2.8.2020 – 4.1.2020 NWO NEO CONN NAZI Throat Assault Conspiracy

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.8.2020 – 4.1.2020 NWO NEO CONN NAZI Throat Assault Conspiracy.
Strangely, on June 14th, 2018 they tried to cut my breath … on his (Trumps) birthday … Neocon NWO ZioNazis … God will get you … it’s only a matter of time.
“Facebook takes down another Trump campaign ad, this time for Nazi imagery. The campaign placed 88 ads with an obscure concentration camp symbol on them.”
“Another day, another potentially racist dog whistle from our president and his representatives. This time, Facebook — which has been reluctant to take on problematic content from Trump, unlike social media peer Twitter — is taking action and removing it from the platform.
On Wednesday, the Trump campaign placed 88 ads on Facebook — 88 is a number with Nazi connotations — that featured a symbol used by Nazis to denote political prisoners in concentration camps. The Trump campaign denied the reference to any Nazi symbols was intentional and deactivated the ads on Wednesday. (Deactivating the ads meant that they could still be seen on the pages of Trump and others, but Facebook was no longer placing the ads in users’ timelines.) Following tweets and reports about the ads, Facebook removed them on Thursday for violating its policy against “using a banned hate group’s symbol,” the company told Recode.
The symbol in question is an upside-down red triangle, which accompanies text about “dangerous mobs” of “far-left groups” causing mayhem in cities. The ad then asks readers to stand with President Trump against antifa. It ran on pages for Trump, Vice President Pence, and Trump’s official campaign.”
“A list of Nazi prisoner symbols from 1936. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum”

“A red triangle that marked ‘political prisoners’ was the most common category of prisoners registered at the German Nazi #Auschwitz camp.
In August 1944, political prisoners constituted 95 percent of camp prisoners’. A letter inside the triangle could mark the nationality. pic.twitter.com/jBuNn0xmL1
— Auschwitz Memorial (@AuschwitzMuseum) June 18, 2020
Though the use of red triangles was, as the tweet says, very common, it’s not very well-known. But the use of a red triangle as an antifa symbol, which is what the Trump campaign claimed it was meant to be, is even more obscure.
Though the campaign said on Twitter that the upside-down red triangle is “widely used” by antifa, it’s not. The image most closely associated with the group is of a red and black flag. Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, told the New York Times that the triangle was not an antifa symbol, adding that its Nazi origins actually represented a “death threat against leftists.””
“But that’s not all. Adding to claims that using a Nazi symbol was deliberate is the fact that the campaign ran exactly 88 ads featuring the symbol. The number 88 is a known code for “Heil Hitler.” According to Facebook’s ad library, the campaign placed 30 red triangle ads on the Team Trump page, 30 on Trump’s page, and 28 on Pence’s page. Those add up to 88. It’s certainly possible that the Trump campaign’s decision to go with a very specific number of ads — a number that also happens to have Nazi connections — is a coincidence. Facebook clearly doesn’t think so.”
“Trump and his surrogates have been caught using more obvious dog whistles in the past. Some of these references were so blatant that they don’t really qualify as dog whistles at all. Most famous among them might be the image showing a Star of David next to a picture of Hillary Clinton and money. (Trump claimed the symbol was meant to be a sheriff star, but later replaced it with a circle.)
Trump has also retweeted accounts associated with Nazism..”
Source: https://www.vox.com/recode/2020/6/18/21295226/facebook-trump-campaign-nazi-symbol-antifa
Conspiracy Revelation: 2.8.2020: Another Throat attack from the NEOCON NAZI NWO CRIMINALS… 2.8.2020. 4.1.2020 // 28 22 // 41 22 / 82 41 44 44 = 88 // 28 82 // 2+8+2+2=14 // 4.1 = 14 // 14+14= 28 // 2+8+2+2+4+1+2+2 => 14+9 => 23 = Illuminazi-Nazi-Stasi- Army. All Nazi Numbers.. The root cause of evil deciphered. He counts your evil deeds…. It is clear when you try to take down his main people USA NWO Nazi Corp Inc will fall… You don´t mess with the Master of the Universe.. Do you think you can fool God…to hell with you super-cowards, end-criminals and mass murderers.
There is no coincidence here:

The swastika is banned in many countries… Nazis use coded combinations of letters and numbers. What’s up with 14, S19, 28, 1488 and 88?
Check out the truth about white supremacists numbers.
Neo-Nazi code 14
“14” stands for 14 words, a popular white supremacist slogan.
Forteen words in a quote from the late white supremacist David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”
Eighty-Eight Precepts
Neo-Nazis groups use the number 88 as an abbreviation for the Nazi salute: Heil Hitler.
The letter H is number 8 in the alphabet.
14 + 88 = 1488 or 8814
1488 is a popular white supremacist numeric symbol. It is a combination of the 14 words slogan and the Nazi salute.
The symbol is commonly written as 1488, 14/88 or 8841.
The 4 numbers form a general endorsement of white supremacy and its beliefs. This code is used in email adresses, Twitter accounts, Street Art, Tattoos and even prices $14.88 (4 Neo Nazis DVDs, T-shirts, Flags, Books…).
— Hatewatch (@Hatewatch) 26 juillet 2016
Blut und Ehre = 28
The number 28 signifies “BH,” standing for “Blood and Honor’.
2 = B
8 = H
Blut und Ehre = BE = 2 + 5
25, not a good number?
Eight is better.
Heil Hitler = HH = 88 = 8
S 19, the new Schutzstaffel?
“S” stands for “Schwarze” (Black)
19 is for the 19th letter of the alphabet.
“S 19” stands for “Schwarze Schar” (Black Droves), Neo Nazi Biker Gangs.
Why 19?
“S 19” instead of “SS” (Schutzstaffel,”Protective Echelon”), the black elite-cops of the Nazi Party, founded by Adolf Hitler in 1925.
Inside Schwarze Schar
“The Schwarze Schar motorcycle club is part of Germany’s biker scene, more commonly refered to in Germany as the Rock scene. The criminal activities of individual members range from general to organized crime.”
Department of Criminal Investigation
Source: http://n4mb3rs.com/neo-nazi-numbers-14-19-88-28/

“The Navy plans to spend $600,000 for “camouflage” landscaping and rooftop adjustments so that 1960s-era barracks at the Naval Base Coronado near San Diego will no longer look like a Nazi swastika from the air.
The resemblance went unnoticed by the public for decades until it was spotted in aerial views on Google Earth.
But Navy officials said they became aware of it shortly after the 1967 groundbreaking, and had decided not to do anything.”
““We told the Navy this was an incredibly inappropriate shape for a structure on a military installation,” said Morris S. Casuto, regional director of the organization. He added, however, that his group “never ascribed evil intent to the structures’ design.””
“Navy to Mask Swastika Look of Barracks in California”
Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/27/us/27swastika.html

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