Matrix Full Disclosure – Black Ops and SSP Exposed

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: Look how they want to play God… Neither God nor Goddess approved your Soul-Recycle-Prison-System for nefarious reasons..
“Matrix Full Disclosure – Black Ops and SSP Exposed”

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: You guys from Australia have deep underground material…

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: The disposed U.S. agents are handed over to Russia?

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: 70 Years Truman Show…and the Navy surely does not have any interest in letting you know their secrets…they repeat the challenger catastrophe endlessly in T.V.. …until people are totally fed up with the NASA lies… nobody has any interest to see this old stuff, they want to see your Dark Fleet.

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: Greet the opposition…you deluded people…they poison the atmosphere…make friends with the saviors not the destroyers…

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: They cruise comfortably around the Universe while 80% of the dumbed down folks believe in SPACE SHUTTLE!!!! Because their dumbing-down brainwash machine called T.V. told them so.
“US NAVY SSP previous known as ‘Solar Warden'”

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: And they believe in Space Shuttle…man man man this is the biggest farce for 70 years only rocket science and space shuttle for the TV Folks…while they live in high tech paradise…

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: So rarely discussed…USOS and Undersea bases….totally factual..

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: Repto Cigar Shaped Ships..they say..

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: Those guys are looking right now through your Eyes…

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: At the crown is Sophia….they are all below…

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