Just Checking In / EMF-ELF-Attacks

Just Checking In / EMF-ELF-Attacks
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“If I put something on the stove these these douchebags come
around and start releasing stuff on my van or you know whatever it is they’re doing, so I’ll probably have some Chex
Mix and anyway I don’t like to complain too too much I just want you guys to know like that I’m really in bad shape
and I know some of you are too and it is attempted murderer and I thought things were gonna go differently I was I was kind of I had a more positive attitude a couple of weeks
ago than I do right now.”
“well you guys know how it is half the time you feel
like you’re gonna die I stayed at a campground last night, because it was supposed to be freezing I don’t know
when it got down to but it was cold and since my generator never works I needed the electricity to run my heater and they are hitting me so hard with both with the EMF I should post some of those readings and something you guys tell me what you think I’m getting hit with stuff a really heavy smell of acetone it smells like acetone to me and
another odor that I’m getting hit with sometimes is it’s a yeast it smells like yeast to me or taste like I don’t know
if it’s a smell or a taste when it’s happening to you it’s hard to tell since the two are connected but last night
when you’re in a I was in a koa and of course you can’t move but but what was funny they put me in one row that was
empty the row I was in was completely empty and they’ve done some work there lately and they have all of these nice
spots the place was there were a lot of empty spots and in the nice areas then it I mean it was a nice area but the
gravel on my row was old and so it was really muddy when I opened the door to take the dogs out for a walk….”
“But I started getting hit with DEW weapons I believe it went up two on one reading it I took it went up to over 300 you can’t move and the acetone smell heavy acetone smell I went
out and shook a couple of towels off…it seems like they are coming from a vehicle..”
“when I woke up this morning I had a hard time I didn’t
take my dogs out right away I was extremely weak so weak I could barely move and I thought you know I need to call the office and ask him to give me another spot just in case it was a vehicle doing it but I was so weak I finally did take my dogs out and I took him out before 9:00… but my dogs were both shaking and it was warm in here I had the heater
on they were both shaking uncontrollably and I know it was from this this stuff whatever I’m getting hit with so I’m
getting the DEW plus I’m getting this acetone and my lungs are are in bad shape I mean my lungs hurt really bad I
I was so exhausted from being hit that I couldn’t well I needed to figure out what to do whether I was gonna leave or
call the office and ask…”
“whether it’s satellites or triangulation I have no idea but I know that any time I turn on my EMF detector I’m being hit always with fairly high levels of microwave radiation and I’ve got all those readings I should post them, but everything’s such a mess right now you know I don’t know what’s gonna happen but anyway I was so wiped out from what
they’re doing to me and they’re my yesterday everytime my heart beat it hurt every time my heart beat it hurt
it’s just my heart my lungs I’m getting these hideous charly horse cramps that are incredibly painful on my legs actually in my ribs too and in my diaphragm area just and I’m talking I’m talking real real torture, I am being tortured, I didn’t think I’d make it out of there.”
“I’m just trying to recover from last night no matter where
I go I’m being attacked and it’s hard to live with but anyway my daughter’s doing okay at her house.”
Jeff O: vor 23 Stunden (bearbeitet):
I am so sorry to hear about your torture Julie. Yes, more than half the time, I do feel like I’m dying, as well. As far as the acetone and/or yeast smell, I believe it is being delivered, via directed energy. Thank you for the update. Stay strong and love you lot
Trials of Hurley
Trials of Hurley
vor 5 Stunden
That’s what I am beginning to think Jeff. Thanks for your input.
With lots of 💕
“EMF Reading 4/3/20, PM
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