Corey Goode What's Going On Inside The Space Force!

“Corey Goode What’s Going On Inside The Space Force!”
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“We shouldn’t have them on third phase of moon why are we giving these guys air time, what’s your thoughts, what’s your
response to that?”
“Well, it’s actually a noisy minority, there’s a group that’s being investigated, actually, that they have all sorts of stock puppet accounts and they’ve targeted David, anyone that works with me, so if you work with me more than one time than these people target you, like i said it’s all being investigated at the end of the uh criminal uh suits, we expect arrests uh this is pretty serious…it’s just a small noisy minority.”
“So we have a lot of support, this is just a this is an actual operation to bring down David and I or anyone
who’s talking about the wider secret space program
or the crimes that have been committed against humanity to keep these secrets quiet over the decades,, so the powers that be have a vested interest in having people like David Wilcock and myself discredited, if they were to just kill us that would make people more curious about what we had to say and our information and conspiracy groups would go nuts, the tactic has always been to discredit.”
“All the people that said we shouldn’t have corey on the show
they’re going to be the first ones wanting to watch the show and leave some negative comments below but that is the nature in this field a lot of skeptics out there.”

“We want humanity to know all of the truth about uh what’s been going on full disclosure and the people in the military and government, some of them altruistically really
believe that we can’t handle the full truth, that it would be irresponsible to drop the full truth on us, at our current state…why isn’t the government going after you
like they would want to go after Edward Snowden had to leave this country… now that you’re releasing all this information throughout the years, why aren’t you on the run in the way that snowden had to go? That’s because I do have a level of protection, I am friendly with what we’re calling the alliance…”
“right now the cabal is on the run, they are fighting tooth and toenail just to survive.”

“We already have a massive infrastructure out there and certain space parts of the space program only know about a certain amount of the infrastructure out there…”
“We have someone from the secret nasa uh we have a secret
the nasa has its own secret uh group that flies around
in space doing things if they happen to see one of the just the next level above military-wise technology-wise
craft flying through their vicinity while they’re in space and they call in and say hey I’ve got a bogey what the heck is this and they will say oh never mind ignore this
this is concept technology you’ll be flying one of these in three to five years, keep it quiet and then they keep it quiet.”

“That would be a practical uh strategy by the military
to have technology kept secret from the people due to the
fact and nature that you want to keep secrets from your enemy if you’re going to go and go up against them and use these
tactical weapons in its own way but some people don’t like the idea of this weaponized aspect of this technology and
when is it going to you know benefit us in a way that it
doesn’t have to be used in a way of just defense but in a
way of where it’s going to benefit humanity when does that time come?”
“the universe is a plasma electric taurus universe
and um you know the when you understand how the electric universe works then it’s a lot of these things
start becoming possible and right now even in colleges across
the United States and the world they’re teaching an old old old idea of physics and not only that think of when all this
technology comes out how it’s going to pivot our economy
we you know these craft are flying around they’re saying we can’t tell you how they work it’s classified well how are they powered that’s classified well the way that they’re
powered is going to end the oil and gas industry i mean almost overnight i mean there have to be a certain amount
of years to retrofit technologies and come up with
solutions but that technology will immediately be on its way out.”
“Well, it’s interesting that oil just recently a month or so ago was basically obsolete they couldn’t even they would paying people to pick up the oil the per uh barrel so
there is an interesting factor in how things could change
so quickly and uh the technology that’s about to be revealed.”
“That especially in hollywood and you know very different business areas that people are just suddenly reaching out to me and’s exciting because like i said you know we’ve gone through uh years of you know these attacks and
discrediting it´s tore us up uh.. financially my team uh they attacked people and they succumbed to all of the attacks
i mean it’s it’s been horrible and the fact that..we’re starting to ..see a light at the end of the tunnel
after we filed the lawsuits…”

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