Supersoldiers, Mind Control and Energy Vampirism

“What is the significance of the Seals so much…because once you can identify the pattern..of what´s going on with these guys then you get really
access to Realtime understand what they were used for and what they are working for now. Originally Kennedy JFK created the navy seals…in fact he was working very deligently to end the FED and to create a new monetary system and a new currency.
.. a bigger perspective because as we age the hormones in the brain shift and that shifting causes the programming to breakdown and so you get more an integration rather than a compartmentalization… you get an integration start to happening.
Doing the right thing, listen to his heart, what was the most important to stand up for humanity and to say no to the money.
This is the crux, this is the foundation and this is, you know, where it starts with sexual energy…mirrored with money. Money and Sexual Energy are very similar. The energy of money and the energy of sexuality.
What do you hear about James Bond…He was an Orphan. Even the Saint…he was an Orphan. We have come to realize this. [Orphan Hero like Harry Potter..It´s endemic in the culture and the programming]

nobody talks about it and how do we expect to shift gears into a larger cosmos where money isn´t used on other Planet, in other consciousnesses, they don´t use money, they don´t see that as the foundation for a functioning society. [controlling people through debt slavery] MK Ultra and Project Paperclip… The foundation of Mind Control. Mind Control is first based on sexual abuse…(because of the Chakras)…The Nazis that came to the U.S.
The U.S. Dollar..The U.S. Peoples Energy have been the…currency. And their hearts were purposely masterfully broken on 911..heart chakra and sexual chakra are so powerful… if you can rave a multiple generation and break their hearts that is harvesting a lot of energy and that´s what´s all about,  it´s the energy that is actually real, not money, paper, it´s the energy of the essence of the soul expression in action. There is less people in Canada, but we have more ressources. So our ressources are being harvested instead of us, as people, so we have it easier for now.

Currency Wars, Currency Wars, Currency Wars, now if you look at the word Currency, what it is, it is electricity and that is what we are, our heartbeat have this electricity, it is us… All the energy is harvested from us. ..It´s the account wars that is happening.. Now what is the account, the birth certificates..[The Creation of the corporate fiction] That symbolizes the cord that is harvesting the energy from us a battery like in the Matrix. So
this is nobody is talking about…it´s an account war…I believe that money is the root of this issue, the idea of money. …Disengage and have clean hands from that System…
The Earth is the only Planet that uses a monetary system, the other consciousness that is seeded in the Galaxies on other Planets Humanoid Species do not use it. [All the societies are taking care of]”

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