The Ethiopian Terrorist in Charge of the World Health Organization

“The Ethiopian Terrorist in Charge of the World Health Organization — Dr. Tedros Adhanom”
“April 14, 2020
President Trump on Tuesday said that he planned to stop United States funding of the World Health Organization while reviewing its role in what he described as “severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.”
“Everybody knows what is going on there,” he said, blaming WHO for a “disastrous decision to oppose travel restrictions from China and other nations.”
As recently as February, the W.H.O. had advised against imposing travel restrictions to places with outbreaks of the coronavirus, saying it was not an effective way combat its spread.
Now Fred take a look at the Director-General of WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus [Dr. Tedros].
Given that we are all locked down until the World Health Organization approves a vaccination for COVID-19, or so we’re being threatened, I decided to do a background check on Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO.
Dr. Tedros has been accused of being “China’s man”, but on closer inspection, an extremely ugly picture emerges in which he also turns out to be very much the UK’s man, illustrating that country’s particular influence over WHO.
When I say ugly – Dr Tedros is without question a political thug of the highest order. As a senior member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) he was personally responsible for brutal repression of the Amhara people, using aid money selectively to starve them out and deny them access to basic services.”

“Ethiopia is the biggest recipient of donor aid and World Bank funds in Africa. But the TPLF brazenly used this aid to punish political opponents.
According to a senior Western donor official in Addis Ababa: “Every tool at their disposal — fertilizer, loans, safety net — is being used to crush the opposition. We know this.””
“Other forms of aid denial involved the refusal of emergency healthcare by ministry of health workers — the same ministry that was at the time being led by Tedros Adhanom:”
““Adhanom subsequently tried to downplay the violence, falsely claiming the police weren’t armed and that the numbers weren’t as high as stated.””
“The Amhara People’s Union, an activist organization based in Washington, noted that Dr. Tedros had been accused of “systematic genocidal violence and human right violations” and argued that he was a completely inappropriate choice for the WHO top job:”

“He is, incidentally, the first director-general of WHO not to be a trained medical doctor.”
““Not only was the UK keen to support a repressive regime’s border guards, it also spent more than £1 million training Ethiopian soldiers. This was despite the fact that a British-Ethiopian man, Andy Tsege, was being held on death row in Ethiopia for criticizing the ruling party.”
“According to his Wikipedia entry, Dr. Tedros is also a member of think tanks like the Aspen Institute and the Harvard School of Public Health — this man plays politics at the very top.
So while he has been criticized for supporting China, there’s no doubt that Dr. Tedros is also playing the tunes the West wants to hear. Most of WHO’s funding comes from Western countries, as well as from Bill and Melinda Gates.”
“One way or another: Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus remains the dodgiest official ever appointed to the top post at WHO, right in the middle of the worst medical crisis ever inflicted on the world.”
“So I’ll just give my personal perspective and dealings with Dr Tedros. The Rockefeller Foundation and friends held a debate for the candidates for director-general of WHO in March 2017:”
“Please remember that with the WHO International EMF Project [Electro Magnetic Fields] we are talking about a global genocide of two billion people, the estimate that Mr. Barrie Trower was given as to the expected toll from 5G and other wireless technology.”

“The International EMF Project has been established to assess health and environmental effects of exposure to static and time varying electric and magnetic fields in the frequency range 0-300 GHz.”
“Dr. Brundtland, a medical doctor specializing in environmental medicine and a former prime minister of Norway, was a great embarrassment to WHO, because she professed to be electrosensitive and refused to allow mobile phones to be used near her.”
“She ascribed her sensitivity to an incident with an arcing microwave oven, caused by a ceramic plate with a metallic inlay, which she used to heat something up.”
“So I am not making these accusations against Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus lightly, because I know this will draw attention from one of the nastiest intelligence services in the world.”
“One reason I am making bold, is that we have seen a track record of African leaders implementing genocide. I’m talking specifically about Kofi Annan, and also Boutros Boutros Ghali, who was the Secretary General of the UN at the time of the Rwandan massacres.”
“Kofi Annan not only got away with allowing the genocide to happen on his watch as peace-keeping chief. He was then promoted to the top job at the UN itself.
And there’s a lesson here. Dr. Tedros got his job because he proved he can cover up epidemics and GET AWAY WITH IT. This is the most crucial qualification for a top political job: you need to show that you can do the dirty work, and not have any dirt stick to you.”
“We can see exactly the same with Kofi Annan. And I hate to say it, but there’s a pattern here, of African leaders being used to facilitate the UN’s real filthy jobs, the genocides, the slaughters, the covering up of epidemics.
Right now, Ethiopian journalists are being arrested for filing inconvenient reports about COVID-19:”
“I’m certain that Dr. Tedros would fully approve. Linking the coronavirus epidemic to 5G will probably find you in Ethiopia’s gulags chop chop, having a chat with their secret police.
To conclude: Dr. Tedros’s words to journalists were: “My short message is please quarantine politicizing COVID.”
And yet, despite the fact that Taiwan gave the WHO its very first warning about a new coronavirus from China, which the organization ignored, and despite the fact that Taiwan has contained the epidemic brilliantly, Dr. Tedros is maintaining a very firm political QUARANTINE against Taiwan, doubtless to the satisfaction of the Chinese.”
“Now we sit with the biggest global lockdown in history.”
“Talk about consistency.
All I can say is: if Donald Trump cuts all American aid to the WHO, these filthy genocide merchants, I will support him 100 percent. And I hope a few more people will be awake to “The Ethiopian terrorist in charge of the World Health Organization”:”

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