9 Monaten: Heresy, don’t get pulled into this, it’s not the truth!
Paddy Ohara: vor 9 Monaten: Go deeper….🔱
Davon Ferguson: vor 9 Monaten: the arch angels are the different gods.
lou west: vor 10 Monaten: You called me a tard :/.
Graham Dunn: vor 10 Monaten: Dude, you make some very broad assumptions. Facts mixed with misinformation.

FNK: vor 6 Monaten: Nice try, krishnaism! But nope, not in this time…
M M: vor 10 Monaten: Bull crap😂😂😂-
chantal Amino: vor 9 Monaten: Actually ” Canada ” comes from the Huron-Iroquois word “kanata,” meaning “village” or “settlement.” There is a even a suburb of Ottawa here called Kanata.
r g: vor 1 Jahr: Krishna, the Hindu God, son of Brahma ?!?! Sorry pal. Don’t know whether Brahma is weeping or laughing at you.
You see KRISHNA is the primeval/primordial source of all that exists and that which will, ever- the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Shiva meditates on/worships Lord Shankarshan, an expansion of Krishna. Putting Krishna at the level of other demigods is blasphemy. Hare Krishna!!

Conspiracy Revelation: 13.7.2017: Laughing…Zionistic Propaganda…lol.
1 wordhere 1wordthere: vor 1 Jahr: Just more evidence that we have been ruled ,fooled, since the beginning of time by evil an evil being old as time itself. I’m still betting on the Messiah and I think he’s here now the 3rd two thousand years . Only the truth shall set us free. Good luck
Edgar Olivas: vor 6 Monaten: This is a bunch of wrong, concocted and misleading information.
Sohn von ABBA Vater: vor 11 Monaten: Everything into this world is against Christ how is that?
JTuaim: vor 9 Monaten: This is so loaded with BS! These conclusions aren’t right.
Adlai hampton,Jr: vor 1 Jahr: This is false idol of gods.
Vee G: vor 11 Monaten: Ok… and where do the Sumerians come in play???
Danny Roosenboom: vor 10 Monaten: lot of blabla without any proof.
Miguel C: vor 9 Monaten: Your an angry douchebag ..you believe what you say, no real fact.
Judy Snyder: vor 1 Jahr: The Nazis came up with this idea.
Jan Stuchl: vor 10 Monaten (bearbeitet): like mashing the potatoes. It only fits because you misinterpreted the language, creating only confusion.
R Neate: vor 5 Monaten: Bollox.
Michael Parkes: vor 1 Jahr: Revisionism.
Michael Myula: vor 1 Jahr: deceiver.
james williams: vor 7 Monaten: Entertaining.
Grant Burles: vor 6 Monaten: krishna has nothing to do with christ etymologically or historically. they have no similar attributes what so ever.Krishna is a pagan god among many..not the one true God who walked on earth as jesus.
John Gawlik: vor 1 Jahr: Ha ha ha.
CIA are in the comments section to divide us: vor 11 Monaten
Your serious tone combined with immaturity and inflammatory words makes this all that much better.
hike oganessian: vor 11 Monaten: This information is not correct.the book below will show why…it is backed up with many sources and scholars. I make no money on this book..It is truly based on science…
Raj: vor 1 Jahr: According to ved shiva,Vishnu ,bramha these are the names of Iswar or god “iswar” is formless and omnipresent & present in every form and formless particle he is infinite. A war happened before 5000 year ago named as Mahabharat after that war our vedic culture, vedic knowledge is decreased by time.
Jeanmarie Tuggle: vor 7 Monaten: That’s so b.s.!
Bharath Bhushan: vor 9 Monaten: Yes you are right sir Hinduism Judaism Christianity and Islam share same philosophy of domination one over other. Silly comparison please study buddhism and language pali and tamil.
JESSE B: vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet): I don’t think so…Egyptian Ideology and beliefs were the first civilization, the Greeks, Sumerians, India and Mesopotamia learned how to govern and establish social and cultural knowledge so that the royal family wouldn’t be easily overthrown by their own people, the Egyptians were the first people on earth to rule a country as a family (dynasty) all other tribes followed there way of order…….HOWEVER a lot of your translated terminology is either false, fake, made up or words that don’t even exist at all!
александр Дракон: vor 6 Monaten: Satanism.
Wood 38: vor 11 Monaten: The word Christna and Christ are similar in the ancient language because they both mean announced one. Be careful believing all this nonsense. It is very interesting and cool, but not all correct.
Karl Johnson: vor 10 Monaten: I am most drawn to the teachings of the Tao and Zen…
Peter Singh: vor 1 Monat: Karl Johnson well buddhism as I’m sure you know is based on Hindu principle as Buddha was a Hindu prince from India or Nepal.

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