#6 Classified Technology feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1

#6 Classified Technology feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1 “Dauntless Dialogue”
“The Bearded One: vor 6 Monaten: This interview sparks, in me, an enter knowing. When Tony, which is also my name, mentioned the traumatic image manipulation on the memory regression machine, it sent me back to a memory where I am standing in front of a man in a lab coat. That man said these very words: “Why do you think, that when you wake up from a dream, that the only thing you can remember, is the horrible stuff?” He was saying that by adding the horrible stuff, it puts a block on the entire content of the dream. So automatically when Tony mentioned this, I said, out loud actually, “They add these bad images in your dream, so you cant remember being taken up into the ship at night….” Think about it. How many times in your life, do you know full well, that you had a really cool dream, but for some reason, you can only remember the last part, of falling off the cliff, or shooting someone you liked, knowing full well you would never, ever do that? Man, this waking up thing is sticking us further and further down into the matrix that we are part of. Oh, good show Adam. Love your work.”
“So there was a sense of gravity and so that was amazing to me to think that that was all powered.
The ships were rated by their power output the ships could jump from one end of the galaxy to the other but only as far as their power out but they’d have to sit and wait and then read jump and so the bigger battleships had more power they could jump much farther in one jump then just the transport ships, so the portal technology they used was based on power output … I really I don’t really know exactly how it worked, but there was a free power generator on each ship, there was everything was rated but power output and they said that there were ETS that had ships that had tremendous power output, they had way more than they could figure out to do that the CEDEs Colony could do
with their technology, whatever they were using… zero point, I don’t know what it was but there was they had
a method of free energy and it only had so much output or per generator or device that they were making so they
rated everything every one it when they saw other ETS there were plenty ET race that we talked about that had more
greater power output in their ships and it was a big mystery how that happened and trying to think beyond that
there were other portals there was a time there was a mission where I did get to walk through a portal and when I got close to it was bright but when you got close to it I could see it was a circle I could see the room that I would that I appeared in I could see like the door handle. I appeared in a in a top of a staircase like a stairwell and the door handle in the stairwell I could see it on the other side of the portal and when you walked into it boom
it was like disorienting and then I was in the stairwell there’s the handle I could see and that was an away mission
that I did early on so that was a tech but that was a the portals that you walk there like that were not common at all that was a very rare technology to be exposed to, I guess it was a level of what’s the word to be
like it was classified so there with you it’s not like everybody took a portal everywhere it wasn’t that widespread it was only for missions and it was only specific when you had clearance to go and do that. (Tony Rodrigues)”
“What about materialized errs …some of the other whistleblowers who have come forward have spoken about these microwave oven type devices that at least that’s what they look like and you choose the desired output and it’ll
produce it from molecules.”
“Yep .. it was a little bowl and it had a lid with holes in it I want to say that you put the bowl in it I’m
trying to remember but it might have done the whole thing we were sketch but don’t be yeah yeah you put the bowl in
you had to open it up the door look like a microwave only it didn’t have any kind of numbers or anything it just had
buttons and it had a little somebody wrote on a piece of paper what it was you know macaroni cheese
there was a sauerkraut there was potroast there was there was a potato au gratin or something.
Anyhow you put the bowl in it and close the door and you hit the button and it took four three four minutes and it was super hot it was boiling hot when you got it out and your food would be in the bowl and it replicated it so that was the one in our galley down in the back of the ship there was a bigger one in the front of the ship they had like 20 bucks but that the command crew had for their meals they had plenty of choices compared to what we had in the back so it was just a matter of programming it and that was always something that we always know was always something we always begged for it can you give us something new to eat. (Tony Rodrigues)”
“Other than that they lived normally yeah as far as I as far as I know that they were they were in the same level of
Technology as us but their religion they were practicing was a technology in itself you know you look at Satanism is
something evil the people they wouldn’t do it if it was as bad as what we’ve been sold I think it’s a not a religion, I think it’s a technology and they were using it to consult dead either dead people or people or intelligences from another dimension that could had access to the future or the past they were able to see get a glimpse of huge future events possible future events, so that they could manipulate it in their favor and it’s not something that I think that if you were going to access a benevolent or like a righteous intelligence from that plane wouldn’t give you information like that so they’re accessing you know they’re trading or something there’s a trade, there so that some intelligent from intelligence from another dimension or wherever can give oops we lost Tony…looks like Tony’s internet connection..Tony can you hear me..yes sorry about that my battery died oh
okay it told me I had 15 minutes left and it went two minutes and died on me..these things happen hey I have a train
that goes by every few hours and sometimes interrupts the podcast it’s just you know it’s just what we got to
put up with how were we I good question” I think we were in the middle of talking about were we talking
about some of the satanic stuff yes okay it was yeah well I was just covering that that it’s basically it’s a tech
it’s a technology at least that’s at least that’s my theory it’s what I’ve that’s what I believe from what I witnessed I guess the other part the other thing the other technology that’s hard to get your head around will be the time-travel aspect there was Chronovizor was a machine that they could see probable futures they could look into
the future while they were tinkering with beat something and see what had changed or it was probable it 18:36
wasn’t edged stone kind of thing but they could see probable futures “that reminds me of project looking-glass I don’t know if you’re familiar with that?” Yeah, it was the exact same thing basically it was a chronovisor and this was when I remember it from when they
were putting me back because I insisted that I was going to remember everything and then because I wasn’t supposed to remember and so they looked and saw that I did and they were trying different things , different ways to make me not remember they kept looking back and they had to get a certain amount they had to get a certain
percentage probability that I would not remember and they never did and for some reason I for some reason my record was deleted and what happened was they were going to give me a surgery they’re gonna give me like a lobotomy and put me back ..and I was going to wake up the next morning be crippled and they when they took me down to today I said well he doesn’t have you to have a record is right he doesn’t even have his record, so just put him back it’s not gonna matter and this is a gray and a reptile talking … in the room and then they put me back that was at the very the very very end but anyhow there was a tall there none none of them could even look at the chronovisor, it was it was sectioned off away from everybody, so that nobody could see any of the futures and it was only one of the long necked Tall-white…Grey but he was like a white but it looked like just same body as a Grey
but he was taller and had a long neck to him and they were he was the only person that could look at it and but it was a Chronovizor and it had the ability to look into the future. (Tony Rodrigues)”
“Marie Lewis: vor 5 Monaten: We, as Divine Beings, far exceed all technologies that exist. When we understand what this means, we know who we are.
There is nothing we cannot do or achieve or manifest…as long as it is of the higher realm. In order to achieve the less dense body we must take responsibility for our low frequencies, learn from them and let them go. They are there to teach us.
Everything that exist outside of our bodies, exist inside. Everything is manifested in form inside of our physical bodies. I am the tree and the tree is me. I am the river and the river is me.
Free energy is truly free. I know I will no longer need a furnace. The room will always be at a comfortable temperature. This can only be achieved when one is free of all judgment, fear, arrogance and control. Ego is huge in the “truther” community. It is a limitation to who we truly are as Divine Beings.”
“enjoypolo: vor 5 Monaten: I think Tony should setup some sort of social media or website for people to follow-up on. It also makes him more reachable. But thats just my two cents. Its very insightful and even hopeful to hear the conditions of other civilizations. The grass is greener on the otherwise, but not always. So thank you.”
“iulyanah *: vor 4 Monaten: So the battery stopped when Tony was about to tell that in the satanic ritual-technology it was a trade: a child life for some information. I have real doubt that those people are same species with the rest of us 😒”
“gle: vor 3 Wochen: I’m impressed by your channel. Also, you are an excellent host. Really one of the best I’ve watched.”
“shelly kay: vor 6 Monaten: Do our souls ever escape being controlled by other “entities”? It’s not looking like a happy future for us.”
“Rolf Lagerquist: vor 6 Monaten: Seems to me that consciousnesses exists at densities (described here 3D and 5D vibrations) whereas higher densities (still vibrations) exits as more spiritual entities where physicality is modified. Still there is constant communication between everything. Higher/lower densities, acting as one. Regardless consciousness is key as it exist in 3D – 12D but with different levels of interaction. Law of states we are all ONE with our Creator whom experience our repeated soul journeys though each of us.”
“Ivy Rivard: vor 6 Monaten: I bet the elite on Earth in the Cabal have access to this ‘chronovisor’ and use their Satanic ‘technology in the form of ceremonies to try and hold back the Event,and be able to continue to enslave us. Tony, thank you for re living hell to tell us,actually warn us. Adam…enjoy your break! We will definitely miss you and your great work.”
“Colin Brodhead: vor 5 Monaten: The secret behind antigravity and free energy power sources, being fundamentally one and the same, stems from an understanding of the perpetually regenerating spin of electrons. An electron is field trapped in a toroidal vortex, but whose basic principle of operation is mirrored in the self-exciting Faraday disc dynamo, in which the rotation of the armature generates a current that feeds back to amplify the initial magnetic field through which the armature passes as it rotates which, in turn, increases the current generated. Note that an electron has “mass,” which, in the conventional interpretation of thermodynamics, therefore requires that energy must be continually “consumed” in order to maintain this continual angular momentum. In fact, a simple calculation reveals that the amount of energy needed to do this (conventionally speaking) very quickly becomes greater than the total amount of energy represented by the electron itself! Moreover, since this condition involves every electron in the Universe SIMULTANEOUSLY, you’re now facing an illusory cosmological paradox in which the entire Universe itself also needs more energy at every given instant than can possibly exist …in order to maintain its existence! Crazy stuff, no? So where is the energy coming from? It’s not being “consumed” at all; it’s being RECYCLED.
SuperPandabear123: vor 5 Monaten: Tony has Dark Fleet experience , noone else does!
Zee Ter: vor 6 Monaten: The anti-gravity technology does exist, I’ve seen it up close.
Deiterwakes 1: vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet): How come your desk decanter is empty? Seriously though, I find this dialog series absolutely fascinating.
jameshem: vor 3 Monaten: Great questions with minimal interruption from the Host. Well done Sir.
Sarah Travagline: vor 6 Monaten: Element 93 which is magnetic, double AA batteries and a cellphone to send a signal creates anti-gravity.
Bloomin’ Arty: vor 6 Monaten: Watch Blake’s 7 series. It started in 1978. It’s kinda similar to Tony’s story. It’s a British series you might not get in US but is on YouTube.
David J. Smith: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): If you haven’t already, you may want to interview Andrew D. Basiago concerning “Time Travel” as well as “Teleportation”, that he and his Father were involved in back in the 70’s through DARPA and the CIA Secret Time Travel Program!…God Bless!”

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