Car that runs on water – Bob Lazars Hydrogen-Corvette…

“Car that runs on water – Bob Lazars Hydrogen-Corvette…”
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When most people hear the name Bob Lazar, the first thing they usually think of is UFO’s or aliens, and that’s because back in the 1990’s, Mr Lazar went public claiming to have worked at the Top Secret government facility at Groom lake, Nevada, reverse engineering what he says were flying saucers, or disc shaped craft that allegedly defy gravity itself. Since then, Bob Lazar has given numerous interviews on the subject of advanced propulsion technology, and has converted his Corvette to run entirely on water, or more specifically Hydrogen, with a range of 400 miles.”
“Car that runs on water – ROBERT SEPEHR
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“Modig Beowulf: or 7 Monaten: I had heard that cars could be run on water. The petrol companies stopped it.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 28.6.2020: You can bet what the Planetary Goddess wants…surely not Oil Companies that make a mess out of the Atmosphere…So do everything in your Power to remove the Old Empire of Insanity!!! And Help Mother Earth to become freed from these Evil Beings who love Truman-Show Retardation Loops and Block progress everywhere to remain in control!!! And now go a step higher in the spiritual hierarchy… what do the Gods want? Surely not retarded Oil Companies that pollute the Atmosphere and that try to suppress common sense, intelligence and/or harass, sabotage or destroy inventors and every new innovation of diverse inventors that help this Planet´s ecosystem.

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