Simon Parkes Q & A – 21.5.2017 – Interdimensional Gnosis – Reptilian Intervention

“suddenly … you can start with deja vu actually, but it can start with things and they´ll think I
feel odd here, so many of us have the ability to catch it out and some people can see the criss cross in the sky,
not chemtrails, not the matrix with the numbers, but thin lines crisscross…lots and lots of horizontal and
vertical lines and more and more people are seeing this networked crisscross pattern in the sky, that is the
framework, I don´t like the word matrix that´s the framework through which all of creational energy is humble and if
you are beginning to see the crisscross it is because you are leaving in your energy body you are leaving the third
dimension you are moving through the fourth hopefully for the fifth but you are beginning to perceive with your own
eyes not not the third eye necessarily but your own eye you are seeing the crisscross motion that is a clear sign
that that individual is on an enlightened journey, as more and more people.
We would understand that reptilians are all right-handed that’s why in the Victorian times in Great Britain right up to the 1970s, if children were left-handed they were made to be right-handed and so on and so forth in the armies of the world until relatively recently you were taught to fire your gun right-handed and then obviously that changed. So right-handedness is a trait of reptilian culture and therefore I believe that as it was the reptilians
that were time and time again tinkering with humanity, they made sure that the vast majority were right-handed. .. the right handedness.. it’s not human thing, no, it’s not, it’s been artificially induced, that’s why so many
people ambidextrous or so many people when they’re very young they could eat the food with a left or right hand or catch up or the left or right, but after just a very few years on this planet they’ve been told this right handedness.. the church remember the church always used to say that the left hand was evil and so the church the Catholic Church in particular would forcefully indoctrinate people to be right-handed, so we are sort of facing some very very deep-rooted primitive values which are all traceable to a reptilian overlordship.

I´m sure they do scan for diseases but you´re right that isn´t the main reason as a technology has in
increased 1then they can do more with with blood and it´s all about DNA it´s all about genetics it´s all about that
fingerprint that you have and it´s it´s doing those tests to see just how different you might be, how unusual you
might be, so if you´re rhesus negative blood then they´ll highlight that and that will create something will happen
or something or piece of paper will be passed somewhere along the line and, but it is really about tracking you it´s
not a psychic track, because the blood doesn´t tell anybody what soul is in the baby´s body, but it does tell them
whether the body is blood line…I try to explain it probably not always brilliantly, the term bloodline doesn´t
just mean the blood in your body it means several things but from their perspective what they´re doing is they´re
looking at the body to look and see what the blood of that body is and whether it´s an elite body and I don´t mean
in elite as in terms of JP Morgan but in terms of a blood that´s an old bloodline, so the system will just do
everything and anything to take information office you know you can´t do anything without giving an Email.´s not taking money off you, it´s taking information of you. In Great Britain we have more surveillance cameras
than nearly any other country on the planet, is maybe a shock to European people and even some North American people
to know that the average of the population of the United Kingdom is just over 60 million I don´t know maybe 70
million had no clue but anyway it´s between 60 and 70 million do you know that average person appears on a camera 12
times a day, 12 times a day surveillance cameras, now, there´s no reason for that unless you are looking to build a
system that can control people electronically so anyway that they can take information of us that´s the way that
they they are working and whether they´re selling it to corporation to sell you a product, whether they are selling
it to security services whether they´re selling it to pharmaceuticals life insurance companies is all about either
making money or controlling the population…yes they do scan for any unusual diseases, so they do that as well.

Adam didn´t just take men with him, it took men and women and Eve took men and women as well and the point here was
that if one column one escape party was wiped out then there was a chance, because there was another party going so
when the Bible says that there was only by man one woman. I´m afraid that´s absolutely nonsense, there were hundreds
of humans of the other style that we are today, hundreds of them that were all expelled from this idyllic reptilian
hideaway which we call Eden and that´s why we´ve got a base called Adam and Eve one on Mars and one on the moon
because they are places where people go and if the object is if one lot gets wiped out we´ve got another group
there. The moon also contains alien grey bases which are incredibly old and were mothballed and then when the maybe
it was around about 12,000 years ago, the moon was rolled in but I can´t be sure…A number of bases that were
mothballed and there was a deal done much more recently with what we call the secret space fleet of the elite behind
the secret space program to unmothball one of those bases and give the humans access to it, this was an old grey
basis and then another base was part activated with greys so you´ve actually of the classic example of the greys the
basement and then the humans in the higher levels there was a war quite recently where reptilians were attacking
humans in one of the bases and I do believe it was Alex Collier some 20 years ago who started talking about this and
I totally agree with him that´s the information that I had as well…so the moon has played an incredible
important role and just going to look at the tarot cards… so in ancient mythology because of the reptilian line
the moon has always played a very key part in not just science but also mythology.

The Babylonian time and I´m afraid to say that this root technology goes to Atlantis. I know lots of people think
that Atlantis was sweetness and light and in many ways it was the cutting edge of technology, but there were some
dark practices

Anunnaki are relatively recent are on this planet they´re relatively recent, you had two reptilian races which were
vying for control of this planet one is the Orion Empire and the other is the Sirus or Sirius Federation, that is
why in the Great Pyramid at Giza what Egyptologists call the air vents actually line up with Orion so that gives you
an idea at that time which of the the groupings was in charge, so you have a predominant reptilian
group which is intermarried just as in Great Britain you would have somebody marry a king or a queen from another
country because you are cementing a pact between yourselves…most of the blood in the British royal family
is German so what you have is a situation where Annunaki were 75 percent human, 25 percent reptilian physically.
He couldn´t do 50/50 because they would look so reptilian that nobody in the immediate vicinity of the royal court
would actually build go near them what you had to do if you were a geneticist is you had to create a physical body
that was human enough so that you could talk to your subjects but alien enough so that you never felt you took the
side of the people but you were always ostracized from the people so therefore you only had one place to go which
was your reptilian forefathers it´s very clever it´s a very similar way to what they do even today on the planet.
(Simon Parkes)(2017)(21.5.)”

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