Chemtrails Exposed

Conspiracy Revelation: 15.5.2019: We could focus on other things…but unfortunately daily Chemtrails do not allow us to focus on other things… Total Control of Everything is their End-Insane Aim. No Real God would let this pass or approve it…the control of the World in the hands of a pathocratic multi-dimensional saboteurs and enslavers. A True God or Avatar, Pharao, Liberator, Bhagwan, Boddhisattva, Buddha, Enlightened One must stand for Freedom, Harmony, Health, Veracity and Truthfulness.
Not Slavery, Cruelty, Sickness, Malice and Guilefulness.
“Agenda21 will provide the mechanism needed to gain complete control over nature, societies, the natural life cycle as we once knew it. Agenda 21, once it is fully implemented, will spell the end of human access (the common people that is) to wilderness areas, the formation of Centralized “Planned-opolis” ghettos (managed by a powerful committee of Technocratic Elites), where-in the government can/will systematically determine the limits of growth via sterilization programs, the abolishing of any/all principles of self-determination of the body, a unilateral ban on organic produce, the cutting off of all natural resources ie. fresh water, clean air, literally blocking out the Sun’s Ultra Violet Rays via round-the-clock Chemtrail aerosol spray saturation of our skies with Aluminum, Barium & Strontium particulates, micro-bacterial viruses & Level 4 Bio-lab produced Nano-particle technology (self-replicating, self-repairing) – designed to overtake & weaken the Immune System.
The consortium of Technocratic Elites who comprise the dominant Military, Scientific (& Medical) Industrial Complex now literally own our skies, and are routinely, systematically, deliberately messing with nature’s natural cycles (integration of Chemtrail & HAARP technologies) in order to pin the blame on man-made “Climate Change”; part of a devious, calculated “Ponzi Scheme” hatched through the United Nations (led by Globalist tycoon Maurice Strong), to use any/all anthropogenic impact on the environment (ie. Carbon Dioxide – vital to sustaining all plant/tree life on earth) as a pretext for taxing the common people back into the Middle ages, whilst imposing gradually worsening austerity measure on our communities, till the masses eventually learn to live with nothing…and grovel on our knees for Global Governance total control over our lives & Institutions.
The masterfully cunning lie behind Agenda 21 involves using the contrived threat of Anthropogenic Global Warming as a pretext for systematically Chemtrailing our skies, artificially blocking out the sun’s UV rays, thereby depriving our communities of vital, life-sustaining Vitamin D3, which is causing a rapid chain reaction of environmental catastrophe, due to all the heavy metal particulate fallout contaminating our soil, rendering it unfit for growing natural produce for generations to come due to severe acidity levels & equally contaminating our groundwater on which we depend for survival, on top of all the prolonged drought & flooding which is being deliberately triggered across the board via the convergence of Haarp & Chemtrail technologies, diverting natural weather patterns by design, in order to turn traditionally fertile, local farm-land into arid desert; whereupon Monsanto moves in, buys up the land for pennies on the dollar, and begins planting its own Abiotic (crop damage) resistant GMO seeds. Check mate.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 15.5.2019: How can it be that a member of a philosophical society and a president of a “University of Peace” advocates Chemtrails? That is disturbing…Wolves in Sheeps clothing…
Conspiracy Revelation: 15.5.2019: In the End it is GOD vs DOD…
Root of Good (peace, healing, thriving, freedom, happiness) vs Root of Evil (war, sabotage, covert implantation, genocide, ecocide, slavery, misery, ).
“The Act was never passed after the Department of Defence strongly opposed it and the word ‘chemtrails’ was immediately removed from the proposed Act. While it was presented to congress three more times, ultimately they rejected it.
The question is why the U.S Department of Defence (>>Department of War/Torture/Terror/Criminals is the correct definition<<) were so keen to see the word ‘chemtrail’ dropped from the proposed Act. If they never ran such operations and had no intention of ever running such operations, why would they bother to strongly oppose a proposed law outlawing something they weren’t doing?" ... "Nearly 20 years later, having given up on the idea of a new ice age or holes in the sky, the world’s political and economic elite, led by an oil tycoon, convened in Rio to tell the rest of the world about our new reality." "This has led to the UN policy initiatives Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 which essentially place all resources on Earth under the direct control of a centrally administrated global government. While it will mean that the global population will be energy rationed it still provides useful trading mechanisms, such as global carbon trading, which ensure the future continuation of corporate and investment banking profits." ... "So who could argue with their continuing experiments to change our atmosphere given such a nobel cause. Of course there would be no secret parallel experiments on the further weaponisation of weather. Heaven forbid that groups like the CIA or the Department of Defense would ever consider such a thing. Presumably, claim the chemtrailists, we should just pretend that the evidence which shows a rapid increase in the use of weather weapons during the 70’s, 80.s and 90.s should just be ignored. In 1978 Dr. Andrew Michrowski of the Canadian State Department identified a Soviet weather weapon. He claimed it used Extremely low frequency radio waves ELF to control the ionosphere and manipulate air masses. He said: “In the case of the winter of 1976-77, the Soviets have managed to establish terrestrial electrical resonance, and then learned how to establish relatively stable and localized ELF magnetic fields, which were able to hamper or divert the jet stream flow in the Northern Hemisphere.” Dr. Michrowski was not alone in his concern. Dr. Walter Orr Roberts of the Aspen Institute of Colorado said, “the idea of changing the conductivity of the atmosphere as a weather modification experiment is not ridiculous.” "Earlier, in 1989, the US Navy and Air Force met with officials from the Defence Advanced Research Projects Research Agency at the Office of Naval Research to discuss a proposed Department of Defense program for further manipulation of the ionesphere. This lead to the High Frequency (HF) Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). Construction was completed in Alaska and the array was operational by March 1994. The HAARP array is said to be merely a research tool for investigating the atmosphere. However it is also the most powerful ionosphere heater on Earth according to the respected scientific journal Physics Today. These chemtrailists point to a huge amount of released documentation which, they claim, clearly shows that weather modification is a particular interest of the military industrial complex. For example following freedom of information requests, apparently in defiance of the ENMOD treaty, research into weaponised weather continued unabated throughout the latter decades of the 20th century and has intensified in the 21st. These documents include applications from the U.S Department of Homeland Security to seek official approval to control Hurricanes and the conducting of experiments, such as the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment, which injected silver oxides into the atmosphere and then manipulated them to ‘see what would happen.’" Source:

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