The Ark of the Covenant — Alien Device Or Divine Artifact?

“The Ark of the Covenant — Alien Device Or Divine Artifact?
The ancient Israelites made the Ark of the Covenant according to the design and command of God, and it was a sacred chest that was said to protect the Ten Commandments that were written on two stone tablets along with texts from the Hebrew Bible, a pot of manna and Aaron’s rod. Does The Ark Of The Covenant Have Divine Or Extraterrestrial Origins?”
“The Ark Of The Covenant Had Valuable Role To Play in Salvation of Man The Book of Exodus says that the Tables of the Law contain the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses upon Mount Sinai and the date is said to be 1440 BC. The Bible is known for the numerous lessons it holds and one the saying “Look but do not touch.” An Israelite with the name of Uzzah defied this, and he touched the Ark of the Covenant and was said to have been struck down by God. However, in 1933, a professor of engineering said that the cause of death would have due to a lightning bolt of 10,000 volts of electricity. The Ark is said to have played a valuable role in the salvation of man on Earth that has continued until today.”
“Some Say Ark Is An Alien Invention It was said that this gave fuel to the argument that the Ark, was an alien invention, an unseemly tool for the all-powerful and true God of the Universe. The great one would not need technological devices such as a weapon of destruction, three-in-one communication device or a religious receptacle. The Ark of the Covenant was said to have all of these uses, at all times of communication with God along with times of battles that were great, the Ark had been present. Legends, a tradition in North Africa and common knowledge, along with regions of the Middle East have said that the tables have supernatural powers. It was around legends such as these that included the obsession by the Nazis with relics and the occult, which led to one of the most famous missions of fabled treasure hunter Indiana Jones. Following the destruction of the Solomon Temple in Jerusalem, the Ark of the Covenant disappeared, and no one knows where it went as it was said to have disappeared without a trace. Assuming that the Ark of the Covenant managed to survive the temple`s destruction, the whereabouts of it have remained a mystery to this day.”
“Connor Griffith Or is it an ancient technological device of extraterrestrial origin.”
Ryan Ryan Apparently the Russians took it to Antarctica ?
Juan Lizarazo Alien device!
Alister Brown A ancient super computer.
Wesley Randall I’ve heard that different government’s are fighting to posses it because it’s supposed to be some kind of unlimited power source.
Greg Johnson MAybe the ark of the covenant was the battery that ran the pyramids, in some weird way. If it actually existed that is. Lol
Jean Loup The Ark is in Portugal, Tomar. Brang by the knight templars. port-du-graal.
Per Schlamowitz Its a simple electrical condensator that direct ether into the air around it and can electrify anything near it,´s a simulator to how pyramids work or how tesla said energy is conducted, a human invention.. in ancient times they used their whole brain and had no problem thinking out advanced natural techniques for using energy in way we dont understand…”

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