Multiple earthquakes rattle B.C.’s west coast & California earthquake L.A.

Conspiracy Revelation: 6.7.2019: Sounds somehow like Global-Karma-Recoils…Mother Earth and Kundalini release their protection waves against the gruesome Perp-Factions.
“Multiple earthquakes rattle B.C.’s west coast & California earthquake L.A.”
“Series of earthquakes up and down B.C. west coast raises natural disaster concerns
Three earthquakes were detected early Friday morning south of Haida Gwaii. Aaron McArthur has more on what the experts are saying about the seismic activity.”
“California earthquake: Los Angeles and US west coast rocked by huge 6.4 quake”
“!The earthquake quake was felt in an area iwhere around 20 million people live, according to European quake agency, EMSC.
Ashleigh Chandler, a helicopter rescue EMT at Fort Irwin, California, said she felt shaking as she was getting ready for a July 4th party.
She said: “I was just in the living room getting everything ready, we start to feel the shaking, so then I look up and then the wine bottles start rattling and I thought, ‘They’re going to fall.’
“My sister was in the house and my dog, so we just got everyone outside and then it ended. It was like 15, 20 seconds, maybe. It was pretty good shaking, so I’m out of breath.
“Everyone’s OK.””
“California, is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, and is prone to earthquakes.
Back in 1994, a 6.6 earthquake in Northridge, California killed dozens of people and caused billions of dollars in damage.”

“This is said to be strongest earthquake in several years.
But no damage or injuries have so far been reported.
The Los Angeles Fire Department tweeted that it is in earthquake mode and assessing if there is any damage throughout the city.
The LAPD said: “At this time, the LAPD has not received any reports of damage or calls for service within the City of Los Angeles related to the earthquake.” “

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