Silent Holocaust 2 : Death by 5G Smart Cities (Cattle to the Slaughter)
“Silent Holocaust 2 : Death by 5G Smart Cities (Cattle to the Slaughter)”
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Published on Feb 8, 2018
5G and the Internet of Things are silent weapons for quiet wars in an undeclared war of attrition against humanity. As all major nations scramble to be the first to rollout a nationwide 5G network, it’s all part of the elite plan for population reduction to bring their New Atlantis to fruition – the New World Order predicated on the utopian ideals of Plato, Francis Bacon, Adam Weishaupt and even those behind Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto, with the last stand of nationalist pride based in Zionism.
“As noted in the linked article the same frequencies used by pain inflicting crowd control weapons, long-range acoustic devices ,form the basis for the network that ties together the Internet of Things while microwave weapons have been used on the
public in the past or even voice of God weapons used by American forces in Iraq, the potential for using 5g connected
devices against the public is a foregone conclusion, as if being passively irradiated isn’t enough anyone considered a threat to the
system for any contrived reason by the powers that be could be directly targeted using their own appliances, many consider this fourth-generation warfare wherein the general public becomes the enemy of the state ,it’s been termed silent weapons for quiet Wars with the ultimate goal being depopulation, more so than an Orwellian police state where our freedoms liberties and rights are
dissolved until non-existent which they already are. The many executive order signed by US presidents underscoring
this fact or Supreme Court cases empowering corporations that have influenced government since the 1800s not just lobbying power are too lengthy to list here but it’s been shown that the communications industry now has more sway over our government than even the pharmaceutical industry no one gets to vote on how many sell or Gwen towers are erected in their neighborhoods or
children’s schools let alone that opting out of having smart meters on our houses will no longer be an option soon enough
this is the silent Holocaust in action, an undeclared war against the genera public in all nations particularly those
of the United Nations with contingencies in place for the continuity of government, the shadow government
overseen by the UN and FEMA, possibly from the infamous Mount weather in the USA if it eventually creates a
national emergency many believe this is what the FEMA camps and unconventional
warfare training by the military such as re x84 and Uwe x16 or for eventual civil unrest when it becomes obvious that we
do live in a police state with a depopulation agenda, some of us have been specifically targeted from amongst the public and
attacked with microwave and ultrasonic weaponry also known as psychotronics for a variety of reasons from whistleblowing
to being labeled a dissident to money and revenge sometimes it’s even just for experimenting on a target of opportunity
by the military mafia complex a term not often used let alone understood by most citizens are harassed with v2k also
known as voice to skull or voice of God and long-range microwave weapons until suicide would seem the only option…
targeting a person is often coupled with the phenomenon known as gang stalking, a term aptly derived from gangsters which is
basically what the military mafia complex is comprised of, they are gangsters of the elite who own our militaries and
found organized crime was a useful tool for drug running, human trafficking and any given nefarious enterprise, the
military and mafia, including the CIA and other agencies, are very interchangeable. I could elaborate this point with some
personal experience. I was personally targeted over a non-union family business as were others around me but
I’ll save that tangent for another time.”
“As for the military mafias part in the silent Holocaust – let alone the many security firms with ex-military
personnel ..conscripts from InfraGard, the FBI’s COINTELPRO counterintelligence program, citizens on patrol, surveillance
role players and even general street drags, they were only doing the dirty work in fulfilling the vision of the
elite who used them in an ongoing Hegelian dialectic of divide and conquer infighting an undeclared war of
attrition, they get us to kill ourselves by creating phantom enemies and empowering auxiliaries thugs really with
an us-versus-them mentality it’s easy to keep a chain of command intact with threats conditioning and even promises
of a place in the brave new world order and money.”
“To at least some extent Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis can be considered yet another blueprint for this form of society with
enlightened scientists ages being his vision of the pinnacle of mankind, Bacon is widely considered an unofficial
founding father of America while also being a secret Rosicrucian, but in his version the scientists were those who
were in power: the philosopher kings, but more akin to Plato’s version is Adam Weishaupt,e the founder of the Bavarian
Illuminati. Weishaupt and has initiate olleagues… sought to undermine all authorities and religions of their time
particularly the Catholic Church.”
“I detailed some amount of the Illuminati in my World Order video and also noted that Weishaupts vision, older than Plato
what also in time influenced the creation of the Communist Manifesto. One group I failed to mention..means to
to eliminate the opiate .. a group of Germans Jews mainly who sought to reform judaism, undermine it more accurately, particularly in old Russia. Religion is called the opiate of the people and likewise Weishaupt they sought its elimination in favor of
so-called scientific enlightenment and while groups like the Illuminati have typically been full of Kabbalists and
Mystics of whatever kind, that’s why in the opinion of people like Kay Griggs most of them seem like they’re German
existentialists or scientifically enlightened, the Jewish banksters who puppeted Wall Street supplied the Bolshevik atheists with the means to overtake Russia and create the Soviet Union. Wall Street also financed Hitler’s regime mainly so that Stalin’s
juggernaut wouldn’t swoop down and overtake all of Europe the fundamental difference between Hitler and Stalin is
National Socialism versus international which is communism but as soviet communism was only a blueprint for the
kind ruled by philosopher kings the elite globalists, the Illuminati and Luciferians gave Hitler the means to
keep Stalin in check otherwise the Hegelian balance created by the Illuminists would have been tipped too
soon for their utopian New World Order to eventually flourish, it would also need a holocaust including
far more than just the Jewish population.”
“Revisiting the gang stalking networks and electronic harassment, the Western police state has largely been modeled after not
only the Nazi Gestapo, but the Soviet KGB and East German Stasi secret police, the modern prototype auxiliaries. It’s
estimated that at least one in six citizens of East Germany were informants on the payroll for the Stasi in some way,
neighbors and even family would turn on one another to stay in big brothers good graces and get money, the same has been
increasing in Europe and the USA since World War two and how we came to have gang stalking networks.

This is the society they want: a communist Orwellian police state eventually ruled by sorcerer kings for
lack of a better term while most of the hierarchy just believes it’s about money.”

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