Clifford discovered that everyone’s blood has been altered.

“The culmination of this research was reached in Clifford Carnicom’s paper titled Morgellon’s: Altered Blood. In this paper, we see definitive evidence that human blood has been altered. By using scientific analysis called Visible Spectrophotometry, Clifford discovered that everyone’s blood has been altered.
This is very strong proof which shows that all individuals are infected with this aerosol (‘the chemtrails’) pathogen — whether they exhibit so-called ‘Morgellon’s’ symptoms or not.
You can see the ‘aerosol-origin’ Cross-Domain Bacteria (CDB) fused to the outside of the erythrocytes (Red Blood Cells), causing significant deformation. Any hospital lab likely would diagnose this as a severe blood infection, but this person has sub-clinical symptoms.
This is outrageous and criminal. Please help spread the word.
Multiple individuals all display this blood anomaly.”
Source: Proof We Are All Infected

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