Time Travel is a Fact by Jim Sparks

Time Travel is a Fact by Jim Sparks

“Time travel is not just a strong possibility but a reality. I can state this because I have retained the full memory of experiences involving extraterrestrial contact in great detail for more than twenty years. Presentation form MUFON 2011 Symposium”
Alien-Greys: Pure telepathic communication, 100 times faster mental processing, not emotional beings, they have all the time in the world to learn, they´ve overcomed and mastered death. (>>>not sure about this statement, if they are interdimensional it´s quite logical that they are not affected by death…<<<) Time distortion and time travel is a fact. They also mastered time travel. Human beings are able to learn some of their superior techniques. They are highly ignorant when humans ask them questions. Specialities of these beasties: Distortion of Mass and manipulation of Matter. Non-invasive Detoxification High-Tech Alien-Blackbox, which is capable of detoxifying molecule by molecule every imaginable toxins. "They are 1000s years ahead... They are masters, if they choose to be, of perception, that´s why I think why no matter what the wisest men and women in power on this globe can´t match an attempt of their thinking and the pereception of what they are doing and it´s not to hurt us, it´s just to keep us away from something nasty that we don´t understand yet. They could be a hundred in this room right now and we wouldn´t know it. These things mean nothing to them." PS: If Greys are involved: Holografic projections of their visages into your Pre-Cortex. The Speaker talks several times of Astral Traveling, inner and outer body phenomenons, likely he mixes up his personal astral projections and lucid experience with the Grey encounters. While interdimensional Grey Aliens may be playing a role in forced astral exits and projections. Detected: 21.7.2014 / Released: 23.1.2013

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