#7 Mars Defense Force feat. Randy Cramer | BREAKAWAY | Season 2

#7 Mars Defense Force feat. Randy Cramer | BREAKAWAY | Season 2
“Dauntless Dialogue: Am 11.10.2018 veröffentlicht: You may have heard of breakaway civilizations, the Secret Space Programs, or the “20 and Back.” Randy Cramer joins us in Breakaway, a series where we speak with whistleblowers who claim to have worked in various aspects of the SSP.”
“Where kind of beginning of that is like you know I was engineered, I was made, I was trained, I was deployed and then spent 20 years … essentially following ..orders and doing what I was told because that’s what soldiers do and then came back, I was sent back now but the kind of the tricky part that I realized for some people is a bit to wrap their head around is that I was technically sent back 15 minutes right after I left, so I was putting back into a younger body which is I know it’s a little weird for people too that they can extract entire consciousness, your
entire soul and spirit energy and put it from one vessel into another vessel back into a younger body like into my timeline 15 minutes after I’ve left and then woke up thinking that I .,..
remembering and thinking that I’d had this dream that was like weeks months ages long and then you know as you kind of do when you wake up and you have quote-unquote a dream starts to fade out pretty quickly I got up looked in the mirror, I was like, oh, I’m 17 again and then my mind just completely repressed anything else that hadn’t already been repressed by the memory but that’s called a memory wipe but isn’t a memory wipe it’s a memories suppression, so that you don’t want to remember, so that you can’t remember but even though you have all these visceral emotions and
images that can flood or flash through your head, because it’s a pretty traumatic a couple of decades that you have to sort out and then quote-unquote relived my life from 17 to 37, as a civilian trying to put my pieces back together and I have often said it was a 20-year tour of duty and a 20-year healing process that was spent years where …I didn´t want to be social, I didn’t want to talk to people, I didn’t want to go outside, I didn’t like large crowds, I didn’t like loud noises… I had a lot of PTSD triggers that took a couple of decades really to sort out the fact that I can sit here as a evening mostly … healthy and functional person is, because it was a couple of decades of like really seriously intense healing work just to get to be functional again, so that’s the gist of it I mean welcome to this its…. because there was no way that I was going to have a function if I did says the traumatic memories that I was repressing, that is something I would like to say to anyone who’s having issues with repressed memories you got to deal with them like there’s no way that you’re ever gonna function again there’s no way you’re ever gonna be okay
there’s no way you’re never gonna be normal just give that up right now get up give it up that you’re ever going to be normal that’s what you went through you’re not going to be normal
but it’s going to take processing those emotions processing those thoughts processing those experiences out so that you can be a whole and balanced human being so that you can have some
semblance of control over your life again after having your life completely taken outside of your control for decades really I would probably encourage anyone… otherwise you will end up a mess. (Randy Cramer)(2018)”
“No, it was a United States Marine Corps special section lab with USMC SS scientists with extraterrestrial scientists and engineers who are helping in the process, now since that was before I was born there’s not much that I can say about it other than what I’ve been told about it not just to make me but there was you know a 300 personnel list for the project that I was part of when I was
kid and so they were engineering myself and 299 other, what would be boys and girls to go into that training program, at the time it was about a three or four year process what I understand sort of
like engineering and building up that many different individuals and …inserting them into mothers and family units that they could then be raised quote-unquote normally and then be escorted out from time to time … normal working-class folks who came from a pretty standard kind of traditional religious background, so I got you know raised in a Christian Church and taught a lot of Bible based values… moral and ethical …that sort… good and evil and to choose good over evil and that was really am I mean there was nothing military or extraordinary in that sense about my family my understanding is they are picking and choosing people based on different genetic markers from different ancestral genes that are present in that family so they want building blocks from that family that they can build upon they don’t want to just take any blank slate and build up on it they want to take something that has certain fundamentals that they want to start with and then they add on to. (Randy Cramer)(2018)”
“I think it actually filled in a lot of gaps for them that … they always knew I was a special kid and always knew that I was a little different in a good way …always super smart always super creative always super capable of a lot of different things and I just put a context for them I think that helps it to make sense… the building blocks to my genetic building blocks definitely come from my biological parents .. (Randy Cramer)(2018)”
“I was engineered from the ground up so.. my DNA somewhere has a patent on it and it’s technically listed as military hardware and … because I was part of a United States Marine Corps special section project, I’ve been a Marine since I was a baby, so that’s really where I started and there was really no like recruiting process or assimilation process I was in the program from…before I
breathed air outside my mother’s womb. (Randy Cramer)(2018)”
“but really probably the most significant beginning to that point was my deployment when I was seventeen which was a trip to the moon via TR-3B which is the black triangle ships that we have
and then processing at Lunra Operations Command which then turned into a deployment soon after that so anyone who’s ever been in the military knows that you go to an induction Center and at that
induction Center you get a physical you get a psych eval you file some paperwork you sign some papers you initial sign… and they took us to a jump gate from the Lunar orbit to the Mars orbit and then brought us down to the Tarmac .. which is the military headquarters for the Mars Defense Force, … which is the Mars colony Corporation and headquarters for the colonies I’ve never been to people have asked about that before I’ve never been to the colonies I know some information about them but we were pretty much you know stationed a distance away and told to keep anything that might be coming from outside… towards the inside… to protect the colonies whether that was really true or not is subjective I suppose but I’ve never been to the colonies
personally themselves so I don’t know. (Randy Cramer)(2018)”
“At the time I’ve been informed later that the MCC was formed in the early 1970s and that the first colonies were probably put down at about 1975 and that it’s essentially a group of a combination of financiers, military contractors and civilian administrators, military administrators to administer the formation of colonies which were supposed to have a certain number of
people …grow in personnel by people having kids and raising them within the colony and then the colonies themselves have some form of financial independence or stability where they’re
supposed to be manufacturing, mining or doing something that makes them profitable you can’t have a colony that’s you know sucking resources out and going nowhere so at some point the goal is to have them be completely financially self-sufficient or at least to be producing something, so that they’re able to financially fund themselves ..
I would say a multinational cooperative meaning that it wasn’t just Americans, it was definitely Americans and what when at the time have been members of the Soviet Union and other major countries that were kind of sort of what used to be the old G8 would be kind of the countries that I would consider where the majority of countries were on those lists participating at that time because there were the only countries that were financially and technologically advanced enough to be able to do so and had personnel who were capable and trained and intelligent them to be able to serve and function within those systems, so it was multinational. (Randy Cramer)(2018)”
“..are you talking about like intuitive empath training ?”
“So, we don’t have intuitive empaths, we psionic specialists which is just terminology more than anything and
everyone in the United States Marine Corps special section gets what we call a rudimentary training in psionics but if you’re a psionic specialist you get training which is much longer so you know the class that I took to trained in
basic psionics was about I want to say five or six weeks maybe but psionic specialists do a program that’s like almost eighteen months or something like that it’s almost like a year and a half program so you’re that’s
your specialization you’re going to spend a lot more time at it then you would just in general if you were just getting the basic fundamental training, but yeah pretty much any military tactical training that you can think of
we got we had so we’re pretty much trained for anything, everything and trained in scenarios in mock-up
scenarios in which sometimes drones were used as target practice, sometimes biological entities were used as target
practice which I can’t say whether those are things that were genetically engineered of those things that we had
an agreement with or that we captured I really couldn’t say it was all very strange, sometimes but live-fire
exercises in what we call exotic environments or with exotic targets which means you know they often don’t
just have two arms two legs you know and a head sometimes they’re really different and sometimes the locations you appear to be about as non-terrestrial as you could imagine them to be, so we were trained for all that and the
reason that we’re trained to hold that is because there are two things that essentially happen when a person is
confronted with actually being in the physical presence of an extraterrestrial being and the two things that happen are that your frontal lobe goes through a thought process of trying to process what’s happening how prepared are you to have that experience are you skeptical of that experience , are you just going to be in denial of that
experience … can you totally accept this experience, but what happens in fractions of a second faster
than what your frontal lobe does, is you have a emotional response a really visceral emotional response and so
without that training to be prepared for just anything nine times out of ten the amygdala is going to freak out and
you’re going to go into some kind of shock or some kind of psychological emotional distress, panic attack or
something, so even people and I talk to people all the time and they say I want to meet an Alien then I’m saying no you really don’t like you think you do and maybe if it was an alien that looked a lot like you and me and there are
they’re humanoids they look nearly and if you met one of those you probably would be okay but meeting an
extraterrestrial being that it’s completely not physically like you you think you want to be one of those but
chances are the first time that you did your amygdala would just freak out and you would go into a whole series of
panic responses doesn’t matter how prepared you think your frontal lobe is your amygdala is going to make that
decision for you and your and unless you’ve been conditioned for years and years and years to again to anticipate
exotic environments, exotic targets, exotic species you’re going to freak out, so the training is anything and
everything military that you could think of as well as being trained specifically for exotic locations and then exotic environments, so they end up on the surface of another world fighting some alien species. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“
“The best way I can answer that is to say that it’s this very complex arrangement of military intelligence groups, state operators would .. executive branches of government of a number of countries military intelligence branches of a number of countries, legislative bodies of a number of countries ,who are all engaged in this conversation about how do we deal with this how do we roll
how do we deal with this how do we roll out some form of disclosure because we know it has to happen we know we can’t keep it a secret forever we know that we need like desperately need the tools and technologies that are behind those walls of secrecy in order to survive as a species as a civilization on planet Earth that just has to happen that’s enough conversation around the table
people understand that, what becomes the problem is discussing exactly how that’s going to happen and you have a lot of people who are well I don’t want to do it that way if that guy’s gonna get in
an advantage and we’re gonna have a disadvantage I don’t want to do it that way I want to have the advantage and you know screw that guy and so you have a lot of problems getting people to agree
to anyway and so you kind of have these two major schools but which are should we do it totally peaceably should we do it with the shock and awe of a hoax invasion and it’s not really so simple
to say who’s on one side and who’s on the other although all I can really say to that is there’s certain chunk of representatives from all of those different kinds of factions that I mentioned on one side and a chunk on the other and I think it’s fair to say at the moment that we have a greater than 51% of those people who are becoming more Pro hoaxes invasion, because it just works out better for everybody and when I say everybody, I mean everybody who’s at the table making those decisions, so even though..we can sit around and come up with all the positive reasons why we would want to do it peaceably, it kinda becomes this overarching notion why hoax invasion is looking pretty good to these people is, because we have more in fighting on this planet than we’ve had in centuries and people just straight-up hate each other and I mean with the capital H A T E – hate to the point where there are groups of people who do not want to live on this planet if other groups of people are living on this planet and are doing everything, everything they can to exterminate those groups or doing everything they can to establish an incredibly militaristic way of existing,
in order to create conflict on epic scales, you have a number of organizations who believe that essentially they are ushering in the End Times for their particular religious belief system and that covers a number of religious belief systems, not just one or two who belif systems, that they are ushering in a moment when their particular narrative of what’s supposed to happen at the court, quote unquote the end of the world and how their particular deity or Messiah is supposed to save them and the people and their quote unquote true believers of that group and so that becomes really problematic when trying to get those people to agree to something peaceful, because some of them simply will not, they will simply never come to the table and agree to a peaceable understanding with extraterrestrial species of a friendly nature, because they believe a narrative that is deeply ingrained in their religious experience for in some cases… millennia that they’re not letting go of and so kind of have an agreement of understanding that the only way to get the largest numbers of those people in those groups on the same page is to have a common enemy… (Randy Cramer)(2018)“
“One group of people to hate upon and that gets everybody’s focus together which as weird as it may sound and I often find myself feeling like I’m in the strange position being Pro hoax invasion because it gets everyone’s focus on the same page gets everyone’s focus together and as even though that’s on a common hate or on a common enemy we really need that we really need to get our focus together and on the same page and that’s kind of the only way it’s gonna happen really it’s just not likely that any enough of the social psychological demographics are gonna come to an agreement if it’s a peasible landing of species and a ship that say take me to your leader we’re here to help out like there’s just a lot of people that are going to be suspicious of that from the get-go but if you have a situation in where you have a clear enemy who’s clearly the bad guy well then when the good guy shows up it’s a lot easier for people to go a the good guy just showed up because you have this binary dichotomy that’s already been set up in the mind which is part of our human brain our part of our human consciousness of a villain and a hero anyway of a good and a bad if a you know of two different sites anyway so by creating that villain side it means that people are really going to be more accepting of the quote-unquote good guys when they show up because it’s gonna be
very clear in their mind who the bad guy is and then in which is gonna set up is and then in which is gonna set up this position in their brain ..that’s the bad guy who’s the good guy
some at some point there’s got to be a good guy who’s gonna show up in this you know narrative and then we can go oh yeah the good guy just showed up so psychologically it’s just more likely
that’s the way we’re gonna go because there just doesn’t seem to be a way that we can get agreement on how to get all those other groups together on the same page without wanting to just end the
world without going without as soon as they see ETS landing on the front lawn or they see them in this guy though oh that’s it into the world let’s all gather together in our living room our church our mosque, our Enclave and we’ll just douse ourselves with gasoline and light ever I’m fire or do a Jim Jones moment just drink…kool-aid. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“
“„..so we’re very concerned about a small percentage of those let’s just call them what they are mentally and emotionally unstable people who don’t want to accept a future, just don’t want to accept a future in which their religious narrative is not dominant and that’s kind of gonna have to happen there’s a lot of people who wish their religious narrative to be dominant and it’s just not gonna be it’s just it’s gonna have to take a backseat to understanding that we live in a big universe with a lot of species and your deity doesn’t necessarily have you know major priority over every other species in the universe, it may it be something that has a priority over you and your life, your spiritual system and your people you choose to give it that, but it doesn’t necessarily have any authority with other species, from other worlds and that’s gonna rub some people just really the wrong way and so if you have a invading species you know that gives them something to focus on, something to demonize, something to vilify, something to go oh that’s the evil right there and then something else shows up , they go in, okay, maybe that’s the good guy? So again, it sets up the dichotomy in the binary brain, so that people can… except one thing. because the other thing is present. so they can accept the good. because the evil present… but if there’s not really that presence of good and evil directly kind of defined then people are just going to start dividing up on what they think is good or evil, even if they’re quote unquote good ETS who have arrived based on their own belief systems of what they think should or should not be, so it’s that’s the quandary that we’re really dealing with.. is how to minimize the impact of mass suicide when we have contact, because it’s not the majority of the population that we’re concerned about: 85% of the population will I adapt, in one form or another, 85% statistically will adapt, it’s that 15% , that’s a little mentally and emotionally unstable, that is just not ready to accept a reality outside of what they deeply believe and that when
that happens, there’s just this very real chance that their reaction is going to be to self-destruct and we don’t want those people setting off a trend which can happen socio-psychologically which is to establish.. mass suicide trends or something like that, we just don’t want that to happen, so we’re trying to mitigate that in this process and again just psychologically for the largest number of people a hoax invasion fits that model so various groups of people on either side of that fence is what we should or should not do about that and it just say that hoax invasion isn’t winning that argument, because there’s just a lot of things that it fixes faster even though you have to break some things … I hate, I hate to use this phrase, because it’s a phrase that often justify… allows people to justify terrible things, but if you want them in a economic, you got to break some eggs and so at some point we see this way through this, as if we want to make it happen, we’re gonna have to break some eggs and we’re gonna have to … blow some things up and some cities will suffer tremendous damage of destruction and fire and human loss of life in order to make that happen and that’s sad, that’s terrible that we’re at the place without her or that we’ve that’s just the options that we’re looking at which is to never figure this out or make it happen in such a way that you have people really divided and again turning on each other, because they don’t have a common enemy to turn on or give them a common enemy to focus on and it gets everybody off every but …each other’s backs and gets humans you know stop attacking other humans and trying to destroy other humans and annihilate ourselves and puts the focus on trying to … keep everything alive and stable on planet Earth and so it’s a sticky wicket as the saying goes and I just find myself in this weird position defending hoax invasion like it’s a good idea just because on the list of good and bad… pros and cons on either side it works out it, works out better in a lot of ways and it gets us down the field, as it were, faster more efficiently than some other things but again it’s not my call as how that’s gonna happen so there’s no way that I can say this is how it’s gonna happen this is how it’s not gonna happen I can tell you based on the conversations what the trend in those conversations is and where people are tend to lean right now in that conversation but when it comes right down to how it gets decided that’s not my call so I have I can’t say exactly how it’s gonna go I can only tell you what the gist of the conversations and what the majority of people. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“
“I think that there’s a third option here … yes we are going to project our conceptions of good versus evil and a lot of the religious dogma on to the such a situation but I
do think that there already is a nemesis on this planet and I think that if we could reveal the various dark forces that have been committing systemic pedophilia and genocide and depopulation
and social engineering and false Flags and if we could really Stratton the spotlight on them we could unify the human race around a common enemy without having to look elsewhere.”
“I won’t disagree with that I will say that in fact there’s some interesting rumors that that’s also on the table of options and and I …there’s something or just gonna have to wait and
see how they work out because I hear discussions about again the pros and cons for how to get that done what the obstacles are getting that done and whether or not certain people think that
that’s just really gonna work not not that it’s a good idea or a bad idea that’s irrelevant to the conversation… it’s more relevant to the conversation whether it will work, ..
but I’ve heard some things recently which are you know pointing that as a real possibility and I’m just holding my breaths like everybody else ..okay well let’s see how
that works… (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

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