Tony Pantalleresco: repairing dna and blocking estrogen & Gwen Scott's pioneering work.

“Tony Pantalleresco: repairing dna and blocking estrogen”
“Published on Mar 7, 2018”
“The health food store contrary to what you’ve been told is not healthy, you need to also read the ingredients that gurus are selling you to supposed, to make you more new and improved, to be more than you are, to increase your energy, to increase your
life force, expand your lifespan, when you hear these things, they all have an appeal, fountain of eternal youth..
.. you can add an extra ten years to your life, oh we can slow down the ravages of aging.
We shouldn’t be aging. We’re never designed to grow old, we were never designed to die,.. your sister, think about it, that may sound a little far-fetched for some of you, but if our bodies regenerate every 7 years to a brand-spanking-new body, we are not
supposed to die, we’re supposed to be free, we should live perpetually forever, did you know..that your teeth are supposed to
regenerate all your life? Did you know that? Did you know that when teeth fall out that new ones would normally grow
and you know why they don’t grow? The reason why they don’t grow is because they turned off your DNA with vaccine, they caused an operating system glitch in your system by adding a program that deleted that program out of your body or put it in a file somewhere and misplaced the file, that’s the truth, anybody who’s had nano poisoning which I’m referring to … they call it
Morgellons. I call it nano poisoning, I call it what it is or synthetic biological poisoning or infection, because that’s
truly what it is it’s a synthetic biology infection or a nano poisoning.”
“Well, nothing that has been built in the last sixty years has been for the benefit of mankind, mankind has
been living under a time bomb or a ticking clock for the last 60 years. I think that the hands are about
to tip over with this tech when we’re talking about programming a cell or programming.”
“You don’t have the luxury of assumption today, you don’t even have the luxury today of hearsay, hearing somebody saying yeh yeh
yeh when it’s really ney ney ney, any new product coming out today and let me put it to you straight out, any new product
coming out today that uses the term nano delivery, nano metallic angstrom, monatomic, synthetic atom, ok, any of these
terminologies are going to be used in the health food industry today, you may want to hang on to your wallet until you
do some exploration and examination and what’s really going on and don’t look at Google as your search engine, it is
designed to sell products, that is the design of what Google is all about, so again go with the flow, go do the research look at university studies, military studies, pharmaceutical studies on certain topics and know just about any topic and see what they’ve got to say…like I said what we’re dealing with today again is an unethical planet, no morals, no scruples, if I can get a buck and get away with it.”
“Cottage cheese has glutamine there you got a dairy product which they tell you by the way you shouldn’t consume dairy because we’re the only people on the planet that’s still consuming dairy what a bunch of dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, brain-dead personas that are out there when you call them people if you are dead stupid you’re not even the people, might say my opinion ..and
again I’m going by my opinion.”
“Edward Wolski
1 month ago
You should be given a Nobel Prize.
You deserve it.
1 month ago
Another great presentation. Wooow.
Gale Monterio
3 weeks ago
I have been on Levothyroxine for about 12 or more years now and am told I can never get off of it. I believe that soy in everything that I had eaten in the past is responsible for my Hashimotos/hypothyroidism. What can I do for myself so that I can help my immune system and get off Levothyroxine and add what I need to my diet (now a clean diet without manufactured food or soy ) I take selenium, D3, C, turmeric with pepper, coconut oil, lemon, olive oil, greens, green tea matcha, almond and coconut milks in my foods
every day. Please help me. Always reading labels for years, but now I know what I’m looking for.”
Gale Monterio
1 week ago
Well if the teeth were meant to regenerate and they were not messing with the DNA etc, does it follow that early man did regenerate their teeth and; any proof, if so.
s’mo ˈtrüˈləv
1 week ago
this is a community service channel, uploading tony’s podcasts. this appears to be a recent discovery from his constant research mode. Proof may not be discovered as a published transparent article.
angel Irene Crim
1 month ago
So In Spiritually they teach meditation are you saying we should not try to clear the mind/ Well I believe you over them No I did not know teeth was meant to regrow. I thought green tea was not good for you Regular tea has Fluoride one cup has as much as 8 litter of water Now who said that???Thank You Both
s’mo ˈtrüˈləv
1 month ago
about tea, get it bulk and avoid tea bags.
angel Irene Crim
1 month ago
Thank You Have you any help with my other comment? I’ve always used tea bags So by bulk do you mean loose tea leaves?? Thanks Again
s’mo ˈtrüˈləv
1 month ago
about mediation: this is the path i’m on: (please see my posted comment to that video). about tea: tea bags appear to be treated with toxins. getting the loose tea leaves is ideal.

“Tony Pantalleresco: Gwen Scott’s pioneering work.”
this is why we told everybody do not use zappers, Spooky’s rice or anything like this any direct assault on
this particular material well it will have a response mechanism to alter or change its morphology and become
something completely different which then leaves you in some other void, because you won’t know at that point
what’s going on the methods that we use primarily are to shut it off put it to sleep and then remove it and again it’s
not a direct attack it is more like an envelope engraving access to any programming that it may be receiving to
follow its mandate when we when I looked at what she stated and again I had my conversation but I had three
conversations with her before she passed and when she passed I was sorry to hear it as she
past because she was very instrumental in the research we did, the fact that she had launched a springboard for others to
have followed, unfortunately a lot of people have jaded her research, a lot of people to come up with some theories or
have absolutely no bearing whatsoever of what was really going on nobody ever really dealt with the pseudo life form
that she explained they would decide to call it a bacterium.. I already validated it as well in my research, it
is not, I repeat, it is not a pathology, okay, it’s not a disease, okay,’s a condition that has been
implemented to us and she ..took it further back than I did, she took it back an opinion in the 40s, I
went back as far as the 60s saying, how it got into the food supply how it got into the into the food table into the
prescription drugs, into the vaccine she was talking vaccines way back in the 1940s even posts post Second World War.”
“this has been an incredible attack on thios planet, on every culture, belief system, race, creed, philosophy, belief
systems, it doesn’t discriminate.”
“’s in everything we’re eating and she Gwen went out, which I agree with her, stated that everybody has this,there is
no doubt, there is no doubt, if we’re being reloaded with this stuff daily. Well, what they’re dropping in the
“This is not a slow kill as people think it is, this is a rapid loading of material into human DNA, in the genetic code, now what happens is once this reaches a certain climatic load, it’s going to shut everybody off or turn everybody or terminate people.
Anybody who is seeing the conditions in their skin your body is now fighting to get that stuff off out of your system and
this is how it’s expelling it, through the skin,through your fecal matter, through your urine, through your breathing, through your spit, it’s coming out..other people are not showing the signs does not mean they are not infected, in fact the infection is going
on and ongoing and it’s building up in their bodies, eventually it will come to a point where it will reach a certain saturation and then inactivation and then BOOM, we cannot control what’s coming in the air but what we can do is come up with ways and means to turn off the technology in your homes, frequencies, our activators of this technology, from what we’ve researched, from what we’ve seen, from what we’ve concluded, based on that we’ve come up with ways to again turn off the access point and once you
do that you can Elise find shelter i your domain which is where you live.”
“She was the first one that said this, okay, nobody paid attention to her, everybody should have been paying attention to her. I did, Brian 396 did, we paid attention to her.”
“Someone made a comment this week ..I shouldn’t be referring to the elites as the elite and they’re actually correct, he was actually very correct. I should be referring to these people as demented okay they have a dementia a form of dementia demand
demented mentality to violate us the way they have to experiment on us the way they have these are a demented lot one
day their number will be up one day there will be retribution here and it’s not going to come from within the
political system. I assure you this is going to come on mass by the people who have afflicted, there will be a rebellion
of a magnitude that will again blow everybody’s perspective on what a revolution is. This has been basically a
sin, not only to God, but also to mankind what has been done, this is a direct sin, if you want to put it that way to
everybody, irrespective of beliefs. I don’t care if you’re Islamic, I don’t care if you Judaic, I don’t care if you’re a
Christian, I don’t care if you’re a Hindu, I don’t care if you’re Buddhist, I don’t care if you believe in the native
creator concepts, I don’t care what it is, this has been a direct sin on everybody, the day would create this kind of
violation and on top of that they did it in the dark they did it in secret and this is the awakening that should be
going on right now, that you are tired of things being done in the dark, the violation has gone on on the planet the
planet is being raped literally, the resources of this planet are being consumed at an exponential rate, but it’s not being consumed by the consumer, it’s being consumed by the violators and the perpetrators that are using the earth as a means, as a
weapon against the creation on it , that’s where this is going on this is what’s happening, the nanotechnology the nano
biology has been released not only in the atmosphere as ultrafine particles and through chemtrails and through
industrial wastes and through experimentation exploitation by the military-industrial complex but it’s also been released on the land, in the water, we’re seeing anomalies going on in the ocean that we’ve never seen before all of a sudden we have now a Megalodon shark coming back from extinction, why is that happening? All of a sudden, we’re seeing all kinds of megalithic
animals in the oceans rising that were never there before, why is that happening?
We’re seeing also anomalies on the land, animals that we’ve never seen before, insects we’ve never seen before rising,
coming forth why is that happening? Could may be some genetic transgenetic epigenetic experimentation be going on
what’s going up on that satellite above us what experiments are they doing on a genetic level up there, see these are
questions that you should, be aware to instead of watching the boob tube, instead of watching I Love Lucy or Walt
Disney or Bugs Bunny or whatever it is you’re watching on television.”
“angel Irene Crim
1 week ago
The reason this Nano doesn’t affect them is they’re basically Inhuman, different DNA than ours. Open minds can see this.
1 week ago
Population control through disease management….”

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