Emery Smith and Paola Harris – Interview at StarworksUSA Laughlin, NV

“Emery Smith and Paola Harris – Interview at StarworksUSA Laughlin, NV”
“Well, people are always talking about all good and bad… but if there was a bad ET race I would know exactly where to point a finger, I would point it at earth, because I don’t know any other ETS out there chopping each other’s heads off …and then putting it on YouTube that´s just not normal..we have to learn.. we are ruining our environment, we are destroying it with Fukushima out there and the big trash pile off because Japan they’re I mean these are all things that could be fixed overnight with these .. energetic devices and things like that so that’s why you know my compassion is first the planet, because without the planet, we will not have you know the whales and the Dolphins a link in the plankton which and then after that we won’t have us so I’m sorry you guys come third in my book, but it’s the only way to do it the right way and so we all survive and become conscious and go beyond the Stars and we will go beyond the stars you know I firmly believe this that we will travel amongst the Stars when we’re ready when it’s I’m for us to do that we just have to grow up a little bit right now, communicate a little bit better and share our resources and not be so greedy about things and allow these technologies to come out so we can cure each other and and not go through so much pain , there’s no reason that we shouldn’t have clean water in India and there’s no reason we shouldn’t have you know food in Africa for anyone. I mean there’s so much abundance that can be made so easily… look at in just.. in the United States we do it every day and oh this can be duplicated everywhere just with our modern technology, not even talking about the cool technology that can be released that can these atmospheric water generators that can be
dropped all over the planet so ..people can have clean water and and things like that because it’s it’s this little stuff these little diseases like malaria and things that
can be controlled that are the world the world’s killers that that caused the most amount of death on the planet here that you know we can fix pretty quickly and also the diet you know a lot of the
chemicals of course as everyone knows so to put it in the foods are just made to— destroy your body and dissolve your Teno sites your your tendon ligaments and things like this so we’re
we’re trying to far out ways to you know develop things like like I talked about alpha 2 macroglobulin all the time I mean this is an anti-aging you know polypeptide
protein found in your blood that you know we have just recently accidentally found out oh my goodness we can anti-age you know a ligament attendant at inna site which is like the hardest hardest
cell and the whole body to do anything with because it barely gets any blood supply so if we can do that imagine you know taking this supplement.. every day and and reversing the aging process are
slowing it down at least so we can .. evolve a little bit to more conscious to a more conscious level of being and not focus on you know how much money we have to make today and not worry about you know paying the gas coal and oil a bill but you know focusing our creativity and focusing you know our compassion to really help each other…being in the military I learned a lot about you know compassion I mean with our enemies like no one really wants to fight each other..no one knows why we’re fighting each other a lot you know we’re gonna know about it because we’re programmed as children to shoot this person but no one really knows why we’re really doing and it’s all because you know people are making money off this and in the higher echelon of corporations and it needs to stop because there’s an easier way for everyone to get along and make money and still allow them to accomplish their missions while we can stay safe here. (Emery Smith)”

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