#3 Satanic Ritual Abuse feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1

“#3 Satanic Ritual Abuse feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1” “Dauntless Dialogue”
“I drove up to the house I took a better route than the Google map gave me because I out of memory and I knew it before I got home or almost there I’m
almost there and then 200 yards later I was at the house so I proved it to myself which was you know you talk about healing that’s the biggest thing you
have to accept yourself and you know accepting being in space when it’s not supposed to happen and be around ET’s is some very very hard to accept so my
memories of the 20 and back from Seattle are freakishly accurate, if they’re accurate then I have to trust the other memories to. (Tony Rodrigues)
“Tony I think part of the reason why there’s a lot of either confusion or skepticism around your story is because you’re your version of the twenty and back is extraordinarily
unique, now not only does it have the Satanism aspect like you mentioned , but it’s also not a structured 20 away and then brought back , I think there’s different types of technologies, based on
the extraterrestrial races that are doing the age regression ,like you said ,so some of them are only capable of doing ten and back, whereas if you go beyond the ten years you would actually,
potentially, face some something devastating to your health…”
“There are people that are claiming to do 50 and backs, 60 and backs and honestly I don’t know enough about it to confirm or deny any of that my case my genetics or whatever I was told that they were all 20 in backs but I would lied to quite a bit then in my case it was 20 years and most of the other people that I knew up there were on a 20-year schedule, there were people that did the 20 and then went back and then they had to age in their real life and then they did another 20 back.. I was aware that that was one structure of the technology but there are many different ways for them to achieve the same tech to do the same thing, so there’s more than one way to for them to skin that cat and so I don’t I can’t really say anybody’s lying or truthful about it I don’t I
just don’t know enough about it I know that I went through it for 20 I did about 6 years on earth and then was moved and moved into the space program sold off to the military and in her
words and moved into the space program and ended up on Ceres, Ceres colony. (Tony Rodrigues)”‘
“and can you tell our listeners what was the nature of the technology that was used on you to age regress you?”
“oh I mean during the experience that you know it’s funny because it took a long time the the return when I when I left yeah now we’re skipping away from Seattle but when I when I left that’s they came and got me and walked me and I flew on a craft back to the moon, to the lunar base are you still there yeah I’m still here okay I lost you ,there I flew back to the trapezoid base and went through another round of the trauma-based mind control, like a deprogramming like they they put you in different stations they had it was very industrialized and you went into it was like like a like a high-speed hospital .. that you could go through quickly but they were they were hypnosis it was programming about it they did the ship the pirate ship thing and then they did the other thing the blurryface to make… they put you through first it was like the ship thing and I thought that was ridiculous and I laughed about it and I was combative… I’ll do it’s a long story but I didn’t want to go back I didn’t want to forget I wanted to remember and a lot of people that come back don’t want to remember a lot of people are they don’t want to remember the 20 years because it was terrible I for whatever reason for a few reasons wanted to remember and I didn’t want to forget the people I knew there and so I was combative and somebody on the ship told me he said it’s the law they can’t what are they gonna do if you were combative right now they can’t punish you they have to get you back they’ve only got so much time and so you can tell him no they’re not and we were always soaked conditioned to get punished if we did disobeyed but that little window of a few days I was very combative I was very uncooperative with them and at least as much as I I mean at least for me and on my in my mind but it was a long process what you went through the hypnosis and then through another it was another tech man and what it did was it made everybody that you remember you that you can I can remember their bodies but I can’t their face is blurried …. it was a local thing they had they had some kind of tech in the spot and then there was another during that process there was like a cherry sat in with a machine and it completed the tech completed the be of the the effect the programming of it so people most people that I think about their face are blurried in then and it’s common with other people that I’ve spoke to I mean I went from there and then into a medical thing and then they finally put and I ended up getting injections every day couple times a day like all through that’s why I’m so deathly scared of needles they put injection that you had to stay still and I was like no what if I want a roller you know I was still being competitive and it was a tall white gray that was the doctor and he said look if you they didn’t know how to act they didn’t know how to deal with somebody that was not I said no he said sit on the table said no he only didn’t know what to do and he said well if you don’t sit on the table I’m gonna have to call somebody you’re gonna end up getting hurt you know somebody came and told him you know the reason with me like that but then they said sit still and they put the they put like a black frame around me to keep me from moving you had to stay perfectly still during this these injections to immobilize you and it was it felt like weeks of time that that but I had to stay there immobilized with a tube feeding me but he said if you move he’s that you can move if you want but you’re gonna get badly injured you’re gonna go back to your normal life and have back problems you could have your spinal cord it has to be perfectly straight something was something like that your spinal cord can’t move or you’ll have horrible back problem and so I did that you know I didn’t move as best I couldn’t it was torture that wasn’t that was a very uncomfortable thing then one day the injection stopped and they came and wrote you’re on a table like a stretcher and they rolled me into another room and put up you go into a machine and it was like I got incinerated that was ruled if there were effort there were golf sized golf-ball-sized pockets of me that were in pain that start first it was one or two and it was like you know like a golf ball-sized pain in my legs and everything and then more came and then finally it felt like I got incinerated and from that I woke up and was back to my 9 year old body one of the I lost consciousness from there and when I woke up again, I was 9 years old, I was back to being a nine-year-old kid. (Tony Rodrigues)”‘
“Did you have any lasting negative effects when you were back in your nine year old body like he had warned you about?”
“No, No, I’m pretty healthy um a lot of they say a lot of people go through the turning back have severe health problems I’m 46 right now I’m still in very good health…besides your typical falling apart kind of stuff but I don’t have any kind of health issues right now so I don’t think so but I woke up as a kid then and then the interesting part about that was that I didn’t remember the 20 years when I woke up back to that kid I could remember my mom and dad know I could remember my sister in my home and I was back to myself but I didn’t remember the 20 years I didn’t remember where I just was or series colony or any of that when I when I sew sew it so look so I was taken and then memory of mom and dad and then they did a process and I had no memories then I lived 20 years and they did a process and I went back to that kid that had memories of mom and dad so how they did that I don’t know I don’t know if they cloned a body and moved me from my consciousness a body I don’t know if they do it’s a mental thing I don’t honestly I don’t know, I don’t know, but that’s what happened , that’s what the experience was like for me, after it has all happened and back in May of 15, I started getting the memories back and now I remember both I remember the 20 years. (Tony Rodrigues)”‘
“It kind of reminds me of the neuralyzer and men in black right where he’s like they hold the light up to your eye and flash it and then you’ve got the temporary amnesia or something like that.”

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