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“Project Camelot: 265.000 Abonnenten:
“This is my 2nd interview with Anthony. He about the latest info he has access to. Anthony talks about recent supersoldier experiences, Trump and Qanon.”

“AZ: The Real Illuminati are the Enlightened Ones and they are actually the ones that oppose the New World Order Globalization (Bush, Obama, all of them that are involved in secret societies and people don´t know that they are actually good, they are fighting the global dynasties that are in control of humanity for 1000s of years.””

“KC: The Dark Enlightened Magicians, those all can be called Illuminati…you are refering to some Illuminati who are on the light side..Magicians on the Light Path.”

“AZ: Higher Entities that are on the Light Path….the Ninth Circle which is like the most darkest secret society that is and Obama and Hillary all are part of it..”

“AZ: It is obviously a higher dimensional experience.. Time Travel and all this stuff, basically it is involved with the light body, but it is the Pleiadians is raising your light body… I can astral travel..My consciousness can live my body, but I can occupy other bodies and I can remote view too and not occupy bodies…the astral is another realm and that is where super soldiers operate the most.”

“AZ: 5g, Cellphone, Chemtrails, they do nanotech in the Chemtrails, the whole AI is weapon implemented right now by higher beings…AI is used against the people and it is an interdimensional thing…not the Greys..I am definitely dealing with higher beings now…I am fighting Nordics and they actually were fucking me up, they actually had the ability to lift me up telekinetically and spin me around and throw me against a wall..that´s what I have been dealing.

“AZ: In the space force he was a U.S. General..he basically was informing…he was also telling me that no one would believe when I would tell anything…where it is just so unbelievable that no one would believe me…as a Milab Super Soldier.”

“AZ: Dealing with other Super Soldiers…I am actually starting to come in contact with them in real life and going to them and visiting them and memories are coming back.
The 5% that know what they are involved in are obviously looking for each other.”

JoFri24: vor 5 Tagen: David Icke said about Donald Trump is a fake a puppet like.every president.
He has his masters he has to follow like others chiefs of states. This interview is not seriously only the same mixed desinformación.
irene forster: vor 5 Tagen: 🌟🌸🌟Kerry Cassidy your interview with Bill Woods xmarine and targeted Individual is a MUST see if you all want to understand what’s going on . He’s a great whistleblower much love ,spreading the LIGHT 🌈🌟🌈
sarah sarah: vor 1 Woche: He has very intelligent eyes….people saying he’s not intelligent…I don’t agree.
sarah sarah: vor 1 Woche: What can a person do if they’ve been infected with the covid interdimensional AI virus?
Meta Physical: vor 2 Wochen: I don’t believe this guy, he sounds a little bit weird , I don’t see any super soldiers in him.
Andy Roo: vor 2 Wochen: He sounds low IQ. This is ridiculous.
S E: vor 3 Wochen: Anthony Zender is Jason Stathams cro magnon Cousin. Hahha. Just playing.
Leessa Lui: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): Kerry—In state of emergency martial law is implemented by default; in essence “soft martial law”
Mary Clark: vor 1 Monat: I have been listen to this onterview. Obviously his brain has been scrambled as a military and not a public speaker. I have seen this happening to other people when they come out of the cold.
Rahatlakhoom: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): 2 very deep parallel forehead lines…hmmm. What does this indicate? …
Carol Sloan: vor 1 Monat: Your shows are fantastic!!!!
Ben skullcrusher stevens: vor 1 Monat: If this guy is genuine he would have been assassinated for speaking out.
Carol Sloan: vor 1 Monat: Max Spiers was murdered as he was about to reveal a lot of similar information. He had called his mother to say if something was to happen to him, it wouldn’t be from Suicide.
Charles Canzater: vor 1 Monat: This “man” is dreaming not reliving ! Supper Soldier? I don’t believe what he says. What branch of service dose he say he served ? This is foolish child’s play ! Without her coaching his story goes no where ! He fails to understand how teams work in the real military ! Having been (RA 11861***. Army) in the service of this country I think this man is a hoax !!!
Michael Rentiers: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet):
Go and meet any member of our Special Operations community – they serve in every branch. Tier one service members (like Delta) are selected from these ranks. This man dishonors their real service and sacrifice. The way he carries himself and speaks directly shows he is nothing like the people who really serve.”
“Through adventures: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet):
One BIG FAIRY TALE ! He doesn’t sound credible to me.If he was Super Soldier they would kill him to release any secret info. Besides what he says doesn’t add up a d is illogical.What I can believe is he’s the member of disinformation team like Benjamin Fulforth and others.”
“Leah Christe: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): Anthony, I am a targeted Individual. I get hit with DEWS everyday. Will this end?”
“Janet Neukirch: vor 1 Monat: Why are you coaching this Fool?”
“Gabrielle Irwin: vor 1 Monat: Brilliant supersoldier Soul. Thank you.”
“DEAF CHIHUAHUA: vor 1 Monat: You just lost credibility!!!”
“Revera: vor 1 Monat: Man people are negative in these comments…”
“Michael Rentiers: vor 1 Monat: We don’t like Stolen Valor. We want our real soldiers to get the credit for their sacrifices.”
“Justin Rumsby: vor 1 Monat: Is Kerry a little obsessed with Trump? Not just Kerry but many in the alt media seem to have an obsession with this one man.”
“CrashDummy101sm: vor 1 Monat: this one is pure bs.”
“Mildred Curiel: vor 1 Monat: What’s the new information he’s bringing forth? He’s only repeating all we’ve already known
… Nothing new with this guy, sorry!!”
“Ky Ray: vor 1 Monat: And the Mystery Schools are about the cabal and the cabal is not good.”
“Annelise Dellit: vor 1 Monat: Totally resonated, super fascinating!”
“TheSaint135: vor 1 Monat: I hate that when someone says “Uhmm” every 6 words, it gets so incredibly distracting.”
“Theresa Graham: vor 1 Monat: I hate it even more when crybabies complain about people that are doing their best and put it in the comments, so other crybabies can cry with them. This is a privilege to hear this man if you don’t like it leave.”
“Brash Cracker: vor 1 Monat:TheSaint135 …when people I am listening to continuously say the word…’ummmm’, all I do is listen and count how many times they say the word ‘ummm’. People that can’t control their speech are like people that stutter. I feel bad for them and they should get help. Listen to Drew Carey when he hosts The Price Is Right. It gets up into the hundreds.”
“Allijandro McMullens: vor 1 Monat: And um, um, and um. This guy sounds like he has been listening to shows taking info and making up his own story. Sounds full of shit.”
“Karimson Safehold: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet):
Zender has several points that I can testify is true. I do not know exactly how he knows, but it is enough of a testimony to verify his. The Light/White and Black/Dark Magicians are not the Illuminati. The term refers to the Watchers and Fallen Watchers before Atlantis was destroyed by the Divine Council, in the Book of Enoch. Much of the Cabal, in Europe, believes they are direct bloodline inheritors of the Fallen Watcher line. This boosts their occult and overt state powers. They believe humanity is a slave race because at least half of humans are organic portals or second density “non player characters”. These are the Fallen Watchers that caused Atlantis and humanity to become STS corrupted. Well, what happened to the non Fallen Watchers?”
“Aire Lidziute: vor 1 Monat: The government was frightened after the 68-year-old grandmother stopped watching the news and television. Started researching online about conspiracy theories and Illuminati. True story.”
“Mehdi: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet):
Astral is not 4th dimension. Astral is a 1/2 dimension between 3rd and 4th. 4th is where majority of the negatives are located. 5th is where the majority of technocrats and AI (Alien Invasion) technology is located. 6th has been able to immune themselves using Crystalline technology. 7th is back to negative entities all the way and including 11th. The super soldier/enhanced are using 5th and 11th. Astral is going to be destroyed within the next 5 years. End of 2024 no more Astral since it is not even a dimension.”
“Eric Persky: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): My B.S. meter is off the charts. This dude is basically regurgitating common knowledge, embellished disinfo and scenes from the Matrix.”
“Rita De Jager: vor 1 Monat: My heart really goes out to this guy. His scattered memory recall is consistent with being a super soldier who has been traumatized and blank slated. You can tell he struggles with trying to sort it out. Instead of criticizing him let’s keep him in our prayers!”
“Ruben Preciado: vor 1 Monat: Q is A.I. the red queens hive is under the Denver airport.”

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