George Van Tassel – The Integratron & Contact In The Desert 2017

“Contact In The Desert 2017 – George Van Tassel – The Integratron”
“More experiences from Contact In The Desert 2017. During a lecture from JJ and Desiree Hurtak. They introduced George Van Tassel. A fascinating individual, who built a fascinating machine / structure known as The Integratron, after being visited by an ET being in 1953. The structure was experimenting with concepts of time travel, anti-gravity and healing.”
“Sin of Pride Lionel: vor 2 Monaten: hello love and wisdom both in his infinite, may peace prevail in the darkest of time.”
“George the devil talks to me a time machine means to me a little box I can go into and go back 5,000 years of forward 10,000 years is that what your formula tells you you can do?”
“Well, Jack, this isn´t little box this is a four story machine focusing fields, that we can orient to produce this zone, big enough for a man to get into, it isn’t a box. (George Van Tassel)”
“But what happened to the man when he gets into the zone.. with curiosity?”
“Jack we’ve discovered this zone is subject to thought now since time doesn’t record events the way we do on calendar and clock you could only record an event by thinking of it now theoretically we
believe we can take the video tape magnetic camera into the time zone and photograph Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address or Caesars armies marching or anything it’s ever happened. (George Van Tassel)”
“Let me get this tape in other words you’re telling me like H.G. Wells imagined 50 years ago that everything that happened in time is still there to be seen by the recreation electronically
of a thought which exists.”
“Jack you know how you’ve talked into a tape on tape recorder and play the interruptions back identical to the play that you made the Earth’s magnetic field is the same way, you can put interruptions into it and play them back out of it an associate of ours in creating a magnetic coupler with his principle coupled in the Earth’s magnetic field and played back TV shows from stations at door that aren’t even in business anymore. (George Van Tassel)”
“Well this requires quite a piece of apparatus this magnetic coupler works on around 50,000 volts and it doesn’t have any radio frequency connected with it and actually the television set which
plays back the picture doesn’t even have an antenna connected to. (George Van Tassel)”
“George, you know as well as I do and you’d been on television 350 times and I’ve onew I met you one seven years ago and I kind of like you, but you know the people upset and saying this man is nut…let me take you back, so you have a time machine plant you have done experiments which show you can bring the past to life where did this formula come from?”
“The formula came from a ship that landed at my airport in 1953… which had four people aboarded that came from another planet … well, you’re not only breathless I would be
breathless .. well, that’s fine that’s a way to be in fact I’m a bigger skeptic than you are… (George Van Tassel)”

“Original air-date: June 18, 1964.”
“..and this phenomena that’s taking place today is as old as our history as our civilization this isn’t anything new that’s occurring it’s something it’s being continued in another time of
crisis when conditions affecting the people of this planet are reaching a point where somebody has to take care of the situation. (George Van Tassel)”
“Now, I don’t intend in any way to be disrespectful or blasphemous, but do you feel, and I know you’re not an evangelistic type, do you feel that you’re some kind of Moses..?”
“Well, I don’t say that Jack, I say that what is occurring now has occurred before there are many records of these ships landing throughout history clear back into Sanskrit and there are records in the 1898 Chicago newspapers that covered the front page for three days of a big ship setting over Chicago, when you realize we’re dealing with a with a type of man that is almost as far above us in
intelligence as we are above the lower animals, there isn’t anything phenomenal in this at all. (George Van Tassel)”
“I’m 54 Jack…I have 3 daughters married and 11 grand children… I’ve never had an emotional upset other than women… (George Van Tassel)”
“Except…when this ship appeared, now give me the details George, because I’m never never tired of hearing the details of a man who says he has seen creatures from another world.”
“Well, actually Jack this was as simple as crossing a street and getting hit by a car after it’s over you’re the victim of the circumstance and I didn’t see this and one of my son in laws there wasn’t my son a lot that time saw it come down another man on the airport heard it and he wasn’t where he could see it and the man got off of the ship and approached me before I even knew there was a ship down where were you that what time of day a night was it was two o’clock in the morning and approximately a full moon which is like daylight on the desert… he
talked to me in the best English… I saw a bell-shaped type of anti-gravity ship that they operate as a scout ship out of the big carriers …36 feet in diameter 19 feet high.. it was hovering 10 feet of the ground ..I walked with him to a spot underneath it and an antigravity beam took me up through a hole in the bottom up.. “Antigravity Elevator” .. there were three men on the ship besides the one that got often invited me aboad. (George Van Tassel)”
“I’ve been in the air game since 1927 and their instruments were unlike anything I’d ever seen before … the difference was that we use dial instruments and they use vertical instruments like fluorescent tubes and marks on it.. the instruments were marked in symbols similar to hieroglyphics, they were not in any language or number system we use on the air earth..e they looked like they were white people with a good healthy tan… after we got off the ship the man who invited me aboard who didn’t look a day over 28 years of age, told me that he was over 700 years of age in our time. (George Van Tassel)”
“Oh, Come On George…was this the guy who gave you the formula for the time machine?”
“That’s the man .. he spoke it to me verbally “Tell me now the formula for the Time Machine” ..F equals 1 over T ..F being frequency and T being Time…well, it would need a mathematician to work this out… “Why hasn´t this been acclaimed like Einsteins E=mc2″ Well, why hasn’t the fact that the United States government’s been flying anti-gravity ship since 1956 been acclaimed or the fact that there’s a crater on the moon with a base in it since 1954, we’ve known this… well, possibly because they know this information is going to get out eventually anyway and what I say won’t
1make any difference. (George Van Tassel)”
“This has been a base on the Moon for perhaps many thousands of years, used by these people in the space ships to resupply their ships or whatever is required… (George Van Tassel)”
“so there must be a great conspiracy of silence to keep George Van Tassel secret of the universe away from the people..”
“No, it isn’t to keep anything away from the people, it is to keep many things away from the people. (George Van Tassel)”
“I’ve had a recent contact last September 1963… well in this case they drove a car into the airport they didn’t come initia they’re walking among us on the earth all the time and we don’t realize
it… no, they drove a standard American Cadillac, they gave me some more information pertinent to electronic-magnetic research, you don’t know unless they want you to know and then they’ll demonstrate some thing that they can do that we can’t do, that is humanly impossible for us to .. well they demonstrated the ability in front of 19 people sitting in a lounge for instance that they could sit there and disappear before your eyes and reappear back to man did this three times …for 19 witnesses that were sitting in our lounge vanished in front of your eyes. (George Van Tassel)”
Further Infos:
George Van Tassel INTEGRATRON is a machine that was intended to prolong life, by way of electronic rejuvenation. Van Tassel claimed to be an alien contactee, he stated that the Integratron technology was given to him from a Venusian in 1953.
Yes this does reads as bogus, but there maybe something to this machine. The Integratron was supposed to be a circulating machine or circulating building, inside the large edifice was to be an electric field.
The power generated was supposed to regenerate people that went into the building and stayed there for x amount minutes or hours. Electricity can do all kinds of things, we know very little about this energy. So maybe Van Tassel was not off the beam.
Sadly Van Tassel died before the machine could be completed. His plans for the Integratron were not found, either they were stolen or he worked out this project in his head. The Integratron is a rather remarkable building, below are photos and data.
Depending on who you talk to, Van Tassel was either a genius, an alien contactee, a lunatic or crafty confidence man who fleeced the gullible of their money.
The naysayers claim that the vast majority of Integratron donations that were given to Van Tassel, were not used on the project. The money was used to fund Van Tassel’s life of travel and good times.
Van Tassel was and still is a controversial figure.
RIGHT: The INTEGRATRON under construction. BELOW: The Machine is being assembled, but it took years. When Van Tassel died in 1978, he was supposedly only weeks away from finishing up the final work on the machine. I think not.
ABOVE: Year unknown, supposedly a UFO over Integratron. Is it a light flash, a flying saucer or damaged or tampered film?
WHY, I think not? The Integratron was supposed its top part of turn at hight speed, this rotating roof was to be turned by pipes with air pressure. The pressure would be supplied an air compressor or many air compressors. I would think many air compressors would be needed, by how big the structure was. I have yet to see in the 1960s, 1970s, (1978 is when Van Tassel died) that there was a large power shop that would house the compressors.
With Van Tassel’s death work on the machine came to an end.
The Integratron was mainly built of wood without any nails. The Integratron supposedly, could be turned into a time machine, by way of the electric field that would be generated in and around it.
Some people think the time machine aspect, concerned itself with the healing of people. As in people who were inside the rotating building would be given more life by way of how their human’s cells were recharged by way of electricity.
Some eccentrics think that the INTEGRATRON was a time machine, or they draw a blank on what the machine was really going to be?
The INTERGRATRON was built of wood, very little steel, no nails, some metal coil wires. It was a bit similar to how HOWARD HUGHES built the SPRUCE GOOSE. It is of note that HUGHES used to fly into GIANT ROCK AIRFIELD and have pie + coffee and visit with his ex employee VAN TASSEL. Did the duo exchange secrets? Supposedly H.H. was very interested in UFOs and his companies were fronts for the CIA. One story, and is it truth or exaggeration, is that VAN TASSEL had been the private pilot of HOWARD HUGHES.

RIGHT: A plaque that commemorates the INTERGRATRON. Some of the info is a little off.
Also some weird beards claim the INTEGRATRON is on 33 LATITUDE, EL WRONGO. IT IS on the 34 LATITUDE…
Through the decades the land around the Integratron has changed a lot. I can remember when the area around the odd building (1960s and 1970s) was desolate. Today there are houses and a number of roads that flank the Integraton.
BELOW is wonderful video, an aerial view of the Integratron.
Van Tassel’s building was somewhat cannibalized after his death. The place was sold a number of times, today it is a sound bath building.
RIGHT: A pretty good program on THE INTEGRATRON that features BARBARA HARRIS. At the 35 minute mark, Harris gets on the show, darn good info. Her segment ends at 2:30 mark.
RIGHT: Harris loves the INTEGRATRON and GIANT ROCK haps as much as I do.
BELOW: George Van Tassel is interviewed in 1964. The broadcaster is rude but there is some odd but interesting info in the B/W program.
Depending on the source, Van Tassel got all his info on the INTEGRATRON in 1953, or that other bits of info came to him through the years by way of meditation or mind meld.
It is a fact from 1953-1978, Van Tassel hunted $ and worked on the project. In 1978 he claimed he was around 3 weeks away from finishing it, or it was %90 ready.
Confident in his machine VAN TASSEL attested that he was going to be the first man into the machine, but then he died.
In my opinion, unless Van Tassel was going to bring in many portable large compressor trailers, the Integratron could never have been powered up, because, there was not enough compressors on the site to get the machine to work.
His plan was to have 50,000 volts of electricity in a field above the 1st floor, the twirling cupola was to be forced by way of tubes powered by air pressure from compressor power.
There is not much info on Van Tassels´ death, he died in a Santa Monica, California hotel room from heart attack.
Conspiracy people think he was silenced.
The Heart attack story was a cover for something else that happened to him.
Or some type of poison or device gave him a heart attack. Hmmm?
Eva his first wife had died in 1975. At the time of Van Tassel’s February 1978 death, he was married to a chiropractor…”

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