The Mystery of the Integratron, Inspired by Venus aliens

“The Mystery of the Integratron, Inspired by Venus aliens”
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The Mystery of the Integratron, Inspired by Venus aliens
This is a highly interesting structure that was built over many years (late 1950’s to 1978) and only a few weeks away from completion, when George Van Tassel suddenly died just a few weeks before it was scheduled to open up. The famous, eccentric, billionaire (who also had a major interest in longevity & healing) was also a major backer of the project up until the time Howard Hughes dies in 1976 – just 2 years prior to the scheduled completion of the project. The entire domed structure is made up of entirely non-metallic material (concrete, wood, Fiberglas, etc) and even the fasteners are non-metallic. George Van Tassel claimed that aliens from Venus told him how to build the structure. But it does include technology from Nicola Tesla and the Georges Lakhovsky.
Supposedly it’s healing powers are extremely great and it has the power to greatly rejuvenate the body to optimal health. Thus the keen interest that Howard Hughes has in this structure also.
Cited references from the public domain:
If you want to further delve into cutting edge medical science, please visit the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) at :”

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