A Must Watch – A First Wave Indigo Talks About Her – A Secret Conference 2007 – Barbara Marciniak

Those with awakened Kundalini will feel some deep triggers…
A Must Watch – A First Wave Indigo Talks About Her – A Secret Conference 2007 – Barbara Marciniak
“You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.” — The Pleiadians
“..and what happened over the years is that what I used to see and feel is so much more raw it’s so much more available now in just
in regular everyday life everything is more activated and for many reasons from stellar effects galactic effects from
people, from people pioneering new ways of thinking on their own, all by themselves, figuring it out all by themselves, having the will and the desire to step out of the box to validate personal experiences to you know go through our own personal stargates..”
“because Saturn makes us depressed and again 28-29.. it’s kind
of a heavy time, but 39-40 it’s a whole different energy, it’s called Uranus
opposition and what happens for all of us is that the planet Uranus moves
halfway around the zodiac and it goes to be exactly opposite where is when we’re born and that tends to an astrological term some people call it fires the
Kundalini and it means that you know sort of awakens energy that story at the
base of the spine and then that energy can come up and it can make it crazy
it can make divorces like .. many people split up and it go people go through major crisis between 39-40 and 41 and basically what we’re doing is,
we’re taking whatever we did at third at 28 29 we’re applying it we’re having to learn that lesson and say can I build on this or is this more
destructive and you see if we understand they were all in these cycles and their
cycles of initiation and maturation yes the cycle has to do with jobs and family
and love life and and all that but that’s just the out picturing of it it’s
all about energy and it’s all about what we do with that energy and what we
envision for ourselves about what we think we can be, so I was Restless and
that’s very typical of of Uranus opposite Uranus. 39 years old very
restless… at the end of that trip that’s when I started channeling the Pleiadians it was very under the trip I had visited Delphi.”
“That’s missing from our planet and that’s the grace of the goddess and that’s what’s missing in our society, they were afraid
to honor it, we’re afraid to honor the goddess, because the goddess brings life and until we honor life for ourselves and
how can we expect all these ETS to come here and honor it – we’ve got the life they want, but we don’t even take care of
.. and one of the things the Pleiadians said you know when the goddess appears , she really is showing you about the value of
life and that’s her message to value life or whether she’s, skinny goddess to slim goddess they call her the Marian
Christian goddess would be the slim goddess or Isis would be the slim goddess of the Egyptian goddesses would be the slim goddess and then you look at the very ample substantial goddess that you see from the longest of all this times and they represented like don’t mess with me here I’ve got the fertility. I’ve got the energy and I’m grounding it into the earth, so I had all these these
wonderful teachings and sort of mystical experiences with the goddess..”
“a new technology that’s simple that people can understand that is not messing up our minds and that is not
covertly built around secret technology that is not only designed to mess up ourmind but facilitate the energy frequent
such a way that non-physical entities can then enter our body very easily when we’re on computers or any kind of this
technology that is a given that that’s going on and this is a huge huge problem on the planet: entity possession, non
physicals, this is the name of the game until we factor in the invisible energies that we can see then, we will never make progress
with this planet and I say that in all truth, because it’s really easy to vacate your body, because of pain, because of
lack of love, because of fear, because of sexual abuse and worse because of…being in a battle zone now being
wounded ..there’s people that have done regressive work and they have.. discovered that .. some of the people’s ills that they were
working with when they regress them, they found out that they had dozens of non physicals attached to them and one case
stands out in particular and this is very apt for what’s going on today and for our bloodline is that a guy was
a medic and and William Baldwin is the person who did this work and he wrote a book called healing lost souls and in the work he refers to a medic that he had had worked with and and the poor guy had all kinds of ills and pains and stuff I didn’t know what
was wrong with in medical science couldn’t find anything so he went to hypnotherapy and as Dr. Baldon regressed and I was a doctor but.. he was a therapist and a dentist I believe and as he was regressed what what happened isthey found out that the man was carrying all his dead comrades, he was a medic and he went to help them as they were dying and they as they would die in his arms
he would the regression therapist would say well why did you why are you on this guy and they said well we didn’t know
where to go we were scared and we didn’t know where to go and it was comforting, so we went up in his arms and we went
into him, he also found in his research that nurses tended to have more possessions than any other profession, so all of our caring and compassion is one thing, but if it leads to us facilitating entity possession or people hitchhikers that are jumping on our fields that we have no idea they’re there, because we are still glued to who really fixated on being entertained rather than being informed and until we break a trance of technology and if we don’t break at the Pleiadians say that it will be broken for us and it’s be really easy to break.”
“I’ve always laid in the Sun.. I don’t use anything and the Sun.. it gives you health, it gives you vitality and more than that it
gives you information. The Pleiadians have the Sun as a governor ruler, but all suns and orbs are communication devices so
basically energy is transmitted to our world , not only from the Stars and the planets, but through the Sun, so you can
see in some very subversive way, not only did ..the intelligence organizations want to co-opt the 60s by saying well
we’ll take your spiritual revolution here and we’ll make a container for it, so that you were going to control it, the
same thing with the Sun … we’re globalists Illuminati or whatever term you want to use, we understand through time the power
of the worship of the Sun and not necessarily the worship of the reverence and the understanding of the Sun we’ve
changed into thinking it’s Sun worship, it’s understanding that the Sun is communicating that you get information
on the gamma rays and the other frequencies and that it changes planetary consciousness and it’s the Sun that’s
heating up, it’s the Sun that’s transmitting energy and the global warming people know that on the highest levels it’s just another Ponzi scheme to manipulate people’s behavior, yes , we’re having massive massive changes on the planet, but I’m sorry it’s not the Eco fascism that’s being sold to everyone, that’s another big lie, we are in the midst of massive transformation and
we’re living on something that’s alive and we’re alive and the earth feels us all, the time years ago the Pleiadians said ..you give the earth a pat every day I earth ..whether you do by hand or do by eye, but .. the earth knows who you are, what we’re doing,
we’re dealing with this and so so thi is the next phase.”
“..and I could see that the people who had very disturbing outward behavioral patterns that at that time I had no context for at all, now today I see it comes from family trauma .. sexual abuse who knows I mean the worst end cult activity , government interference, mind control, you name it..
..and then cultural family.. bloodlines stuff reincarnational
trauma, so all the stuff we carry inside of us very casually.. just very
casually, because if we carried it consciously we would freak out, we would, yet it’s all there and and this is what we’re here to heal in this time, we’re
here to heal all this and this is what comes up when people start going deeper,
so in the 60s that’s what I saw and of course later on studying astrology, I saw
that there was a major event happening…Uranus, planet Uranus which brings sudden shocking surprising changes and revolution, was making an aspect that
astrologers call a conjunction in Pluto, the transformer.”
“so the revolution took hold in the 60s in a major way and everyone here in this room pretty much was born you know after that before that time whew you were born right around that time very poor powerful to be born in 65 66 67
.. and these cycles.. something women bleed with the moon in general people bleed much more when they have an operation at the full moon, you never want to have any kind of surgery or anything like that at the full moon the tides are higher at the moon and so our bodies change look at hospital into emergency rooms..always razier at that time, the police
will say there’s more activity at that time there could be more battering more brutality, more craziness, this kind of thing, so it’s not just the moon that creates these cycles that all the planets make aspects with each other and
they may and they have cycles and this is some of the oldest oldest teachings that I have learned in traveling around the planet and leading sacred site groups and in studying alternative history and it’s nothing that has ever ever brought up in any kind of educational institution or classes that I ever took.”
“another version of what was happening is that intelligence organizations were plotting and planning events where they could condition that revolution that was happening that transformative revolution were literally literally almost overnight we broke away
from our parents
it was all part ..a lot of it was part of behavioral modification, deep-cover projects that were designed to steer us at that time
in certain directions.”
“in my own naivete I got involved in things or ended up being in situations where I realized: well, these people are pretending and
these people are like … either intelligence agents or military or cult people or whatever and they think I don’t know, well, I know darn well what’s going on, but Here I am.. pretend I don’t know and so one of the things I’ve learned is that we are we are thrown into very very difficult situations and and just as my frustration with my mother and watching her suffer and not
able to breathe”
Semjase Kundalini Trigger...
Semjase in Switzerland...True Story...

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