Report #117: Former LEO Chris Cave on Rebutting Presumptions, & Political Status

“Report #117: Former LEO Chris Cave on Rebutting Presumptions, & Political Status”
“Ramola D Reports
Am 28.02.2019 veröffentlicht
Former Law Enforcement Officer Chris from Las Vegas (featured on Newsbreak 15) returns to update us on the status of his required Psych evaluation—an unexpected and illegal adjudication made recently by a Traffic court on a supposed traffic infarction, in somewhat transparent retaliation for his political activism and educating of others on natural law and rights—regarding which he has now filed or recorded a rebuttal of presumption questioning the need for this evaluation and citing the laws and codes by which he is permitted toso file, and by which also, he notes, clear rationale and documentation for such an arbitrary request needs to be provided.
A former Law Enforcement officer who has worked in Oklahoma and Nevada, Chris is a researcher, historian, and semiotician with an avid interest in etymology and the intricate meanings of words as well as the underlay of meaning behind them which informs their current, often concealed, often fraudulent use today. This excavating of meaning, he notes is essential to a purer understanding of all communications today, whether in law or other language use, and essential also therefore to a proper understanding and application of the exigencies of common, natural law, and our natural, God-given rights under such. For the sad fact is that massive fraud has been perpetrated on one and all by the corporate structures imposing private corporate statutes on all by removing natural living status via incorporation of the name; this under the knowing of truths many have acquired currently, such as governments are corporations, law as we know it is merchant law governing ships in commerce, citizen ship is actually the acceptance of enslavement on the corporate ship, and so on.
In this light, Chris discusses also the issue of political status and how one can correct the presumption of US citizen status by claiming free, living US Non-Citizen National status, which latter is the condition of being a free living American answerable to natural law, common law, and not the corporate statutes of the corporation US Inc. All those born and naturalized in the USA can claim non-citizen US national status, but most imagine they are US citizens, not realizing that essentially means subjecting oneself to the enslaving dictates of a corporation rather than claiming natural and constitutionally granted rights to liberty, free speech, et al.”
“reinhart567: vor 6 Tagen: Yes in USA you have corruption in the courts and its because you have private run prisons. But if you dont get prison sentence its no corruption in it.
If you can buy politicians do not have the size of the government to do. It’s about a country’s culture. + It’s about political parties.
How they are paid. Where you have significantly larger government several times bigger in Scandinavia. But next to no corruption, in Scandinavia for example.
Where you have school, health care and all that paid with taxes and mostly driven by government.
Also generous welfare systems for the unemployed and the sick. No bribes, no corrupt politicians. Similar to the United States.
Bribes come from the prison industry in the United States. That is privately run and privately owned many times. In Scandinavia, the authorities are driving the prisons.
You must have rich people who pay your political campaign in the United States. USA = a lot of corruption, much freer market.
Small government Scandinavia, close to non-existent corruption. Highly regulated market. Big government.
If you get a fine to pay to the government for a traffic infraction. You need to follow the law of the land. …
Thats democracy meaning the will of the people. Trump represents billionaire class interests, not the working class interests. You would have had more good things for the working class things with Hillary even if she also works for the billionaire class but not as much as Trump does.”
“nico napo: vor 4 Tagen: MLVP. My targeting started in Vegas 8 years ago.
It has a evil Underbelly, police and courts participate. Sheldon territory.
Most Ti’s are not white, they’re female minorities.”
“Jeanne Marie Bizeau: vor 6 Tagen (bearbeitet): Oh my God! Geez law enforcement agencies are so out of control. It’s absolutely abuse.
Great show Ramola Chris is a fire Cracker.. He’s really well informed. Thanks ❤🕊🎯Jeanne on the Oregon coast”

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