#4 Life on Mars feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1

“#4 Life on Mars feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1”
“Dauntless Dialogue: Am 19.08.2018 veröffentlicht: You may have heard of breakaway civilizations, the Secret Space Programs, or the “20 and Back.” Tony Rodrigues joins us in Breakaway, a series where we will speak with whistleblowers who claim to have worked in various aspects of the SSP.”
“Bijan M: vor 6 Monaten: I am a skeptic and have been researching this for 15 years. Based on my research I believe Tony. He knows too many things that you cant make up.
grumpyoldfox4000: vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet): Healthy skepticism should be practiced for sure, but knowing about this kind of thing for a long time. I can’t just ignore it.
Sportsand MartialArts dot Com: vor 1 Monat: I do believe in what he’s saying… I have seen them too, I have seen many ships here on earth.”
“They gave me a shot in my arm and I was out that was it I woke up and on a base I believe on the moon on the back of the Moon and that was more of the same it was a more of a like a class , it was like a classroom with greys and you would sit down at the computer screen and you had to put your chin on something you know on a rest and it had a stereo you know had headphones that
didn’t touch you but they were like the speakers are right here and they gave us there was a drug that they gave us eyedrops and it was like kind of a mild hallucinogen and then it was like it
would go with the by the binaural stuff for a few minutes and then they would show you movies and it was fight or flight response it was endless movies of fight or flight em like cheesy like military instructional videos but that the most … a man’s voice will come in the most noble thing you could do is give your life for your brother and it would show you it would show like watered-down edited combat footage and then it was it was it’s with subliminal stuff you could tell there was subliminal words and things in there and it was fight-or-flight response the whole the entire training and it was and it went on for a month at least every day you’ve just sitting there and watching those movies like that every single day and all it taught you was that when there something happens when there was combat or some kind of action to not lead to not run but to stand and fight to die for it that was the best thing that was the training, it was mind control training to
to not run from a from a superior firepower I guess I don’t know from an enemy from an enemy so that went on and there were other guys there were probably a dozen guys I think it was a
dozen guys and they there were surgeries I went from surgery chose on one surgery to another surgery they didn’t give you a lot of anesthetic and that was where the most beating you up over the head when I said how can you guys do this don’t I have some kind of rights you know you shouldn’t give me a painkiller or put me out before this and they said you’re not gonna remember it anyway
that’s where that that’s where they really beat me over the head with that they said you’re not gonna remember any of this anyway so why we’re not gonna waste putting you out so I there were a
lot of surgeries that were live and very painful you know they went in there was something back here they they went in quite a bit and there were there were surgeries where they operated on me my
body I mean what kind of what kind of surgeries are we talking about like what were they implanting things were they taking were they removing things no explanation of what they were doing. (Tony Rodrigues)”
“but the third mission failed we were engaged by bugs and five guys died four or five guys died and I got my arm cut off and my foot cut off and a Mantid came up to me and investigated me
to see what we were it was the 3rd combat mission with our program of support soldiers and it was a Mantid.. there’s another artist drawing I sent you, you can use that but it was a Mantid
and came in ahead, it had antennas … whatever it sounds out there but he had they were like balls …they were black little antennas and they moved like that when he got up to me
they want …and then I went into a trance like a hypnosis state with it and it looked through my life, it showed me…it was like I was standing in the room of my memories with the Mantid in the room and he was describing it to somebody else who I don’t know , but I was standing in the MKULTRA room the classroom and then standing in Seattle in there and he was looking through my
memories he was you know we’d go there and he would describe what was going on and then at the very end when I was all done I didn’t remember my life that I was taken from but he took me to the my
living room of my farmhouse I grew up in he said this is who you are this was really cute this is who you really are and I said I didn’t know where I was but it was the farmhouse … he was very telepathic communication, he was very professional…but… he was a very intelligent being, and he treated me with some measure of respect which I didn’t have prior to that. (Tony Rodrigues)”
“Mauricio Ramos: vor 2 Monaten: These ET’s use human slaves because they know that our soul will NEVER die. Our body is just a vessel and when we pass, our soul continues.”
“Brian Mccool: vor 6 Monaten: Excellent interview. 20 and back is fact not fiction. There are too many people who are everyday jobs saying the same things. The military individual complex has a lot to answer for.”
“anti stat: vor 3 Monaten: I know nothing about this subject, and now I will gather everything I can about it, sounds somewhat convincing and very scary.”
“Edward Howe: vor 4 Monaten: I believe Tony, usa,Nazis and UK are working together on this.”
“randy beard: vor 5 Monaten: Folks, you just can’t Make this Stuff Up-To Many Details….”
“xXoCroknitoXx Plox: vor 6 Monaten: Fairly believable … however is it possible that those experiences could have been a simulation or even possible that everything took place underground under the earth’s surface and under the ocean rather than outer space? Or even maybe interdimentional ? I wouldn’t know so that is why I ask.”
“Simon Nicol: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): I believe that he believes what he is saying, but anyone who has been involved in the MK Ultra Program could have been programmed to think they have seen anything. Giant insects indigenous to Mars? A breathable atmosphere? Hummm. Maybe in a different time. Also just to point out the sunsets on Mars are blue not purple.”
“ccmyharley d: vor 6 Monaten: The Truth. That’s all I can say !”
“Brenda Kuder: vor 1 Monat: Randy Cramer has also said that he was sucked out of his body and put into another one. I have also heard of professional “jumpers” who get put into different bodies for different missions. Jason Rice has said that his regression back 20 years was very painful and lasted a couple of weeks. So maybe both things are possible.”
“black lightning: vor 1 Monat: So government black project have time traveler technology and memory whipe technology. And they are letting people who worked for them black projects talk. To tell there secrets. BOLLOCKS:”
“exist in the now: vor 1 Monat: They wanted to find who had the most balls. That guy went on to bigger things likely. Heart is rare and something money can’t buy.”
“Bryan: vor 3 Monaten: Wow ! Poor guy. Sounds like space slavery. I hope and i pray he doesnt have anxiety attacks for whats been done to him.”
“InYourFace: vor 6 Monaten: Back of the moon? I believe astronauts can’t get past the radiation belts around the earth.”
“Bijan M: vor 6 Monaten: Its called the lunar operation command (LOC) it used to look like a swastika but now it has been built out around it. The base there is mostly underground with entrances on top it is shaped like a bell.”
“sye Po: vor 6 Monaten: Remember that there are two space programs. One is overt n shows us rockets bla bla. The other which is veiled by the first n the covert program is the one which uses the same sort of fields planets have naturally to protect themselves and when you travel in these planetoids (all sizes) you cannot feel movement and travel in ‘no time’ because you are out of the cycles and feel ‘no movement’.”
“Donald Solomon: vor 2 Monaten: …Here you have a man who claims to have been apart of space travel for 20yrs, interacting with various alien species…”
“MAN RA: vor 1 Monat: Wow Very Cool Chanel, and the Beat in the Beginning is Amazing.”
“exist in the now: vor 1 Monat: Where is the picture of the insect creature?”
“Alexander Lee: vor 2 Monaten: I hope all those people rot in hell for everything. The most high sees all.”
“exist in the now: vor 1 Monat: Violence is absolutely terrible.”
“exist in the now: vor 1 Monat: How is this not traumatic for you to discuss?”
“l devine: vor 6 Monaten: I bet they just gave him a new body when he lost his limbs? Maybe, he went thru more cloned bodies, than he knows? He can’t remember the transfer….Was his little body in a tank for 20? That really matches up with what Donald Marshall said. I just entered The Twilight Zone…! Mind expanding testimony.”
“Frazer TGB: vor 6 Monaten: Makes sense that if you grow a clone, you need the perfect fitting consciousness. So, they borrow your mind as an operating system. Mind must come from the donor clone otherwise it won’t fit.”
“David Jacobs: vor 3 Monaten: they are borrowing soul, because soul can not be created or destroyed…not consciousness, not mind, not spirit..you can not enter heaven, if you don’t have soul.
That’s why Devils wants you to sell your soul to them.”
“David Jacobs: vor 3 Monaten: they are making clones and borrowing the soul of the victims…so, yes, the boy survived, because you can not destroy soul, the body is obviously destroyed, but they can remake a clone anytime…not unlike how they make new body in the movie “fifth element”.”
“Hitman 009: vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet): There is another interview by woman ex marine soldier on Leak Project. She said as long as your head is not damaged and you have your consciousness they can literally rebuilt your whole body using this nano whatever tech they have in the space. This equipment can treat any desease known to human said. So believe Rodrigues they rebuilt his limbs.”
“DANTHETUBEMAN: vor 3 Monaten: and hear on earth there is no cure for chronic fatigue / Lyme disease / fibrmialgia.”
Sure they have… the bastards have everything to heal anything..in their DUMBs or in their hidden Exo-Bases… it´s just intentional harming billions with U.S. advanced bioweapons to keep their Pharma-Medical-Oil-Goo-Banker-Mafia-Cartel going…NWO Nazionistic Eugenic Billionaires and their 300 Monster-Corporations to suppress and dominate the Planet…

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