Teenage Japanese Killers | Full Documentary | Real Crime

“Teenage Japanese Killers | Full Documentary | Real Crime”
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Conspiracy Revelation: 14.11.2020: Japanese godless cruelty exposed..The Big Demons of Evil have established themselves in Japan under young evil.
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Cold blooded murder and violent crime are rapidly on the increase among the young people of Japan, in a country which once had one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
High school bullies, bedroom-bound cyber geeks and a growing number of teenage gangs have produced a current wave of brutal, violent crime that is sweeping through communities across Japan.
Teenage Japanese Killers seeks to understand why this once peaceful society is producing a class of young, violent killers and why Japan itself is angst-ridden about this frightening problem. Through individual case studies, this documentary provides a fascinating insight into 21st century Japanese society. From the young killer who wants to be a lawyer, to families of the victims, this documentary attempts to make some sense of the bizarre, motiveless murders occurring at an ever-increasing rate throughout Japan”
“..was only the tip of the iceberg, he blamed the intense
competition in Japanese schools for this kind of incident.”
“I want to take revenge on the compulsory education system that has made me transparent and invisible.”
“More people are being victimized in the city and in the suburbs…It is not just random acts of teenage violence that are plaguing Japanese towns and cities, there are over a
thousand teenage motorbike gangs..throughout Japan.. these gangs made up of ordinary Japanese teenagers have become a dangerous and uncontrollable force in Japanese society,
surprisingly there is almost no gun culture in the teen motorbike gangs.”
“Each year in Japan blatant reckless acts of teenage violence are increasing the Japanese people are at a loss to
understand why this is happening in their country where overall crime is still much lower than Europe or the U.S.”
“That they are unable to express themselves verbally, they simply you know jump and start acting violently. Japanese have always made friends with machines, in other words they know it is a machine and yet they want to establish a quasi
relationship with the machine.”
“We are forced to study, there’s hardly any free time left as I have to do homework, the life kids lead today is made up of great pressure at home from the parents to succeed and in school where everything is rather competitive,, I can understand why kids can go mad at times.”
“The good students build up a lot of suppressed pressures and frustrations, nobody can predict when these pressures will explode causing serious violence…enormous pressure on kids of this age this isn’t normal.”
“It’s become the norm to send kids to extra cramming schools this makes them really exhausted it’s more and more of
them can’t make it through the exam war.”
“The law concentrates on the protection of the offenders while ignoring the victims, it seems, there is no real punishment when a 16 year old kills another person
Mr. Takei felt that his son’s killer had got away with murder and was unable to cope with his grief when I found out where the offender lived I wanted to do to him what he did to my son, I wanted revenge that was my immediate reaction. The Killers house is just over there, oh that one, that white house over there I get really angry thinking that the boy
who killed my son maybe watching TV or having dinner in that house, he’s readingnormally after killing my son, he gave us no apology and this makes me furious, you can talk right after the instant. I drove here several times I thought what if I saw the guy and just hit him with my car. I could say ..sorry, I was just careless and get away with it but if I cause trouble now my family would suffer, this makes me
control my rage, I can’t sink as low as the offender.”
“The Takei’s want open trials and teenage murder cases and tougher sentencing for young killers.”
“Superintendent Kato has spent over 20 years tracking down and convicting the Japanese Mafia,, he’s now focusing on the teen killers, he’s got all the kids who joined gangs
tend to be hopeless at school and get scolded at home because their grades are so low,, the gang kids have a strong
desire to show off and don’t know how to communicate verbally.”
“Some frustrated young students who fail entrance exams get together in groups and attack the homeless who can’t fight
back, they call them karatsu or insects and release their frustrations by killing those insects, the homeless have
remained easy prey for violent teenagers, some boys attacked us while we were sleeping, I was attacked by two of them
and three of them jumped to my friend Mr. Kuhmo day he was hit on the head with a baseball bat, I was hit with a bat too, my friend died… there are so many cases in Japan now the law is too soft, these boys know that they can get away
with it.”
“I didn’t think a person could die so easily, he looked okay to me and then well, you know.”

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