Leuren Moret on Jade Helm, Syrian Refugee Propaganda, Electronic Terrorism, More

“09.12.2015 / Leuren Moret on Jade Helm, Syrian Refugee Propaganda, Electronic Terrorism, More”
What people around the world have reported to me is that in the activist realm, people who are change agents, are citizens worried about issues or with their own blogs, websides, things like that, many of these just disappeared, many Websides just disappeared. And we also noticed a change in the algorithms that are used in the search engine Google, so that you get less informations now and less relevant information… Yes, it´s censorship… Admiral Michael Rodgers, he truly looks demonic and obsessed and he now is in charge of NSA and Cyber Command…it sort of handles the Internet through the Military and he´s beend fusing these two Agencies…NSA is the top security agency in the U.S. Government and they run all the Satellites, the Information, it´s very very secret…It´s not just Websides disappearing, Communication is much more difficult, because of interference with Keyboards, with Transmissions, with being able to contact, even getting your contact signals…you want to connect with someone, to work properly, so this is also global, this is not just the U.S…Yes, New Zealand, Australia, a lot of the Common Wealth Countries, Canada, England, Ukraine…in other Countries as well. We are definitely going into a pitch down of freedom, our freedom of speech, our freedom to access information trhough the Internet, our freedom to have social contact with people, just all really normal things and I really believe it´s a very very alarming call. Now what is happening to counter this is that Russia and China have both announced that within the next few years they will be or opening up their own Internets. …They are going to harass the hack out of China and Russia.. (Paul Sandhu: They probably already are with all these massive explosions in China…that are slowing down the challenge) ..There is very high level of interference.. This is very very alarming… Ukraine.. It was was the richest Country in the Sowjetunion, in that federation of countries. Forced relocation of populations going on all over the world,.. we are being depopulated, very rapidly, with the radiation from Fukushima combined with the Chemtrails, that are being sprayed globally, except for the African Continent and the population density is so low there, that Chemtrailing.. is not cost effective for the cause…so the Bill and Melinda Gates with the Money of Warren Buffet in their foundation has been used to Vaccination program all over Africa that serves to replace the genocidal effects of Chemtrails.. It appeared to me to be neutron Explosions…Tianjin.. It was the U.S. behind that, that was the test run, the demonstration. China took some economic measures that U.S. did not like.. So this is a new form of nuclear war, just as Fukushima is a new form of nuclear war with nuclear Power Plants and
these are civilian facilities and civilians involved, on the ground huge releases of nuclear materials, a lot of times combined with Chemicals as well, this is a new edition of Nuclear Warfare. and we are gonna see a lot more of them…It is beyond horrendous, I cannot believe this is happening… University of California, because they manage the nuclear weapons Labs…plus Skull & Bones..goes back to Yale University..The German Secret Club Skull & Bones…the sort of very very dark energy that behind this global genocide and this destruction of living things and they are spraying and killing wild life all over the world…It´s very systematic… (P.S. a dentist from Minnesota..) So people will not be able to live off of the wild life. New Zealand is doing the same thing. I can´t believe what they are doing…so, it´s looking pretty ugly.. Surprisingly the University of California U.C. Berkeley and U.C. Davis are involved in these Military programs.. (Paul Sandhu: Why do you say surprisingly? Universities have always been involved with the Military all over, most of these weapons research, biological, biowarfare research, electronic harassment, all these are done at Universities, all over the country.) It all comes out of the Universities, you are totally right. The Universities were started by Bankers and they are very occult, in other words satanic and demonic…
The world leaders are all on the same track… (Paul Sandhu: They are looking for the same entity, whatever you will call it, Satan, they are all satanic) The same Agenda, it´s global world domination by these Ancient Iranian Bloodlines…Italy it´s all Iranians…They are particularly cruel and Stalin was very cruel….Even the Saudi Arabians are Iranians, ancient Iranian Bloodlines.
(P.S. The world is run by corporate power.. Wal Mart in India, Exon, Shell, all these corporations, they control the Government-.. the Bankers already have their one world government, they just have to bring in into the open, that´s the next logical step.. Agrobusinesses)..Those are all owned by the Jesuits…They want the Ukraine and they are willing to genocide every single thing in that country to get it and they will get it. So this is happening, it´s increasing very very rapidly, accelerating so fast, that humans aren´t really able to think it through and devise ways to counter it. It´s just a stimulu going across the world, harvesting people, winding them up into a Hamburger and throwing them out of the exhausted pipe…Forced Relocation.. There is nothing new that´s happening, it´s all in the Bible…
In the civilian sector of Berkeley and the Universities are actively training students and they have been for decades, to go into workplaces, they are trained in hacking, they are trained in mind control, they are trained in all kinds of disruptive activities, they create chaos, they are trained in spying and of course they are part of the University of California´s System the rest of their lifes, because everyone is trapped by U.C. when she work for them or you are a student here… Smart Meters…It was a military operation and it is happening across the United States, but I think it is the most intense in California.. and what I see the students do first when they got the iphones, the 5G phones, they have flattening antennas in it that the Navy developed, they are very very powerful…they miniaturize but they are also made more powerful… the G5 and G6 now there are 9 or 10 of these tiny antennas inside that phone and it´s actually an array of antennas, it gives you a more powerful signal another more options… These people are so clever in the UN, they make you think they are helping you,…is genociding everyone in your country… (Leuren Moret)
The gay agenda is very very dangerous. / What has been built already is an electronic Gulag. .. Especially the technologies, they show you the future technologies which are going to be here sooner than we think and they are not for our betterment. (Paul Sandhu)
As I approached he pushed the buttons on his cellphone and I started getting blasted from the overhead streetlight and every streetlight I passed for 4 more blocks…every Streetlight attacked me, I was crippled. I sat down..it took 8 hours to get that frequency network of my body, it was horrible. …These students have attacked me in the neighborhood and they were hooking, they were programming their cell phones to the smart meter on my house and other house, they just walk up and do it…they transmit mood frequencies, they transmit all kinds of mind control frequencie… and these students now are hooked up to the smart meters on peoples houses they don´t even know, they are hooked up to the lights overhead, they are hooked up to central headquarters on the Campus, they are set up in apartment buildings where they are trained and groomed to do all of this and this is just the occupy movement, it´s the color revolution, it´s coming to every city in america and potentially every city in the world and it´s the young people, they have hijacked our children, our adult children, they are not our children anymore and they will turn them against their own parents, their own families and their own co-workers.
Japan has 3 mind control bases in Antarctica, this is where the field lines for the Earth Magnetic Field come out and they go back into the Earth at the North Pole…the 3rd one was turned on..most Corporations have Military Laboratories and they are funded for.. and this was the 3rd Japanese Base in Antarctica and it was turned on on June the 9th following the Fukushima disaster in 2011 and look what´s happening in Japan, nobody is talking about Fukushima, they are eating all the contaminated food without complaining. (Leuren Moret)

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