Debra – SSP, MDF, Ultra Soldier on Mars, Moon, and Dark Fleet

“Debra – SSP, MDF, Ultra Soldier on Mars, Moon, and Dark Fleet 5.597 Aufrufe•Live übertragen am 17.06.2020”
“Super Soldier Talk: 20.700 Abonnenten:
Debra is an SSP asset and Ultra Soldier and was trained by Dark Fleet and Mars Defense Force as a military asset. Her father’s Army military records were burned in a fire and additionally Debra’s SSP military records were also destroyed in a fire. Debra thinks she worked with her father in the SSP. If she tries to search for her father files he comes up as a missing person. In her civilian life, she is a professional healer which includes hypnosis, reiki, and massage therapy. Today we will be talking about her memory recall of being on mars in the mid 1970’s, as well as recall of an experience to Area 51, a Dark Fleet swimming exercise, Venus Group, Ashland Atlantis, and much more.”

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​yes a girl super soldier!”

“Debra pauses the timeline and she talks to the Reptilian.
Their mental strength is very overpowering…The Reptilian says it´s very angry…This is their territory; we have our earth and they just to have their place. We apologize for invading their territory. The fighting is very selfish…if they know about Project Light Child…Light and Time is connected. That is how you can bend space. Some DNA can be manipulated to change time into light. They are using this enhanced DNA…to change timelines. They are having a hard time doing it, everything has happened that has already happened. Project LC is an initiative of the corporation that oversee projects on Mars and on Earth… Probably a Kruger runner…The Reptilian wants her to find a quartz crystal and runs the laser light through it, same frequency and light of the sun. She needs to make a mini sun of the same frequency.”

“um I just wanted to say that the whole with the age regression I’ve been age regressed many times and it’s like you and I were having this discussion at one point how you know I was trying to guess your age and to me you look you know pretty young I wouldn’t have guessed more than thirty
and I’m nearly 40 and people you know people think I’m so much younger than they am and so the age regression
technology is is really interesting and especially I think that some of us here can account for that and wondering like
why we look so young for our age and then you know and then the pieces kind of come together and so it makes a lot
of sense especially you know with the and with the whole cloning programs and everything involved as well..”

“okay well on Mars they typically keep you around the
age of 35, so after the end of your 20 year back they’re supposed to put you back but in the case some sometimes they don’t and they just keep repeating the process so you can have multiple 20 years and back and they yeah like I said they don’t like to let you get above 35 but I’m not sure how that usually when you return back we suffer from age regression sickness which results in us autoimmunity issues chronic fatigue and we can get us accelerated aging at after a certain point as far as well as far as maybe you and I
specifically we probably been enhanced with ET DNA such as from Ashland but you said the they use the the DNA from the
the Atlanteans to make leaks said Aden but you were ultra soldier we’ll get into that just a bit.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 3.7.2020: That´s probably one of the reasons why they start the Gang Stalking and aggressive TI Harassment and DEW/Scalar Weapon Attacks and Torture protocol with Super Soldiers or Deep Black Mission People when they cross the age of 35/36…

“There are not very many women on in these MDF anyway I would say well uh what eight percent five percent yeah if
you remember I and the regression on it’s like where’s also women and why aren’t there more women here yeah so
apparently it’s very lonely for men on Mars and I guess some women you because a lot of a lot of the women half
the women on Mars are lesbians so the relationships are get a little uh no unusual over there but anyway so I so
look it’s more danger there’s a lot more dangerous going here.”

“Earth is what he had asked, so he wants us to access a supercomputer to go back back in time to talk to him in 1975 yeah and we tell them that the military doesn’t allow us to have access they won’t even tell us that they have access to that kind of stuff.”

“Okay so the ETS would give the SSP technology and then the SSP would release it back to us but what happened is that the SSP is keeping the technology for themselves and they’re
being greedy and selfish by not helping humanity and so that treaty ends in 2021 that arrangement so at that point the ETS can bypass the SSP and go to the humanity directly.”

“They have these labs where they keep a lot of these clones
in stasis and they can 3d print them using not just the regeneration tank, but print, that’s AI computers.”

“excellent advice .. okay James is super serious about this he’s not even gang stalked well I I’ve had some issues in
the past typically I I guess most people don’t believe believe what we say so okay yeah so let’s see here um I can’t
comment on that actually but so we are targeted absolutely I have black helicopters that fly over my house and
I’ve also experienced where I’ve heard electronic voices in my house and I walk outside and there’s three black
trucks parked down my street so absolutely this stuff goes on so people that do the interviews and they come forward it is you know it’s you know things do happen.”

“The SSP and groups in the future are picking me
up and still using me on mission so I never really got away from it, it keeps going on and on and on even in the

“Alright Dante says be careful Deborah black trucks are a bad sign certainly different groups, CIA contractors they
like to keep tabs on us you guys realize..”

“Do you feel like you were 40 years old no that um most of the girls there were 20 maybe like 18 19 20 mid 20s but there
were there were women who were in charge that were older and they were what’s that the instructors yes they were like observing they were more like observers.”

“So they take the baby away mm-hmm through a
hospital door and then you have to do some training in the water so you wear this wetsuit kind of material
yeah and you say you’d uh you you had
dreams of dying many times yeah I have I
have these reoccurring dreams ..and then I die
and I I have these dreams often
reoccurring dreams and they’ve they have
the regeneration tank technology so if
you die it’s they just throw you back in
there I mean I mean it’s a convenience
because you probably down for a couple
hours or whatever it takes to rejuvenate
you and to into this day like it’s
embarrassing to say but I don’t know how
to swim because of my fear is so real
about about the water
I can imagine yes and then they’re there
tasering you… you don’t meet the timing goal then
you’re punished with some kind of like
electrical um taser, so you’re tortured basically, okay, so
then yeah so that’s why people here they
don’t seem to like each other you don’t
have any friends everyone they only protect themselves, so they we all passed this particular task now
you’re leaving the pool you take your
suit off in the shower area of course
there’s no privacy, you’re wearing your resting clothes.”

“see she’s on the bunk bed above you and she turns her now she actually gets up and looks looks at you like why are you
asking me all these questions yeah and you know and everybody there is so controlled, mind controlled…”

“might be a Krueger facility okay so then we asked what year it is and we get 1981 so there’s obviously it’ll some
1definitely some time travel going on here
1but yeah which is odd because I was born in 1981, yeah that’s where you were to talk about earlier about the timelines merging because these times they’re
they’re pulling you outside of time and you’re doing parallel existences at the same time so when the timelines merged
these memories are going to come together from the parallel lines to come together because I mean I remember I
remember being born I remember being a baby so I have memories that go like really far back.”

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