NSA Bios Backdoor God mode Malware Deitybounce

Sounds like a Rutkowska Legacy… Why are these people presenting and working for the bad guys?

I’d like to point out why these malwares are classified as “god mode.” First, most of the malware uses an internal (NSA) codename in the realms of “gods,” such as DEITYBOUNCE, GODSURGE, etc. Second, these malwares have capabilities similar to “god mode” cheats in video games, which make the player using it close to being invincible. This is the case with this type of malware because it is very hard to detect and remove, even with the most sophisticated anti-malware tools, during its possible deployment timeframe.
This part of the series focuses on the DEITYBOUNCE malware described in the NSA ANT Server document, leaked by Edward Snowden.
ARKSTREAM is basically a malware dropper which contains BIOS flasher and malware dropper functions. ARKSTREAM can install DEITYBOUNCE on the target server either via exploits controlled remotely (network infection) or via USB thumb drive infection. This infection method, in a way, is very similar to the STUXNET malware dropper. ARKSTREAM installs DEITYBOUNCE via BIOS flashing, i.e., replacing the PowerEdge server BIOS with the one that is “infected” by DEITYBOUNCE malware.
DEITYBOUNCE provides software application persistence on Dell PowerEdge servers by exploiting the motherboard BIOS and utilizing system management mode (SMM) to gain periodic executions while the operating system (OS) loads.

Source: Nsa-Bios-Backdoor-god-mode-malware-deitybounce

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