#10 The Galactic Trade Economy feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY Season 2

“#10 The Galactic Trade Economy feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY Season 2” “Dauntless Dialogue”
“BLUE MOXIE: vor 3 Monaten: Aliens love COFFEE…LOL”
“Scarakus: vor 2 Monaten: Germans still pushing their Big Pharma on an galactic level, lol… ”
“SuperPandabear123: vor 3 Monaten: Automatic LIKE before I even watch !!”
“Richard Jones: vor 3 Monaten: Lol. I’m hooked too !!”
“SuperPandabear123: vor 3 Monaten: @Richard Jones oh yes, I’m past the point of return.”
“Patrice beauchemin: vor 3 Monaten: Me too :)”
“MrCrispian: vor 2 Monaten: that says it all….you are a gullible fools… ”
“corujariousa: vor 2 Monaten: All this amazing technology and no capability to create efficient robots or clones so they did not have to resource to slavery?”
“patrick looney: vor 2 Monaten: no one knows the entire story…not even the small part going on right here…right now….wheels within wheels and macro vs micro agendas.”
“Peace Love: vor 3 Monaten: Tony- After 2 hours of analysis, I have come to a conclusion that I believe you. After watching every single one of your other videos on youtube….i now am 100% with you.”
“patrick looney: vor 2 Monaten: one thing is definitely true….globalism is the clear and present danger facing all freemen.”
“Sablon76: vor 3 Monaten: Sections of this interview remind me very much of the social structure Babylon5. An old scifi series.”
“Sluggo: vor 3 Monaten: So he’s saying that they can create supernovas to make unlimited gold, but are unable to grow coffee?”
“Rhett Winthrop-St.Gery: vor 2 Monaten: They traded kidnapped earth humans for high tech…”
“Richard Jones: vor 3 Monaten: How many episodes are there with Tony Rodriguez ? I’m on #10.”
“sonofchi: vor 3 Monaten: You are just a bunch of pirates…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ”
“Long Fellow: vor 3 Monaten: Thanks Brother Tony….some of us are paying attention..yet don’t know it.
Within the Star Trek universe, the Prime Directive is a crucial regulation that is binding on Starfleet personnel. … The Prime Directive (officially Starfleet Order 1) is a prohibition on interference with the other cultures and civilizations that representatives of Starfleet encounter in their exploration of the universe.”
Conspiracy Revelation: Your prime directive is simply not realistic…Reality is not a Movie.
“It was a German name.. there were races that came in that were advanced that didn’t use money and everybody thought it was super unfair that certain beings could come in and live like that and walk and go anywhere and have everything basically for free and other ones had to come in and pony up something to get the money, so that was a huge disparity and again probably lend it to why she behaved like that.. (Tony Rodrigues)”
“So here on earth when we look at what the globalists want for the future of currency you know they want the one-world currency they want the Amero they want the Euro and so on and so forth and they want eventually to have a cashless society whereby you’re microchipped and that is skinned in place of a credit card and the centralization of that is terrifying because someone can just tap into your accountant withdraw your funds or shut off your access to it or and .. who knows any any infinite any number of infinite possibilities whereby things could go wrong or be
corrupted. (Adam Riva)”
“But more directly they would know where everything is and they could stop anyone from being competitive with them, that’s what that would be, so when somebody got to a certain level of wealth and they were a danger or competitive, somebody that could open their own bank or start loading their own money out they would not have the ability to do so if they don’t have cash they could just freeze it. (Tony Rodrigues)”
“Or if they’re a political dissident like we see in China, they just shut off your ability to survive in society, you can no longer buy things, you can’t travel, you can’t eat, you can’t buy
housing, so yeah they would just basically shut off your ability to survive .Tony I have one more question for you today and I want to finish on this one will kind of round out this
this discussion when it comes to a global … a galactic economy one of the things that is parallel to that but not directly related I want to touch on the idea of bounty hunters,
so in Star Wars there’s the Boba Fett character and we’ve seen it represented in other films with other characters if you’re an outlaw in the galaxy, how does that work? Is there a bounty for you to go find that person I think it was in guardians of the galaxy that we saw things like this with respect to actual objects and valuable goods there were bounties on these things highly
sought-after materials. (Adam Riva)”
“Well, I didn’t personally whatever witness any kind of access to that but there were the second mission where I did it got to do an away mission was a thievery, it was a race of black shiny reptilians and they had a.. it was a planet I don’t know where it was I don’t know if it was in our galaxy or another guy I don’t know where the planet was and we had acquired an extremely fast
they called it a double-disc and it was like a disk but it was stretched it was like two disks that were put together and had a big cargo bay in it it was a double disc and it was the fastest
point-to-point flying thing that they could get and they dressed us they took slaves and dressed us up like act like servicemen, so , because we were expendable in the case the mission went wrong and I think that’s what happened to my service record to be honest with you I think that’s why they deleted my record was that mission but we trained for it a couple did not not much training and
there was probably a dozen 15 guys that went on and we flew down to it it was a desert planet and we were trading for an oil that it was an oil that like like our gasoline like our oil that we made
gasoline but it was something like five hundred times more potent so that a cup of the refined stuff of it was fun you ..one cup of it was worth 500 cups of our gasoline so they were trying to get
it and they weren’t they didn’t want to sell it to them.. the Germans did not have the ability to buy it from from this race of reptilians, they didn’t even want to sell it to them, it was a it was kind of like they thumbed their nose and you know it was only for themselves so what we did was go down and purchase other stuff and Wow they found that in the same yard where we landed the ship and load it up we were right next to barrels of that particular high-density stuff, so we snuck in barrels of it, because they wanted to try to replicate it, they wanted to try to see if they could synthesize it, for themselves , for their own use and not that they used oil for anything that they not do they use gasoline for anything but they could use applications on earth for it you know they had it was a valuable thing and we did that and so we could only imagine that we and it was scary I mean we could talk about the mission more but to make a long story short we went in we we loaded up oh god we got about a dozen barrels of it the guys did it anyway it was nerve racking and stuff but when we flew out of there but those they had to be pretty mad at us and that that race because we burnt that bridge and so the idea was at the the the speak they’re talking about it was that they were extremely violent they didn’t think they wouldn’t think twice they looked at us as a lower life-form and they wouldn’t think twice to kill us all or shoot us down …that was the whole training for the mission was that don’t even look at don’t even look him in the eye
don’t look at them just keep your head down and work and if you’re addressed stand up and do what they say and then one of the guys from one of the command guys came on the mission and he
was the one that dealt with them directly they took him off and like they took him somewhere else and did like a wine and dine you know I gave him a tour of the facility
and it was in the middle of a desert on a planet on a heavy heavy gravity planet the planet was like one and a quarter one in four tenths of our gravity was heavy so the guys were worried about loading everything up in the time frame that we had you know loose key we’ve literally stole from them but it all worked out so they had to have a bounty they had to have something about that but I think that I think that we are unaware of how big everything is out there and how many different civilizations are out there and we’ve been purposely kept in the dark about it and everything that you can think of does exist out there so there has to be bounty hunters for money, I don’t see why not. (Tony Rodrigues)”

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