Techno Crime Fighters' Forum 59 (Stop 007)

“Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum 59 (Stop 007)”
“LonNinja​Humans can goo so far creepy.
LonNinja​: Thats why I love to be around Animals then Humans.
Mary Humbarger​: I’m targeted because of my faith.
ManilaEyes: I think the perps come from different groups/agencies and make bets against other perps on how well they psyop targets.
Mary Humbarger: ​There are many people being targeted.
Max Toledo​: I mean check out the banned discovery channel conspiracy of silence.
LonNinja​: This Targeting makes all no sense…why they do this its pointless and sick.
Max Toledo​: conspiracy of silence banned discovery channel documentary.
Deca Mc​nobody: found a bug in their house´s done via RADAR.
LonNinja​: What´s the Point of this Targeting? what they have from this?
Mary Humbarger: ​Fukushima is killing the planet as we seek.
Jeanne Taurus​: I don’t use my electronics because they’re hacked by these scum.
Max Toledo​yes: they have the police in their pocket.
Mary Humbarger​: I walked 3 miles yesterday in a huge national park thinking of the notorious criminals in charge.
Deca Mc: ​the problem is alot of this can be subjective and inference rather than objective ….
Withnail1969​: But the implanted chips, has Katherine reported them to a hospital?
LonNinja: ​Maybe Russian hackers are here.
Deca Mc: ​I speak too much truth …people don`t like it …
Mary Humbarger: We are SOULS.
Mary Humbarger: ​Living Souls.
Rebecca Harris​: They insult me 24/7.
Max Toledo​@Techno Crime Fighters, Masonic military, police, teachers (undercover agents for the CIA, FBI, MI5, ECT.) are all involved.
Withnail1969​: but people dont shut up Mega, they go on youtube and make videos about being gang stalked.
Saneman: even though the courts are corrupt as F ..what do we do !
MegaBaellchen​: gangstalking has the goal of inducing psychosis on people.
Max Toledo: ​yes basically all secret societies.
LonNinja​: you are correct the RED and blue lodges fight.
Christopher Howard​i: think the red lodge got us.
Withnail1969​: do gang stalkers often wear red or blue? have my DNA they know my Braincode my brain is hacked by NeuroDoc Psychos.
LonNinja: ​Okay i think its also Eugenic Terror.
Travis Monroe​: They’re not just “stupid people.” They can be brainwashed and manipulated with neuro-tech, just like any one of us, to say and do things we wouldn’t normally do.
Withnail1969​: why do ‘they’ want us to be sick?
Iva Nohel​: And smart people scare them.
Max Toledo​: most teachers and staff are either in secret societies or are secret government agents (programmers).
LonNinja​: My Psychologist is involved and she was really scared about something in the last days…Killuminati
LonNinja: ​My Doctors are sick and loves Money.
Christopher Howard: ​MY doctors are idiots.
TorturedSoulster​: Lyme and AIDS are pretty much the same disease.
TorturedSoulster​: @Withnail1969 I am NOT automatically thinking that. I just said that I am a TI who has Lyme disease and also Morgellon’s/ I also have Chiari malformation. I was a medical journalist for decades.
Max Toledo​people need to start by investigating all the freemason lodges on Google maps and see that they are most definitely located across public schools and churches.
LonNinja​: I have now more Headaches because of this Lights or Laser who is melting my Brain.
Paul Adam​yeah: it probably goes up to aliens. ​ETs.
Martina Pearce​yes: secret societies are big time involved!
Max Toledo​:.. Look up the freemason lodges across the world and you’ll see that they are always across private, public, and day care center schools or churches. they use underground tunnels to transport.
Targeted in Ireland​: I’ll be posting my affidavit in my neighbours letterbox.
Barbara Guillette​yes: courts are involved.
Deca Mc​its: a 2 prong attack tech/jtrig/cointelpro on one side that tries to trigger the other informal/formal social control ……trouble with people in your comunity/goverment agencies/mental health etc.
MegaBaellchen​: so the logic reasoning is programmed to react to small innocent hints.
Fred Last​: you guys should look up the latest revelations about corruption in police scotland.
LonNinja​: Sick World I am speechless.
MYSTERY BAZAAR​: yeah, they are chipping you.
Lost Years:​wow… that’s horrific.
Last First: ​it will be better as soon as we invent foil hats that don’t rustle and we can sleep in them.
Withnail1969​: she is correct that MI5 is active in Oxford.
Fred Last​: I infiltrated a romanian prostitution ring in Edinburgh, guys being sold to professional women working for the scottish office and police scotland.
Fred Last​: Human Dynamics is my sphere of interest.
Christopher Howard​: I am PERPlexed !
Christopher Howard: I look like I aged recently.
Paul Adam​when: I first started getting targeted I aged five years in six months.
Targeted in Ireland: ​Trinity college in Dublin has underground tunnels.
Esta Lior​: I went to oxford – same – all – heavy mind-controlled area.
Iva Nohel​: the vatican has sold his Lamborghini (a gift he received) for 245 ‘000 – 300’000 Euros.”
“What I want to start talking about more and more is: The crime cartel in research at Universities.. this thing that we all have body chips and for example Millicent and other eople, who measured the precise frequency of their body chips, have discovered that these frequencies, have been licensed by universities by research universities, so guess who is using your bio information guys, okay, it’s gonna be some pretty big flashy University. Now the the second branch of this, for example, my University , the
University of Oxford in England, Dr. Staninger wrote a book called the global brain chip and mesogens ins and in
the second paragraph of the introduction, she names Oxford is one of the leading blue sky research places for brain chips
and mesogens..I myself have been put in a sex trafficking ring..I have.. chips in my genitals..because I get raped everyday. I am already in sex slavery.. so this is a huge problem we are facing here. (Katherine Horton)”
“..because so many people are so traumatized, they’re not going to be able to sit down and wrote what happened to
them, they need to be heard, but they’re not going to be able to do it this is the way for them to be heard
and it is the preponderance of evidence from people all over the country all over the world saying this, this, this and
this are happening and if I have eight things in common with the guy and Zimbabwe and the woman in India and the
other woman in Scandinavia and then the person in Uruguay something’s going on judge worth anything is going to
dismiss it, he can’t because he’ll be ruined and they’ll just give it to another judge , so like I said, this is to
me it’s very exciting and I’m certainly glad that you’ve done it. (Karen Stewart)”
“So what’s going on with with Ramola .. she’s up against probably some of the dumbest people you’ll ever meet and I’m so sorry they
have anything to do with the school .. I´d say all these people need to step down and maybe the janitor needs to take their place .. the cooks and the janitor probably have a higher IQ than these people, so it’s insulting, it’s ridiculous and it’s basically wasting her time you know and they’re saying, they’re basically saying Ramona is so smart that we’re concerned that her child will
become smart too..she’s a terrible influence on her child, because a child probably who is not going to be able to grow up and
speak stupid very well, so we’re concerned she won’t fit into society, especially in Quincy. (Karen Stewart)”
“..and Ramola was brutally attacked, extremely viciously in the school and she had also indication that children were using their mobile phones to either set up her chips or to to actually use them directed-energy weapons on her, this is something that I said I have seen myself in fact I have witnessed how German intelligence in Pulach is training up children in schools how to do gang
stalking and how to trigger weapons so this is something I have seen myself with my own eyes and on that note, I also would like to point out that the new building of the of German intelligence – the Bundesnachrichtendienst in Berlin – has an entire boarding school on their side, okay,. and to me that smacks of MKULTRA to be honest and based on what I have seen..what they do with children and I’m talking really of children, very young children. I think this is something of concern. (Katherine Horton)”
“You’re looking at people so very stupid that they don’t even hear what they’re saying that it’s, so contradictory and they don’t have the knowledge, they don’t have the intellect to declare anybody crazy .. I mean where’s the hospital that says’s the
form to fill out how very stupid that you are and then fill out how very smart that the person you’re saying is correct .. is
crazy .. so you with the 90 IQ get to call anybody with 160 or 170 IQ crazy, because I can’t understand them…
is that really the measure that we use to put people in institutions?
So what’s going on with with Ramola .. she’s up against probably some of the dumbest people you’ll ever meet and I’m so sorry they
have anything to do with the school .. I´d say all these people need to step down and maybe the janitor needs to take their place .. the cooks and the janitor probably have a higher IQ than these people, so it’s insulting, it’s ridiculous and it’s basically wasting her time you know and they’re saying, they’re basically saying Ramona is so smart that we’re concerned that her child will
become smart too..she’s a terrible influence on her child, because a child probably who is not going to be able to grow up and
speak stupid very well, so we’re concerned she won’t fit into society, especially in Quincy. (Karen Stewart)”
I have heard from Ramona that ..her daughter isn’t just good at school she excels.. she really excels and I think that is
the problem that her daughter is excellent at maths and what Ramona has experienced ..with the school principal turning instantly
stupid is what I call the instant “instant moron effect” and I have seen the instant moron effect in action many many
times, I’ve even seen it in P.S. Institute in Switzerland when I analyzed the throat implant of Melanie and the lead researcher turned instantly stupid, despite his Phd and suddenly couldn’t see that titanium fibers are.. not of biological origin in a body, so
the instant moron effect is very prevalent when you somehow bring people in contact with corporate military plans or .. covert Intel
action then people magically turn stupid .. and I think in the case of Ramola school, so what Ramona has told me leading up to the case makes me believe .. I think there’s something much much darker happening at that school and that’s not surprising entirely because Millicent for example has been reporting the Mount Pleasant school being taken over by these Illuminati criminals .. being in the shape of the airforce logo with a military cemetery.. with crosses in a row .. pretty much spelling out that these children are very likely going to be used in a terminal program funded by the Air Force ..
In the case the Quincy school Ramola has reported a lot of cartel signaling, so she was saying that there’s a lot of Illuminati
signaling, a lot of owls which traditionally are sign of wisdom but in.. the Illuminati crime cartel world sign for Moloch and sign
for the sacrifice and the murder of people including children, especially children and she reported the crime corporation logo she reported a lot of this sort of covert cartel signaling being plastered across the school and it all seemed to have a certain system, so that was the first thing that’s Ramola noticed, it was actually the cartel signaling then she noticed being
physically attacked by other parents and by people who look like they are FBI and have been infiltrating the school and
then she also reported being attacked by children, so put all of this taken together to me shows that the school has been taken
over by the crime cartel connected to this.. international organized crime ring connected to the crown Corporation which explains everything in one go, it explains the cartel signaling it explains the recruitment of children for this sort of stuff, so I think what’s happening in Quincy is much much bigger than then the principal being just instantly stupid, but it is a telltale sign of the operation of the crime cartel that .. people in lead positions turn instantly stupid that has also happened at hospital Erasmus and Brussels and on that note I remind people that Melanie’s daughter has been kidnapped by hospital Erasmus in Brussels and she still doesn’t have her daughter back and ..hat I witnessed there myself is an entire Intel Operations slash crime cartel operation in action where several people ganged up..blackops type of operation that ended up with Melanie I’m having her daughter
taken away and Melanie didn’t even do anything wrong. I was talking to the midwife about the fact that Melanie where the big scar on her throat that could be seen by all the doctors still had a bit of the implant in her throat that was obstructing her air pipe and I said that she has an implant and that people need to watch out for that .. and based on that Melanie was sanctioned and locked up in psychiatry now this was despite the fact that there were two witnesses who testified to Melanie sanity, she had
psychiatric reports I was there as the scientist was at who actually analyzed the synthetic throat implant at the
P.S: Institute and we were all ignored, so one can either say all these doctors suffered from the instant moron effect or one has to see it more realistically.. all these doctors are actually part of a crime ring and it was a very well oiled machinery that led to the kidnapping of a child and to me that smacks of a very well oiled team .. (Katherine Horton)”
LonNinja​Its: Pharma Mafia.
Foster Dog Summit​: mothers are letting their children be weaponized. wake up mothers and fight with your voices in person.
Last First​: yes, this society is ruled by the stupid, agreed.
Iva Nohel​Yes stupid people want to rule over smart people.

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