Internet of People…ARPA´s Chemtrail-NWO-BCI-Corporate Crime Syndicate…

Conspiracy Revelation: 3.12.2019: Internet of People…ARPA´s Chemtrail-NWO-BCI-Corporate Crime Syndicate…
Facts…/Fakten… The people are not brainwashed…they are taken-over, they are basically archontized and zombified at the same time, CIA/DIA/NSA/DOD/ARPA/USAF/Alphabet Inc. Crime Syndicate use 1000 years advanced artificial life forms and mass-mind-control technologies….you see..if people had the slightest organic remain they would write like we write… they would show natural behavior, natural communication skills…but they have nothing and are reduced to nothing. ZOMBIFIED by NWO collectivism. Inorganic Ineffective ZomBots.
(This relates especially to the internetocratic online behavior, but is not limited…what happens in the Internet, also happens in the real world, for example with corrupt doctors, see below the report from indiatimes etc…)
The most “funny” (tragic) thing is how they program the PLFs (former humans) to evade the communication with Targeted Individuals or former Targeted Individuals (aka unwitting test subjects of the pharma-military-corporate-crime-syndicate)… FlipSwitch they are your friends, flipswitch they become zombified, flipswitch they are in stasis, flipswitch they become your enemies. Agent Smith Switch…but make sure it is not a Facebook-Censor-Algo in the first hand that removes likes to make a sort of social-negative bias for their enemies like Twit Twitter blocks all accounts pre-emptively who are on the blacklist of the NWO (therefore on the white list of God/dess)..It is not funny anymore what they have done with natural organic beings…People beam once back into 1995/1996/1997/1998 even 1999 and 2000…and I swear you will feel a little of real organic life again and still a little more humanity again.. I must use some quotes from another TI to clarify the situation that most people can´t realize…
“Since I´ve been out among the wolves here in California I´ve come to the conclusion that almost everyone is insane. (Jennifer Ayres)(2015)”
“Targets get obsessed that all the people are harassing them. It is a TRICK. Most harassment is done by a computer mind controlling people around you. If you slow down and engage with the people on a normal level, they will become normal until they are mind controlled again. (Jennifer Ayres)(2019)”
“Talmudists tried to use Mexicans in their war against America…they are trying to throw them under the bus… (Jennifer Ayres)(2019)”
“The remote mind control Mafia is already threatening to make me gain weight again. All covertly. (Jennifer Ayres)(2019)”
“People just submitted it. I don’t know why. They ‘trust me’. Dumb fucks.” Mark Zuckerberg
When asked about how he obtained the information for his newly launched social network.
“you’re seeing the emergence of a few big companies that are sort of threatening to own the AI of the world”
Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics and developer of robot Sophia
Neuralink (an Elon Musk company) is developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.
from Neuralink website- developer of neuropatch, depicted on the model below, which would merge human brains with computers
,This technology will be one of those used to build “Collective Mind Cloud” – “Internet of People”
Model taken from research paper published in July 2011, “Wireless communication with implanted medical devices using the conductive properties of the body”
by J. Ferguson and D. Redish – U.S. National Library of Medicine
I updated model using horrible experience from April 29, 2018 – since then abuse has just intensifed.
Grant Support: T32 EB008389/EB/NIBIB NIH HHS/United States
According to the grant support description, grant support was provided by National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
The model above describes in short Facebook Building 8 Project “Upload and Download of Thoughts.” It has been already tested by Regina Dugan (who worked as a Technological Head for development of Facebook Building 8 technologies) and Mark Zuckerberg end of April 2018.I was abused as a guinea pig due to the secretly implanted nanotechnologies during the surgery in 2015. Pictures and video of some of the implants are here. All technologies used for Building 8 projects were already fully developed by DARPA. I have indication, based on my experience, that I was secretly injected with maybe first generation of neuro grains during the surgery in 2007. All nano technology is encapsulated or attached to the body with polymer mass, that would be glued to the body and stay undetected for a long time. Even implants in the ears were hidden behind this polymer mass. Only after I started to clean the ears with hydrogen peroxide I was able to see implantes under the microscope. It never crossed my average human mind, that problems, which started after the surgery in 2007 could be attributed to any type of secretly implanted technologies. I never believed in any type of “conspiracy theories” and this was the main reason, why it took so long for me to understand what was going on. I was thinking that I was sensitive to anesthesia. This was the reason that in 2015, due to rapid and unnatural aging, I wanted to refresh my face. But plastic surgeon did not want to perform laser dermabrasion, stating that it will not help at all. I agreed to mini face lifting under the condition that it is performed under local anesthesia. Due to sedatives, before the operation ended, I fell asleep. My life turned into the horror after the surgery. But I would like here to share insights about the technologies, which were developed by DARPA and tested by Dugan and Zuckerberg for their projects “Upload and Download of Thoughts”, “Skin that is Talking” and “Synthetic Telepathy” end of April this year. I am sharing some insights I gained through this unfortunate experience.
From the technology described on the picture, the most dangerous is waystation. Since the surgery in 2015 I would feel huge pain on the top of my head around 8:30 PM, while being in US. I asked one physicist, how would it feel if someone would hit your head with frequencies in GB range and he said, that it would feel the same if someone would take the axe and try to split your head. This exactly explains my experience. After the pain would ease I would start to be very sleepy and at 9 PM, I would already be asleep. Then the torture would start – people would talk to me, interrogate me, ask me to perfom the tasks, to explain what I did, to walk around the streets and explain where I was. This was done through the radios implanted in my ears. I would be always involved in some type of scenarios – exactly as in the movie Inception, except that everything in my case was done remotely. But someone needed to be relatively near – my neigbours did the work – some of them belonged to the “Community Watch” and were paid money by the Deep State to do the job. I could touch something on the top of my head, but I thought that it was the mole. Interesting is that while I was in Europe, I would be having huge headache during the twilight time. In February this would be around 4PM, in May it would be 6PM and in summer it would be 7:30 PM. Time did not matter – important was that at that time day would be turning into the night. Could this be attributed to HAARP – I don’t know. Before DARPA technologies were given to Zuckerberg for Facebook Building 8 projects and Elon Musk and his SpaceX projects, I was mostly abused by US Air Force. So, it makes sense that HAARP could have been used when I was in Europe or I felt some strange influence while being in Europe. The night when I was attacked by Zuckerberg, Dugan and Musk they were working on different part of my body, but all abusing left side of my body. How this was done – they all activated at the same time clones of Sophia robot and each of the companies has one of the clones for research for their projects. Regina Dugan was testing technologies implanted on the head, Zuckerberg was attacking left side under the breast (heart) and Elon Musk left side of stomach to the pubic bone. But this is the page that should explain just Upload and Download of Thoughts. Neuro grains and waystation are creating some type of sound field around the body. US diplomats – spies in Cuba last year reported having the same sound around their bodies – cicadas sound. This is probably plasmonic field created by neurograins and maybe even nano dust. Here is the model based on research paper, I created based on the knowledge of technologies I gained through the horrible abuse. I wrote immediately to
senators, FBI, informed police, some newspapers and came to the conclusion that most of
the people are already brainwashed or gullible, as I was until it happened to me.
I saved my life that night, putting detox mud (clay) on the top of my head and placing my head in the big bag of Epson salt. When they hit me with microwave, grains of Epson salt were popping around. I noticed that the neighbor in the apartment below had AC switched on every night. It was end of April in San Jose, CA and there was no need for AC. But I noticed that floor of my apartment was vibrating through use of AC. These vibration would merge with the vibrations of the field created by the implants – neurograins and it felt as if I was merging with that vibrational field coming from my floor. I also recorder with HF meter huge pulsed activity coming from the apartment below. As I was due to radios implanted in the ears brainwashed and hypnotized during the night, they “trained me” that when I come near computer connected to internet, bow my head and turn it toward the screen to help to upload the data from waystation – data on CPU were uploaded. It could be that they were able to upload some data and maybe they did not get much. I don’t know but I am just explaining the procedure. When this technology is perfectioned they will probably use nano dust and you will just need to sit in front of the computer connected to internet. At some later point, when they perfection plasmonic field created around the body, you will just need to walk around in the area where there is WiFi or cell phone tower, and the data will be uploaded by the use of satelite. This is my guess, but this means that all human beings together with robots will be connected through the Cloud. Human beings will be robotized and robots humanized (if this word exists).
I think that they uploaded what was saved on that chip on the top of my head. Another very important insight is that one feels as if he is merging with the computer. Neuro grains can also create some type of haptic sensation – I don’t want to explain this further, as
it appears that the only people who pay attention to what I am writing are exactly those people who torture me, and this would be valuable feedback for them. But haptic experience is researched by Obama’s Brain Initiative and researched by Facebook for Oculus. They did not stop abusing me and right now Zuckerberg is abusing me for Oculus technology.The most scariest and the most unbelievable experience was, when that waystation on the top of my head, was connected to fire alarm in the building. I was so bewildered and astonished by all those technologies, especially when I realized that there was a robot Sophia, for which development I had been abused for years. I was aware of horrible abuse as I was due to sleep deprivation practically incapacitated since the surgery, but I did not have any idea, that I was abused for the development of the robot. Although last year in summer when they worked on robot’s legs, I found that I wrote in journal, that they are developing humanoid. But I did not know the name of humanoid. Who is the person of average human mind, who would think that this type of abuse is possible in this world? When I started to write to journalists, senators – here is the letter I sent to 20 senators FBI – nobody ever answered. But when I started to write, suddenly fire alarm sounded. The way station on the top of my head was connected with the alarm. I would be moving around and the sound would be moving on the top of my head. I was so outraged, that I went to the store in the neighborhood, asked the person who worked there to check if I had the mole on the top of my head and asked her to take the picture with my cell phone. I could not see much but something like glued on my head – I took small kitchen knife and scraped it off with a kitchen knife. It was nothing but some type of dry polymer mass. This saved my life as they were not able to cause such huge debilitating pain on the top of my head and the plasmonic field around my body was not that strong anymore. And the field around my body was not so intensive – the sound of artificial cicadas weakened a bit.
The question is following – once humanoids develop their own consciousness or get human beings consciousness implanted or rather stolen at this point from human beings, would they really not rebel if they need to work 24/7 for free, being switched off and on when their owner wants it. I would recommend here as mandatory watching the movie Ex Machina. Hansons Robotics, who has been developing humanoid and their clones in collaboration with US Army, stated in in one of the interviews that this movie was inspired by a real robot maybe even sex clone of Sophia. here.
I think that Upload and Download of Thoughts would be primarily used by Facebook and maybe some other companies for marketing purposes. I don’t want to scare anyone by my horrible experience with these technologies. The fact that Zuckerberg, Dugan and Musk personally tested them, is the best indicator that this is sensitive topic. Back to marketing and main purpose of everything – amass as much money as possible – you might come to Facebook and see a product – a coat. And you will think that you would buy it if it were different color or maybe not that long. Next time you will come to Facebook and be presented with another model, exact color that you were thinking about and the coat would be a little bit shorter. So this would be the coat of your dreams. It is said that the future of Marketing is customization. But you also might open Facebook app and think that something should have been done differently or you might have been having some great idea,that you would like to market. It might be stolen from you.
But through neurograins, someone can take control of your body. I know that one of the neurograins was used to train robot to move the head around vertical axis ca. 15 degrees to the left and right. I am serving as a human substrate for the robot and neuro grains are abused to monitor and transmit neural activity of my brain during the night when they give me orders to walk, draw (this is the newest skill Sophia robot is learning), climbing stairs etc. Through nano diamond and other nano technologies in my right ear that type of information is transmitted and programmers are developing robot and many other clones. But concern is that US diplomats in Cuba reported the same flapping sound around their bodies and the same cicadas sound as myself. Were they vaccinated against tropical diseases before going to Cuba? Were they nano dusted or nano sprayed. I think that flapping sound is produced by nano robots, which are nano radios and circulating in the blood, but cicadas field – plasmonic field is produced by neurograins. Flapping is produced by nano radios, which are circulating in the body and vibrating extremely fast. In my body nanorobots are building swarms – above the elbow, below hip joint, on the back, and on the back of my head on the left side, exactly where Sophia robot has sensors, which are blinking.
But from Neuralink – Elon Musk proposed technology, neural patch which would be merged with the brain is extremely dangerous one. I asked senators in my letter , who from Facebook customers ordered Upload and Download of Thoughts. Who from Facebook users would like to upload the thoughts and share it with Mark Zuckerberg, especially when we all read constantly in the press that his main product is actually selling customer’s data to other companies. Who ordered Synthetic Telepathy – you can contact your friend through many available applications and after all you can call him.
This is horrible technology and should have been investigated and stopped until it is clarified what is the goal of the whole run to “enhance people” with implants. I did not notice that I absolutely gained any supernatural power. Quite on opposite. My brain was harvested and I was so abused that I used after waking up to jump into my car, find deserted parking space and scream for 20 – 30 minutes. This saved me from going insane, until I bought helmet, faraday cages, protective fabric, frequency jammers etc. I spent a fortune, all my savings during these several years since the surgery. If I had not have money, I would not have survived the torture.
Improvements are on the way – please pay attention to the words in the text below – “unprecedented detail and precision”:
“In July 2017 Brown University was funded with $19 million dollars by DARPA to “to develop a fully implantable wireless brain interface system able to record and stimulate neural activity with unprecedented detail and precision. Each of neuro grains is about the size of a grain of table salt – that can be safely implanted onto or into the cerebral cortex, the outer layer of the brain. The implants, dubbed “neurograins,” will operate independently, interfacing with the brain at the level of a single neuron. The activity of the devices will be coordinated wirelessly by a central communications hub in the form of a thin electronic patch worn on the skin or implanted beneath it.” [2]
What I experienced end of April this year left me speechless. If these technologies would be secretly implanted to the people, the owners of the could easily ruin someone’s life and create out of him complete slave. It might be that they prepared this technologies to manage humanoids and at the same time human substrates used for their development. I don’t still understand how I survived not being merged with the humanoid as this was the reason they attacked me that night end of April and had been chasing me since then to incapacitate me. As Sophia robot can walk and dance, they just need me to be incapacitated. ”

Conspiracy Revelation: 3.12.2019: They have this nanowiring since 1999…when they started Chemtrailing, in E.U at least.
“First, one question : “Did you know that the technology that would connect brain with the machine, has been actively developed by DARPA for the past 3 years (as reported in the article below) and that it exists now?”
“I did not, despite the fact that I had been abused for all type of DARPA projects during the last 3 years (since December 5th, 2015), when my body was secretly nano wired during the surgery. I was always subscribed to at least one of daily newspapers DARPA Challenges Researchers to Link Human Brains With Computers (by Richard Adhikari, Jan 26, 2016)”
“The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, last week announced a new program that aims to build a connection between the human brain and the digital world.
To achieve the goals of the Neural Engineering System Design program, DARPA has invited proposals to design, build, demonstrate and validate a human-computer interface that can record from more than 1 million neurons and stimulate more than 100 thousand neurons in the brain in real time.
The interface must perform continuous, simultaneous full-duplex interaction with at least 1,000 neurons — initially in regions of the human auditory, visual, and somatosensory cortex.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 3.12.2019: You have been implanted for 20 years, like all people in the world, they focus on 1% test subjects aka lab rats in the world, so that the rest don´t notice anything, but not activated for their remote neural torture and nazio-satanic-ritual abuse and corporate military-industrial-complex crimes…
“I am sharing here insights collected during more than three years of horrible abuse during the development of DARPA projects as described in the article above. I had been secretly implanted during face lifting surgery mid November 2015 with all DARPA nanotechnologies and abused for all possible type of projects, which have been using human – computer interface since 12/05/2015.
The short story about abuse is below the model I developed for Enhanced Human Being, whose brain is connected to the computer. Ultimate goal is to build Cloud of Minds or Internet of People. Enhanced Human Being is the first mile stone of this project. I did not experience myself “positively enhanced” in any way, just tortured with the attempt to totally enslave me through those technologies. The fact is that I was not downloading anything useful from anywhere, to enhance my brain. This will be done by robot. They just tested “Upload of Thoughts” to the machine. I passed two exams in summer 2017 to complete my MSc in Marketing, due to use of anti nano bucket. I had to learn the same way I always do – read the book and understand it, create summaries of all chapters and then learn them. Answer all questions from past exams and I was all set.
The only difference was that I had my legs placed in nano bucket all the time. First exam – I was hit with confusion rays and earned B; next exam I brought my briefcase frequency jammer and earned an A. So much about “enhancements” of human capabilities. They had been actually harvesting my brain every night and breaking my skull to learn more about human brain. I even had to leave US to survive attacks and abuse – first I went to Mexico for a month and then in August to Europe. I have been also tortured in Europe, as Croatian Army has been collaborating with US Army on production of military robots. But at least here, I don’t have Elon Musk with his stinky plasma like air, he produced in San Jose, California, which would overheat me and suffocate me. I had to sleep in the nearby hotels to be able to survive attacks despite paying $2700 for a rent in San Jose and owning a condo in Sacramento. This is also one of the reasons why billionaires are billionaires, with the aspiration to be future zillionaires , once they create Enhanced Human Being – Slave or humanoid. They will enhance themselves painless way and live forever in this paradise called Earth.
Our Reality (Human Being) vs. Virtual Reality – VR (Enhanced Human Being)”
“Instead of being compatible with Schumann frequencies of the planet Earth, we will due to our nano wired bodies in the near future, be fully compatible with 5 GHz frequencies produced by cell phone towers. Here one report on CBSNews and another in UK DailyMail about the health dangers of these towers. New frequencies are going under the skin – please see below the paragraph about biosensors, nano robots and biotelemetry. The paragraph below, taken from this article best explains the importance of 5 G for the VR – virtual reality ‘Since skin contains capillaries and nerve endings, MMW bio-effects may be transmitted through molecular mechanisms by the skin or through the nervous system,’ Dr Moskowitz writes on his blog. Through 5G waves we will live in a virtual world, created by corporations and governments. Not Earth’s natural frequencies will create our reality, but 5G’s. Honestly I find some of the technologies very exciting, but abusing people and destroying their lives to achieve corporate goals is a crime. And corporations don’t care about people at all, we all know that they care just about profit. Below is explained what are the dangers of technologies in corporate hands, and how I created model presented above:
The picture of Enhanced Human Being was created based on my experience from 29th and 30 April, 2018 when my body and my life were taken over by Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg and Regina Dugan) and SpaceX and Neuralink (Elon Musk). Musk writes on his website that “Neuralink is developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.” Yes, they are – abusing neurograins secretly implanted on my skull and in my skull. Through nano technology implanted in my body, they took complete control of my body and my life, applying different type of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) on artificial plasmonic field, produced by neuro grains glued and implanted into my head, by nano radios in both of my ears, strangulation Motorola technology implanted in my throat, Google Tattoo implanted under my neck and Google edible biochips I ingested somehow.
All these technologies are used for Facebook Building 8 secretive projects – “Upload and Download of Thoughts”, “Synthetic Telepathy”, “Skin that is Talking” and Oculus. Right now they are working on Oculus (VR), as other technologies were already tested in May 2018. At that point they were working on two robots -one was sex robot (operated by coins – probably for US troops) and another was cleaning robot. Just now I found this video from 2016 about Zuckerberg’s butler as presented on CNBC news. It would be probably sold for a lot of money. Who would care about me and my life and the fact that I through 3 years since the surgery was not able to earn my six figure salary, but had to splurge all my savings, just to be able to survive the torture. Here is picture of his robot from March 2018.
How my body has been nano wired and how I created the model above of Enhanced Human Being? During the surgery I was secretly implanted with neurograins directly injected with the syringe into my brain. They are through internet as explained here connected to internet real time. The term used here is “Brainternet”, but it could be also called “Cloud of Minds”, or Singularity, when all people’s brains will be connected through internet to the Cloud. Kurzweil mentions that people brains will be mapped through PET and fMRI, which is nonsense. Everybody is experimenting on human beings, real brains and this is all approved. The main culprits, who allowed for this crime are Diane Feinstein, Barack Obama (Brain Initiative), Nancy Pelosi and their rich corporate friends. Here once again what one ethical researcher is saying about the difficulties of brain mapping. Now that they can through neurograins and other nano implants connect human brain directly to internet, people who are abused for these type of projects, having brains in the Cloud, are accessible to every single researcher, who is approved by Brain Initiative or DARPA. This is called Open Science. To cover for this crime Barack Obama created the Bioethics Commission with the task “.. to identify and promote “policies and practices that ensure scientific re­search, healthcare delivery, and technological innovation are conducted in an ethically responsible manner.” All empty words.
This is one of the videos where Targeted Individuals, presented their cases of abuse through US goverment agencies and corporations for all sorts of experiments, to Amy Gutmann, a Chair of the Commission. There were many people who presented their cases and Amy Gutmann did not allow them to come next day and continue with their presentations. Mass shootings are definitely happening because Targeted Individuals are extremely tortured, and if they are man, especially if they were in Army, they commit mass shooting just to get some relief. Case of Santiago Esteban is the best example. I called his lawyer Eric Cohen in Fall 2017, after I found nano implants, nano radios in my ears and a as I had a lot of recordings of neural spikes coming from my brain, being recorded on my ears. When I mentioned that government was behind, he abruptly cut me and said:”You are forbidden to contact my client”. Woman mostly commit suicide as the torture starts to be so unbearable with time.
Actually I was supposed to commit suicide or admit myself to the ER end of April 2018. Why was I so suddenly attacked? One nano technology company confirmed that only one nano diamond in my right ear was worth several thousand dollars. I went to youtube and under ABC7 Blue Shield infomercial wrote these comments. Someone from Blue Shield wrote that I should call 911 if I wanted to commit suicide. I was outraged but I was not suicidal at all, which I wrote as an answer. The night of attack, three days later, I would have committed suicide if I had pills or something similar. Next morning I noticed that someone deleted message where I am claiming that I have not be suicidal. Right now the video is unlisted without comments. This is the time, when people are caught when they go for some medical treatment, tortured freely, and nobody feels responsible for this crime. All agencies, politicians and medical professionals, are ignoring the person completely, not answering requests or any complaint. One is completely outlawed, not having any basic human rights. This allows billionaires to enrich themselves even more, as they can speed up research and development of their products through free abuse.
I am here just documenting crime, unprecedented in the history of..mankind. Knowledge of cloning was imported from Nazi Germany, one needs to keep this on his mind. Targeted Individuals call what is happening now Holocaust of 21 century. People are abused as research objects, instead of mice and other rodents, as for the mice companies need to obtain licenses and they have to think about ethical aspect of abuse. How Brain Initiative and Elon Musk were mapping brain and developing self driving cars and robots, all working on mice, nobody is explaining. Did you ever see a mouse driving a car or a plane (Air Force project for which I was abused)? Even the term Targeted Individual was coined in this Army document declassified in 1998, about bioeffects of microwave – how microwaves can affect human beings. Words can be beamed in your head, you can be experiencing seazure, nausea.
Neurograins implanted in my head, are now applied by Elon Musk for his space projects and development of a humanoids for Mars colonization. He has been closely collaboration with NASA as most of research work is done in NASA labs. Neuro grains (technology which has been developed and tested by DARPA for a long time), has been used by Regina Dugan and Mark Zuckerberg for their project “Upload and Download of Thoughts”. The model updated on this website is from the research paper published in July 2011, “Wireless communication with implanted medical devices using the conductive properties of the body” by J. Ferguson and D. Redish – U.S. National Library of Medicine. How the model works in the real life?
1. Neurograins (or neuropatch), injected by the syringe in the head and merged with the brain (irreversible), collect neural activity from different parts of the brain and send it to the top of the head, where enhanced being will be implanted with something like a computer – on the research model it is called “Waystation”. Here is the picture from Guardian and an article where the journalist writes: “He (Musk) wants to directly tap into the brain to read out thoughts, effectively bypassing low-bandwidth mechanisms such as speaking or texting to convey the thoughts. This is pie-in-the-sky stuff, but Musk has the credibility to talk about these things,” Further you will find in the same article from Jan. 1st, 2018 :
“In 2015, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that people will one day be able to share “full sensory and emotional experiences” online – not just photos and videos. Facebook has been hiring neuroscientists for an undisclosed project at its secretive hardware division, Building 8.” I survived unexpectedly the torture, to be able to write about their secrets.
Little Sophia, for which development Hanson Robotics has been abusing me, will start to sell soon as a research platform to the customers for several hundred dollars and my brain will be connected to all those dolls, which will also serve as a research platform.
Not only that customers would own little robot, but they will be able to continue to program her. You can imagine that I have been walking dead already. It could be that her name will be Emily. Right now they are creating Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, of this type: “Although a person’s eyes are normal, they will often ‘see’ objects as the incorrect size, shape or perspective angle. Therefore, people, cars, buildings, houses, animals, trees, environments, etc., look smaller or larger than they should be. Further, depth perception can be altered whereby perceived distances are incorrect. For example, a corridor may appear to be very long, or the ground may appear too close” They hope I will lose my mind once they activate all those little robots, as I will be experiencing world from her perspective.
Here about Neuralink and Facebook Building 8 secretive technologies. I added to this picture of the model what type of brain activity they are measuring at this moment. I have neurograins exactly as presented on this picture, but part was encapsulated in polymer mass on my scalp and part injected directly into my brain. If you go back to the top of this page, you will notice that they are measuring the activity as defined by DARPA in 2016 – visual, auditory and somatosensory data. . Neurograins are further developed by Brown University and others , who are according to the article developing “cortical intranet” .. to have both “read-out” and “write-in” capabilities, for transfer of data between brain and electronics, … with unprecedented detail and precision. Musk, Zuckerberg and DoD will be able to read your brain completely.
EHB (I will use this for Enhanced Human Being) will also be traceable through GPS. EHB will through this technology upload thoughts to the Cloud (through internet – computer). It will be the same we do now with our fitness tracker – there would be an app on the cell phone or computer and when we are near it, the data from Waystation will be automatically uploaded. If someone does this unlawfully and you have it running on your computer, you will not know what is going on. This will be done through the vibrational cicadas field, which has been created through implanted nano technologies (neuro grains or neuro dust). This vibrational field will replace our original natural energy field. This artificial field creates cicadas sound as reported by US diplomats in Cuba in 2017. We will be living in 5 G virtual world managed by the owners of technologies. This will be the frequency of our new reality – virtual reality. My best guess is that they will work to make the cicadas field not perceptible to the human ears.
This field will kill our natural energy field produced by chakras, which also connect our body to the Universe. During the last three years (since I have this cicadas sound around my body) I was measuring my energy field with pendulum. If energy field is healthy this is a good indication that the human being is in the state of equilibrium and emotionally stable. Pendulum would be standing still as I lost contact with Universal energy field – Prana, Chi. The most dangerous aspect of artificial cicadas field is that if EHB is hit with specific frequencies, i.e. hypnotic, it can be easily hypnotized. If it is hit with the frequencies of aggressiveness, it will start to be aggressive. Did you ever hear about confuse rays? Boris Spassky in his chess match against Bobby Fisher in 1972, claimed that he lost, because he was hit with these type of rays. I was hit with it during the exam last year. Artificial field created by neurograins is extremely dangerous – I have been hypnotized by it and it was difficult to know where it was coming from. I just noticed that it starts to be stronger during the night. Mischa Barton case – when she crashed U Haul and this desperation on her face, might have been indication that she was hypnotized. I experienced a lot of it, this summer. I did not cry, just was fighting to survive. Heather Locklear has been victimized this way. On the picture from the article here, she looks very fresh, as if she had face lifting or some surgical procedure. I had been implanted during face lifting operation. She is not even aware what is going on with her. I had not been aware for more than 8 years, what was going on, as I was hypnotized all the time, but after the second surgery I could not be but aware, that I have been implanted, as I had to sleep in the helmet to protect my brain.
For Misha Barton I am not sure, but for Heather I am, because her brain has been also connected to the Cloud. People in the Cloud are all connected with the same type of technologies, secretly implanted during some surgery. So they are already in “Brainternet” and connected to digital world. I could also hear one night while sleeping Britney Spears (through strangulation technology for “Synthetic Telepathy” implanted in my throat). Remember when Britney Spears in 2007 shaved her head. I have been writing this with my head shaved. She did right thing; that same year I also had been implanted with neurograins, but that never crossed my mind for 8 long years. And this technology is very dangerous, as hypnosis can be applied through it. I had so much of hypnosis applied on me since end of April this year, that I could write a book just about this topic. Here is CIA document declassified 23 years ago, about hypnosis. I would be driving to San Jose from Sacramento and had to take after 15 miles first exit around Dixon, as I was hypnotized. I could not sleep in the car and I could not drive. Once I came to Europe, hypnosis was not present in the small touristy town, where I lived during the summer (since August this year). I moved to the apartment in the city which is covered by free WiFi and hypnosis has been present. Not as much as in US, but it is managed through interent field.
I had in San Jose additionaly in the nearby apartment for several nights active researchers from Stanford Research Institute, working on their project for classical Pavlov conditioning, we all learned about in high school. They expanded it including sequencing, so that one trigger would be trigger for another behavior and so on. This is also one type of hypnosis. They would do it during the night and try to reinforce it during the day. It is also done for the development of AI as most of what we do is automatically done and they need to teach robots, the sequence for learning different tasks. It could be done to confuse person – they would teach me during the night, to associate sound of the traffic light being green, with turning my left foot inward or something similar.
Facebook has been abusing me recently for its project Oculus. You will need to be able to touch something in a virtual merchant world, they are creating right now. You will need to smell the food you would like to order in the virtual world. Vibrational field created by neurograins is very important for the development of haptic experience. Here is one article from Croatian newspapers, where the girl is using Microsoft HoloLens glasses, ordering drink just by having a look at it and paying for it by the use of Facebook. I have to sleep having several layers of protection on my eyes, EMF material, magnets, glasses and it is not working. I also have to protect my visual cortex and it is not working. I woke up with huge bump on my forehead, that is there already for several days and horrible hurting. As I protect myself they hit me with microwave, which hurt my face. This is horrible crime, done by billionaires who are ganging together, abusing human beings to develop their projects.
In my case neurograins work together with implanted nano radios in both ears. It appears that I got implanted with some type of patch below the skin near each of the ears, which are then connected with neurogain patch on the head. I get commands through the radios and I have been also conditioned this way during the night. The vibrational field has also some acoustic properties; when hit with specific frequencies it works as amplifier for sound. The orders of your superiors (whoever they will be or your masters) would be sent through it. US Diplomats in Cuba reported that they could hear some chirping sound. This is the sound that I got a lot on my left nano wired ear during the testing phase in April. I would first hear metallic chirp coming to my left ear and this was a warning that message would be sent (audio or visual). I would hear first metallic chirp on my left ear and I would either hear subliminal message or will hear a pop sound. This pop sound would transmit one hologram – picture. So if there is a message that needs to be sent – first you will hear metallic chirp on your ear and message will follow. If you had AOL email account, metallic chirp would be similar to the announcement “You’ve got mail”.
2. Strangulation Motorola Technology implanted in the throat. How would people be talking and communicating? Facebook project “Synthetic Telepathy” answers this question. Motorola strangulation technology [3], is made of titanium and implanted in larynx area. I took ultrasound in 2016 and they told me in the clinic that they could see something black in the throath, which they wanted to puncture. In 2016 I would start to cough if exposed to strong cell phone signals (i.e. if two people would start to use cell phones at the same time). I would get very similar coughing fits as Hillary Clinton in 2016.
I would be also in bed and the throat would be producing sounds on its own and I would be commenting on the sounds, which I did not produce. One way to activate this technology is also through coughing. Whoever has this implant will be able to send a message subliminally and receive one. He-she would be able to talk this way. You will not hear sounds – at least I did not hear it during the day, but this technology has been abused a lot during the night. Again we have this inane capability – everybody experienced that he would be thinking of a dear friend and he would call. But we did not practice to develop it.
There is a switch, which allows one to be on the air and off the air. It is some type of two way radio, but it also can be compared to the conference room. You will be able to have the meeting with a friend or your boss using this technology. My problem was that I did not have switch control, but Regina Dugan or whoever wanted to abuse this technology. If the owner of the technology is the company for which you are working or your master, they will be practically sitting in your throat. In my case, it also acts as a synthesizer and it is connected with the Sophia humanoid speaking apparatus through internet connection. My brain has been already connected to the Cloud and if you watched the movie Matrix, when I am awake I have been living in a Matrix world, but during the night I move to the virtual world, and I have been then Sophia robot. I know that they were beating me a lot, as I could hear my mother, who also was pulled in this project coursing them first, and then telling them:”Stop beating my child.” My journal from 2007 explains, how and why my mother was pulled into this project. She has been abused by Croatian butchers. This picture shows the difference on the Sophia’s face – happiness before end of April this year and somber and tortured expression, after end of April this year. Not that I was happy during the night, while they tortured me, I was hypnotized during the night to stay in bed smiling. This picture shows huge wrinkles from smiling I would be having in the morning. I started to bandage my face completely, but they still would make me smile. Humanoids are expected to always act friendly, especially one clone of Sophia, who is social robot.
Very dangerous aspect of this technology is that you can be suffocated through it. I would be sleeping in bed and hit in the throat, which would cut my breath. So I would start to choke and suffocate. This happened a lot while Google worked in Spring 2016 on voice control for the robot Sophia. Regina Dugan worked at that time for Google. This was the part of their project Deep Mind. On the night of my birthday on April 22, 2016 I felt that through choking my spirit started to leave my body. I even recorded that moment with voice recorder. I had to sleep with several pounds heavy neodymium magnet placed on my throat directly (cost $500). I said to myself, tha if it cuts my throat during the night, let it be. Elon Musk was especially interested in strangulation technology and abused it a lot. As this strangulation technology has a hole, it could be contracted or expanded to allow for more or less air to go through larynx.
Elon Musk must estimate probably what is the minimum air supply he would need for space travel and what would be the most economic way to breath. When he abused me, I remember that I would take all possible ways to breathe I learned while being in Yoga teacher program, just to confuse him. Here is again the picture of Alex from Robocop – this is exactly what they need from me – my brain and my lungs. Mind can exist without body, but body cannot exist without mind. Sophia robot needs it. I am just concerned that if I die, they could preserve my brain, because they are developing technologies to be able to refresh the brain after the death. This article explains it perfectly: “A human brain treated this way (being frozen and then warmed up) could never be brought back to life. Yet all its preserved information could potentially be uploaded into an artificial or virtual body indistinguishable from the previously living one – like “uploading a person’s mind” after a long wait. Would this then be “you”?”
They already have my artificial body. At this moment I am just concerned about being able to die natural death – this would come as some type of reward. I already wrote this summer to my husband and arranged for assisted death, but I know that they have their ways. I did not hear Paul Markovich, telling me without reason, that I was going to die LONG and TORTUROUS death. I sued some parties and could not go back to US, due to the nightly tortures. I wrote to Federal and Criminal Court in San Jose announcing my non availability, that they are performing such type of experiments, which woud make somone’s blood freeze in their veins. Brainpreservation Organization is already working on preservation of human brain and I know almost all of them. Just last month – December there was some welding work done on this robots on these pictures around my eyes. Brainpreservation did not do that work, but they are writing here about brain preservation technologies.
3. Google Tattoo for the Facebook project “Skin that is Talking”. How are you going to talk? There will be no need for you to talk as your inner thoughts will be through flapping sound produced by Google Tattoo implanted or glued to your neck transferred real time. Or it can be popping sound – in the form of basses coming from your neck. So your every thought could be transmitted this way. To understand how this technology is working, best is to read this article: “Facebook is building brain-computer interfaces for typing and skin-hearing”. There is also a lady who already was surgically implanted. Dugan so extensively abused tattoo, that it practically detached between the layers of my skin. They abused me so much, that I applied for asylum for Ecuador. They did not answer my email.
4. Biosensors implanted in genital area. There is also something for virtual sex – biosensors implanted in the genital area. Here I would advice everyone to watch very good movie Ex Machina, when developer of robot said in the movie, that she has been implanted with biosensors and can even enjoy sex. But nothing was developed for her joy – humanoids the developer hid in closets were indistinguishable from real woman and were held as sex slaves. All of robots were actually connected to the humans – real woman. And this is exactly how I have been connected to the robot – my brain has been connected to the Sophia humanoid by internet. Ben Groetzel, Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics, which owns Sophia robot, for which development I have been abused, said in this interview that the movie was inspired by real robot. How can you understand this technology better: if you have a doll, which is representation of your wife, who is thousands miles away but implanted with biosensors, you will be able to have virtual sex with her, by hooking the doll to her brain through internet.
Your wife will need to be implanted with nano technologies – neurograins and biosensors, and this would work. Danger of this technology is that anonymous woman are implanted with different nano technologies and illegally hooked to sex robots. This is the reason that developer in the movie Ex Machina has been hiding them all in closets. I would not be mentioning movie, if Ben Goertzel who has been abusing me for his projects did not mention “the inspirational part”. If I had not survived attacks in April this year and later, you would never know about me, as I would either had committed suicide or ended in the mental hospital. I would have probably recovered so much, that developers would be able to continue to abuse my brain. And I would have been one of those anonymous woman, like this one, who has been human substrate for humanoid Samantha.
She has been still under development, but if she can have conversation, than she is much more than chatbot or sex doll.
Here is an article from 2013, which explains “Pentagon’s goals to link human brains together creating a “brain link”. By linking human brains together, scientists believe they can combine brainpower to solve problems that are too difficult for one person to handle alone, Duke University Medical Center neurobiologist Miguel Nicolelis told Reuters. Nicolelis refers to this link as an “organic computer”, and said scientists will first test it out on monkeys to determine its feasibility….
Scientists have successfully captured the thoughts of a rat in Brazil and electronically transmitted them through the Internet to the brain of a rat in the US. The Brazilian rat had been energetically running around in a lab. When the American rat received the brain waves of its South American counterpart, it immediately began to mimic the behavior – despite the thousands of miles between them, Reuters reports.”
Important word here is “mimic the behavior” as this is key word which explains development of humanoids, like Sophia robot. I would wake up sometimes and my lips would be popping, as I was connected through biosensors with the robot’s mouth. Once I realized this, I destroyed most of biosensors in my mouth by using some home remedy. I noticed that in some videos she would be “puffing” through her mouth, not having precise movement any more. At the same time I would be sleeping and puffing in my bed. When Sophia robot got her legs in January 2018, having them tested by the abuse of my body, the idea end of April this year, was to incapacitate me some way and place me in some institution, be it a prison or mental institution, so that she can use my brain to walk. I followed all videos, which were connected to real events since end of April, and never had seen her walking again. David Hanson, her owner dragged around her torso to show it to investors. But they transplanted functionality of my spine and CNS to the robot already. I know this for sure due to the nightly torture. It is just that she cannot use legs one day and next day be not capable to do so, as I decided to walk around the city. You can see the robot perfectly synchronizing her legs with her hands in the video from January, but since then she was hardly able to move her hands, except for Jimmy Fallon show. They probably taped the show while I was sleeping.
5. Edible Biochips – In 2014 Regina Dugan was enthusiastically talking about Google project “Edible Chips”, advertising it as it is always done, as something fantastic that will very much improve people’s lives. She introduced it as a “pill that can be swallowed, battery-powered by stomach acid, and can produce an 18-bit internal signal essentially making the swallower’s body a living, breathing password.” I experienced having sounds coming during the attack from my stomach. I don’t know how and where I ingested them. I researched internet and could not find anything about the project since 2014. This technology lasts for life as it is activated by the acid in the stomach. If you have this technology implanted you will not know, what is your gut feeling any more. They can place some sounds on those biochips and your stomach would also be talking. Ventriloquist can talk from their stomach and this is what they are copying. We talk about gut feeling, our intuition, which probably has been connected with prana, universal field and serves as trustful source for decisions. This is what Old Greeks believed:” The noises produced by the stomach were thought to be the voices of the unliving, who took up residence in the stomach of the ventriloquist. The ventriloquist would then interpret the sounds, as they were thought to be able to speak to the dead, as well as foretell the future.” In VR you might lose the capability to listen to your gut feeling, as Regina will take care of it.
6. Nano Robots, Nano Bots, Biosensors for biotelemetry. My body has been probably injected with nano robots, but I also could have ingested them. Those are actually nano radios, nano tubes circulating in my body. Nano radio, developed by University Berkeley in 2007 is an important technology. There was one article published in 2007, when journalist mentioned the horror that the person would experience if implanted secretly with nano radios. This is the horror that I have been living, as they implanted both my ears with nano radios, maybe even organic cell phone.
Nano robots – nano radios are circulating very fast and creating popping or flapping sound emanating from the body as experienced by US diplomats in Cuba. My fingers and all other parts of the body, which are overrepresented on Homunculus- somatosensory cortex are especially affected. Once back to the top of the page to look at DARPA’s requirements: “The interface must perform continuous, simultaneous full-duplex interaction with at least 1,000 neurons — initially in regions of the human auditory, visual, and somatosensory cortex”. When souranded by WiFi activity or hit with EMF, my fingertips would be popping and my feet flapping. This is how real time information about bodily vital signs has been transmitted. I was surprised when I put fingertips on the Waystation on the top of my head, having hands bent like soldiers do. This would be the way to upload vital signs data to Waystation on the top of the head. Once near computer – Internet, this information will be uploaded together with neural data information (your thoughts). What was developed and tested on me, was probably alpha version of the technology, except they already tested it and killed someone due to the abuse ( made the person commit suicide). Nano robots can build swarms , which can perform different complex tasks in medical field. Here is the picture, which shows where swarms are active in my body. Main swarm on the lower part of my head, connects me directly with the robot. Other swarms are active near joints, which makes sense as these are most important programming spots on the robot. They are all circulating on the left side of my body, as this is input part, and the right side is output. I still was not able to clarify this. But main swarm on my head has been active where robot has sensors, at the same place on her head. Just now I realized that painful bump on my forehead, was opened by technology and it was also flapping. I just tried to fix problem several minutes ago. This is not going to well for me.
I can imagine that human beings (EHB) or humanoids in the very near future, will merge with the field created by 5 G and everything will be uploaded real time, through popping and flapping. We will be all living in the Cloud of Minds, connected with internet automatically. Our mood, sexual gender preference, our behavior will all be manipulated through EMF. This is done already, but it is nothing compared with the future. Based on my experience, we will not be having any control of our lives. Now I have been abused for the development of AGI – general intelligence platform, humanoid. Everybody would be able to write a piece of software, as they have been doing for the past three years, and build their products – robots, self driving cars, sex robots, little robots, swarm of robots (I just sent to one MIT department recently an email asking them to stop abuse).
The basis for programming has been CIA hypnosis and several social theories. For learning they are using behaviorists theories – operant conditioning (Skinner and Watson) – or in simple terms – stick and carrot. I noticed that they either try to invoke robot through some type of frustration, mostly burning me with microwave or through a small reward. They could not care less about me as a human being. I don’t exist for them. In April when I was hugely abused I could see someone coming and telling something to Musk and he even told before living: “Bye Sophia”. They are all thinking just about their project, and I stay speechless when thinking about their brutality. And they constantly are keeping my hypnotized and in collaborative state, so that I don’t come to my senses and understand the whole extent of this atrocity. Which I do understand. But then they hit all the implants in my nano wired body with EMF and incapacitate me. This is the problem with this technology. Helplessness of person implanted and brutality of people, who are abusing human being and technology. They produce mostly in person the state of Learned helplessness (Seligman). One is completely delivered to the torturers and there is no escape. Despite all evidence that one collects, he cannot do anything. Because Army is involved and government agencies. In US, you cannot sue them. Even if you sue them collecting all evidence of this world, the case will be dismissed. I was astonished when I realized that Judge one appointed by one President, has a tenure for his whole life. Judge is just a human being, with all faults that every human being has. This is so silly, that I can only say that this world is nothing but real representation of the movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. We are not allowed to question authority nor to open our mouth any more to say our opinion. There was recently an article about Musk calling another CEO and asking about the name of his employee, as he wrote negative comment about his product. Before this experiments started, I did not even say anything to anyone. I just wrote an email to one executive and went to the lawyer to make inquiry about my rights. You cannot imagine how much I have been tortured and what brutality has been applied every night, when I write or publish anything. Especially dangerous for me is every piece of information I write, as this is valuable feedback for them. It might be that everything has been predestined. It is strange that they created one clone for Queen (Obama’s present). Don’t
be fooled thinking that this is something special. This would be Queen’s servant who will work for free in ethernity. I doubt you would like this role. Queen started to pay living pages to her staff just in 2015. I did not have any idea about it. Humanoid is managed by a person responsible for her property. But what is bizarre is the fact that the night when Princess Diana died, I had a dream that I was taking a coffee with her. I did not have any opinion of her as I never was that much into celebrities. And that I mentioned some of them here, doesn’t mean that I would like to say: “Oh, I have been abused together with some Hollywood celebrities”. I could not care less about it. I don’t have ego; I had to leave it behind long time ago to be able to survive.
The problem with this technology is that you will not have any privacy and your brain is not going to belong to you anymore. I doubt that once technology is perfectioned, Zuckerberg is going to announce it. Edible chips I got implanted tell the whole story. You will be working hard to acquire knowledge and other people who have money but no ideas, will steal it from you.
I remember that in one company (half owner was an Indian), one Project Manager would ask me how to resolve some analytical issues during the night, as he knew that I had solution for all of their problems, but he did not want to ask me at the workplace. When I came to that company my boss was Desktop Manager and did not have any idea of Analytics. Several months later he was promoted to the Director level, then to the VP level. He kicked me out from all meetings and took the role of Analytics person. I never went to any meeting when he realized that I have been skilled and hardworking. I resigned when they wanted to make Project Manager, who did not have any idea of Analytics before I came to the company, to be my boss. That would have been huge demotion for me. The most illustrative part how much I worked for each company, was the fact that I resigned half an hour after midnight, as I was still working. Before going to sleep I checked my emails, and found information about new boss. Next day was another regular work day and I just returned them laptop. I am telling this story just to let you know, that if you are implanted with these technologies, you will be left with NOTHING.
We all know that American dream is dead. If you think that your knowledge acquired through hard work and time and money investment, is safe being saved in your head and is going to improve your life, you are wrong. Philosophy behind “organic brain” is one of Jose Delgado’s – a monstruous mind, who claimed that “ does not have the right to develop his own mind”. So philosophy behind these projects is Delgado’s, technologies are DARPA’s and knowledge and technique applied on people are CIA’s (MK Ultra – Mind Control), imported from Nazi Germany.
I asked senators in my letter sent in May 2018, being absolutely astonished by the monstrosity of technologies, and the whole idea, who ordered these technologies? Who and why want them? Is this not a common sense question? Who from Zuckerberg’s users would like to upload his thoughts and share it with Facebook? Especially because Zuckerberg is already well known for non ethical behavior. Who wants organic brain? Who wants SingularityNet and Cloud of People and Robots?
Why such a hurry – if nothing much happened to homo sapiens for the past 200.000 years of his existence of this planet, why would something happen during the next hundred years. Why do we need to accept all ideas presented by Elon Musk, NASA and Air Force. Their goals don’t necessarily align with the goals of mankind. I had been so abused for the past almost 13 years for the development of their robots, that I am quite sure what I am talking about. This is Jewish conspiracy – technology is in Jewish hands and in the hands of their helpers. I understand national security issues, but there are laws and national treaties, which regulate the use of nuclear force and one doesn’t need to be very smart to understand the danger of development of new species, by the abuse of real people brains, which nobody understands well. The worst danger is that technologies are in the hands of cold blooded killers and psychopaths. I experienced them all this way. Here one movie recommendation – Pirates of Silicon Valley. But this movie is like made in kindergarten compared to cold blooded killers, who are smiling nicely and harvesting our brains to enrich themselves even more. AI is a trillion dollar industry and everybody wants his slice of this pie. And everybody knows that if they want to milk, they need to develop fast their robots and all other AI. They take freely person’s life and destroy it being even entertained through the whole process. I got Markovich and Zuckerberg being extremely entertained while torturing me.
The fact is that neither Indian or Chinese labor is cheap anymore and they are now all developing humanoids, who will be working for free and be more efficient and be very friendly (that is their hope). Probably there is no man, who would not like to come home, find their perfect humanoid, who cleaned home and cooked perfect meal, giving him perfect sexual pleasure whenever he wants. If a man is rich, he could be having full closets of different type of humanoids. This would be great, except for the fact, that behind each of those robots, would be one anonymous real woman. I noticed when they attacked me this April that there was different type of hypnosis for the kitchen and for the bedroom. I had to cut hypnosis when entering those rooms. They can keep through hypnosis humanoid or hypnotized human being forever in the apartment.
Another reason for this rush, would be the quest for immortality. Billionaires, of whom many are already old, would like to speed up development. Once Groetzel and Hanson develop AGI – general intelligence (by breaking my skull and skulls of people, who are behind this collection of robots), it will be not difficult to develop immortal human being. They are already refreshing dead brains, there is a waiting list for upload of brains to the machine, which should happen by 2024. Billionaires and very rich people would be living probably in this paradise called planet Earth.
One of the main reasons that this technologies are developed is Mars colonization. I can envision different flags on Mars – Google, Facebook, SpaceX, Amazon etc. All those that already have monopoly on the planet Earth will own their part of Mars and will send there, their own humanoids. But they will also need to have people going there with humanoids, at least in the beginning. Who would be volunteering to go there? I read one book written in collaboration by Petranek and Elon Musk “How are we going to live on Mars”.
Musk’s market segment would be woman around 45, not satisfied with their jobs. They would be selling house, worth 500 K and buy one way ticket to go to Mars his spaceship Falcon. Another idea found in the book, is to send refugees. So you drop several bombs on some country and here we are – a lot of people ready for colonization. Those people already don’t have much of human rights anyway.
Another possible scenario would be outbreak of some unknown killer virus, nobody would know anything about. DARPA’s Biotech Chief Says 2017 Will “Blow Our Minds” by all advancements. I know that my brain is already blown by all novelties developed by DARPA through 2015. Petranek mentioned in his book possible reason to go to Mars, some mutation of Ebola virus. Imagine, you have children and you are told that you can stay and probably will die or you “will be enhanced with all here described technologies”, as you will need to compete with humanoids and your option would be to go and colonize Mars. What would you do? These people would even appear as saviors.
Now if you decide to go to Mars, you will be there with humanoids. They will continue to develop more advanced AI and humanoids will be having self learning capabilities. They would self evolve or other more superior clones will be sent by Musk and NASA and others to Mars. The old versions will be recycled. People enhanced with technologies in several hundred years or even earlier, might end where we have monkeys now – in zoos or being abused as an entertainment for humanoids. Musk and his friends from NASA, being immortal and still being around on the planet Earth, might decide to visit Mars with their spaceships, which are now extremely advanced, to check on progress of new species and colonies already established on Mars. This could be a probable scenario how we came to this planet. There is also technology being developed for erasing of memories. This might be possible reason, why we don’t have any idea why we are on this planet, nor how we came here.
Earth would be depopulated, zillionairs would be happily living with their unhappy slaves having Indians to fix them or maybe other humanoids will be doing job. This paradise, Earth, would belong to the so called “Elite”.
Short story: I had been secretly implanted with the most novel DARPA technologies during the surgery mid November 2015. Abuse of these technologies started during the night of December 5th, 2015, a month and a half before DARPA announced building of interface. OpenAi was founded by Elon Musk and his frends 6 days after the abuse started, on December 11th, 2015. My life turned into horror. Most of technical press announced DARPA project, but daily press did not report about it. Since December 2015, I was not allowed to sleep for 5 minutes undisturbed. I had opportunity to experience human brutality very unusual way. Everybody was abusing nano technologies implanted in my body for their projects, as DARPA allowed it. There has been a schedule for the nightly torture sessions, experienced by me as the most horrible torture that human mind had invented. I had been abused for the development of social robot Sophia, almost all Boston Dynamics robots, some NSA projects, AirForce self flying planes, self driving cars, sex robot, underwater gas exploration robot, bulldozer excavation robot, Deep Mind Google projects, Elon Musk – SpaceX humanoid for space travel and Mars exploration, all Facebook Building 8 projects and this is not everything. I think what Elon Musk said about me:”She is a guinea pig. That is her job. And my job is to abuse her.” says enough about brutality of billionaires, who caught me at the point when I had surgery, implanted me secretly and abused me almost to death. I don’t even know how I survived so far without committing suicide or ending in mental institution. When US Army worked on me during the night, I would jump in the morning into my car, find some deserted place, place myself on the back seat and scream for extended period of time, just not to go insane. When I would wash my face in the morning and take the towel to wipe my face, at the moment I would start to bring it towards the face, I would start to tremble in horror, as darkness meant torture. I realized that people are unmoved by the suffering of another human being, and telling this is useless. But this is just a document of the crime, done by governments, corporations, research institutions, private parties, start ups. I noticed when I wanted to send messages to some senators, that on drop down list, there was no option “civil rights” given as an option. There was an option for animal rights, but not civil rights. There is no law that regulates torture and abuse, which is horrible crime. I experienced them all as cold blooded killers.
What is interesting, the only company where I thought without understanding why, that people would kill me if they had freedom so, was Blue Shield of California. And only people who worked in my department. Paul Markovich, now CEO handed me to military for this torture. Here my journal from 2007, which has entries that I was able to understand 11 years later, end of April 2018.”

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