#9 Descriptions of Extraterrestrials feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 2

“#9 Descriptions of Extraterrestrials feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 2” “Dauntless Dialogue”
“Angelyn Ray: vor 4 Monaten: Great information, again. Thank you, Adam and Tony. Tony seems more confident this time IMO, it’s probably doing him good to be able to talk in depth, with Adam’s skilled questioning, about these other-worldly topics. Very nice to see. I’m an old lady, retired therapist, and I always love seeing people develop..”
“That’s interesting and now did you meet any extraterrestrials with other psychokinetic abilities other than telepathy like telekinesis they could move things with their minds they could
light things on fire with their minds, anything like? (Adam Riva)”
“There was like a hybrid… imagine a mall, like a shopping mall with a lower ceiling concrete but stores in a row …it was the same method of going into a state of mind
the psychic reading as what I remember being put through in Peru,.. it was a hybrid like a half gray half human ..younger.. like eighteen years into the twenty and back prior it’s only out so I I had.. the psychic reading that was cryptic just like you would imagine a psychic reading, it was cryptic.. like not a straight answer kind of vague, but it was they what it was was it was a like a girl, but she was a grey and and she had psychic ability and they drugged her, they put her in a state of mind and then I was loud I was left alone with her…”
“..very high very advanced being one of the most advanced that had ever visited CERES at the time and when you looked at her there was an effect when you when you looked at her there
was a sparkly effect like I don’t know if it was a jewelry or like a technology that they used like a jewelry like a
necklace or whatever or it was a mental thing I don’t know what caused it…. and there was a military guy that knew I was
a slave at the end of the Train standing up and he was like no he didn’t want me to talk to her if I was a slave I was
not allowed to talk to ET’s randomly…a Reptile..intrusive ability. (Tony Rodrigues)”
“evin Kaatz: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): It seems that Slavery on earth is freedom compared to galactic life. I’m glad I’m earthbound.”
“Tiffany Taylor: vor 3 Monaten: Too much like starship troopers….”
Conspiracy Revelation: That´s not a Tall Grey, but a Tall Grey Hubrid…Human-Alien-Hybrid.

“Well, Tony, no offense, but I’m pretty sure you were ugly to him too. (Adam Riva)”
“Probably, there is a base beauty though there is a beauty, so
there are plenty.. you can’t say that humans are good
looking and you can’t say that humans are ugly, because some of us are more beautiful than others certainly and so it was the
same way with the ETS, there were ETs that were of another race they were ugly … I mean I hate to say that, I don’t want to sound like the mean girl in high school, but there are ETS that are good-looking and there are ETS that are ugly for what they are and … I stood in line at the… when I went got paid…
there was a reptile at ..he was in a flight like a suit like oh he was a worker hmm and I thought he was beautiful, I mean not not in a sexual way you know … like Nazism, no homo, but I thought it was a beautiful being and when I saw when I when I got what I got probably 25 feet away from it when I looked at her I thought wow that’s amazing you know because he had
scale, his scales were all they had different sizes and they were it was just neatly arranged, it was a beautiful
being to me and I was fascinated by that I didn’t have access to like the Internet, so I could look up ETS up there anything I didn’t have any kind of tech I didn’t watch TV I didn’t have anything, I was a slave. (Tony Rodrigues)”

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